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  1. Whoops -Deleted- as I just noticed the theme! Taken somewhere near the final of a puzzle cache... It's Ninestones Stone Circle on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall. Obviously Harry was nowhere nearby to be photographed - so unfair...
  2. Yep I think that's it *mouse* except in the USA they seem far more popular..
  3. Well I'm based in Liskeard.... but all the good series seem to have been suggested. My Bookmark list needs updating - I'll have a look at it this week. I'd go with L&J and suggest you do the three on Kilmar Tor or the 3 on Hawks Tor (rougher terrain than Kilmar though) If you give me a shout and let me know when you'll be down I'll see if I can arrange an evening event in the pub. Have fun!
  4. I think that this thread - G.A.G.B - News And Information pinned at the top may answer most questions Nope - I've looked there.. and on all the linked threads from this one.. Why would I want to be a Full member of the GAGB rather than a Non Full member? Surely there's a simple explanation somewhere?
  5. Would now not be a good time for the GAGB to explain: How to become a full member? How much it costs to be a full member? The benefits of doing so? Just a suggestion...
  6. I had my arm viciously nibbled, three times, by a passing Rottweiler whilst wandering across a park, on my way between two caches.
  7. In the days when I lived and worked on the edge of the forest we had a great working relationship with some of the Forest Rangers - might be worth contacting the one for the area in question.
  8. I'd class a good cache as one I enjoyed doing... I like a nice walk, a spot of history, a pretty spot I'd not of found otherwise, a bit of a challenge maybe, and yep, I've really enjoyed some of the circuits in Wiltshire and Devon that I've done, maybe more because of the countryside and the wildlife than the caches themselves - but very enjoyable none the less.
  9. I don't give two hoots what the log was written on, I certainly don't want to have an Apple Iphone advert on every log - thank you very much!
  10. You could try 130 which is 130 Litres in size.. some of the photos give abetter idea of size and location and here's a photo of a (at the time of hiding) 14 year old in the cache!
  11. Was it a cheap Tesco Basics Update? (A terribly in, Bodmin based joke!)
  12. Reading the forums, it seems there's quite a few new cachers out there looking for someone to go caching with, and talking from experience there's quite a few cachers who cache alone, who would like to go caching with other cachers. I was wondering the possibility of a website, where a cacher could say "I'm planning on caching in the following area next Wednesday, would anyone like to join me?" Other cachers could then look at a map and see if there was anyone going caching in a area local to them - they could them hook up and agree the finer details. A useful function for the GAGB site maybe?
  13. I am Lord Richards daughter and I am too looking in an joining on this one. I think the more the merrier!! Good Luck to all who attempt this excellent power trail. PS...I am impressed with CACHEAROO80's avatar. I think you must be the 1st Lady to cache in formal evening wear. I'm off to Moss Bros now. I did an Earthcache in a Morning Suit, whilst on the way to my little brothers wedding in Cambridgeshire. As I was driving quite close to Essex, a small detour seemed justified to pick up a new County for my map. The locals were staring at me from across the village green, but as far as I'm aware no photos exist! My Order of Service for the day have the workings out for a Church Micros on the back page, a cache I had to DNF due to being dragged off to the reception....
  14. "Back in the old pre paperles finding three caches in a day was a good haul days" I used to have a folder with a printout of todays caches in, so I would tend to read each cache page before I visited. Now of course I dump everything onto my GPSr and my Sat Nav and head off (often without reading the cache page) so, yes it would be loads easier if Parking coordinates were entered as an Additional Waypoint. I'd also request that a "Parking Waypoint" is a place suitable to park a normal car safely - not a bit of verge you can park your 4x4 on. Goes off to add Parking Waypoints to his caches so the locals don't whinge!
  15. You could indeed find 100 caches in 8 hours.. and start hiding caches the next day. And should those 100 caches all of been micros - then that's what you'd understand all caches to be. You could, on the other hand, find 10 caches in your first month, that are all large ones at the end of nice walks and understand that's what all caches are like. Neither of course is true... You could however limit the number of caches a cacher could hide - say to no more than 20. Would they then not leave their best ones out, collect in the ones that get bad logs and replace them with something more popular? A voting system (Like used to be on the old Geocaching UK site) might encourage better caches. I'm not convinced that there's an ideal solution, whatever caches you put out, someone won't like them or they won't get visits. Puzzles and long multis being examples...
  16. If the coordinates appear to be way out, I do wish people would add what they believe them to be to their logs, rather than just say "we found the coordinates to be 50 feet out"
  17. <Birdie Thinking out loud mode> What if, there was a large scale event in England/Wales at some future unspecified date, if that event was near a large international airport - would it be feasible to "Charter" a plane to fly several hundred cachers to Dublin for the day - to an event there? </Birdie Thinking out loud mode>
  18. Maybe you don't exist either... Noo - The Two birds umm Two Bears exist, I've cached with em....
  19. I've just bought in some caches from 2005 - I laminate the cache label, with the "Congratulations, you have found a Geocacahe, intentionally or not" text on the reverse side, and attach it to the inside of the lid with transparent Duck tape - survived 5 years with no problems. As others have said, its when the laminated sheet is bigger than the cache and has to be folded or rolled to fit in that problems arise.
  20. I was often forgetting a pen - THEN - a local cacher (Gribbin) started leaving small pens in caches, which have a loop so you can attach them to things - So I now keep a pen attached to my GPS Lanyard, so if I have my GPS I have a pen - simple. Zebra Pen <-Scroll down a bit!
  21. If I had an Etrex (Rather than my 60csx) I'd go for the Oregon... but I have no knowledge of the Lowrance.
  22. It's because, I think you'll find, that most suppliers of geocaching supplies are based in the USA or Canada.
  23. I've just knocked up a page on my website that will allow you to do this. You can try it out here: Magic MapIt!. Yeaaaaaaaa yaaaaaaaaaaaa! - Just what I wanted! Thank you so much! (And it looks like my coordiantes are just fine.
  24. What would be loads easier, is if Magic Maps displayed a cursor, so I'd know if a set of coordiantes was within a SSSI or SAM or not.. There's not enough features on either Magic or Street Map to compare the two.. Can I ask how you know if a set of coordinates is within one of the SSSI/SAM/NT etc areas?
  25. If its about Puffin coins they are a personal coin belonging to Hywel Eclectic Penguin Nope - it was about the Feather covered fish eating real life ones - and I have an answer of Skomer... though I must say the coin looks very very nice...
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