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  1. and the South West region is yet to host a Mega..
  2. Had the same call... had jolly good fun winding him up and asking how it all worked on a Linux based PC.. he gave up and hung up... However, I've just repaired a machine for a local family who's son has Cerebral Palsy - his Mum was taken in by the exact same scam call. It cost them a small fortune and they ended up with a non booting PC. I work in IT and spotted the scam - however it must be said they do sound very convincing - until you think about what they are saying...
  3. An adder at a Dartmoor cache.. A link to my log.
  4. I was bitten by a pretty large Rottweiler, whilst walking across a park and much like you the dog came from behind and grabbed my arm, letting go and then coming back to bite me another two times. Physically it didn't cause an awful lot of damage (I guess a sweatshirt, fleece and a waterproof helped somewhat)- like you I went to the local hospital. However, despite asking, the owner wouldn't give me his name and/or address but I still reported the incident to the local Police who seemed very interested. I have no idea of what happened after that. I guess with no owner information, there's little that can be done. I now carry a walking pole, so I have something in my hand to prod a dog with. Whilst I'm sure insurance is useful, I'd rather have a scheme that prevented dogs from biting me in the first place, not one that would replace my ripped clothes after the event! Can I make it clear that I'm not "Anti Dog", I have some very good doggie friends, I am however "Anti dogs that attach themselves to me with their sharp pointy teeth"
  5. That says "stdennis01 found Cornwall's First Hamster Cache - Relocated. Sunday, 19 June 2011". Not blank at all, and quite a useful log! Says to me "Cache was so memorable that it doesn't deserve a moment of my time to write a word or two".. Guess I'll collect it in.
  6. Android Apps was my rushed attempt at useful Android apps... I'll add any others that appear on the thread.
  7. KMart? $30 at the nearest K Mart store.. and $2000 postage.. bargain...
  8. Verne Common Road...but not at the prison!! Gosh - My Gran lived on Portland, many years back, Ventnor Road (Down the big hill!) she was the Midwife..and with my Grandad used to run a Fruit and veg shop in Fortuneswell. I must get back and do some caching, it's been ages....
  9. I'd have a look at Geobeagle pagewhich seems to explain it in detail. You need to be a Premium member to generate Pocket Queries (PQs). Steve/Birdie
  10. I've found 2 Wherigos using WhereYouGo on my HTC Desire - no problems at all.. Much easier than the software that I used to us eon an old Windows PDA...
  11. I was looking at some overseas based Wherigos for inspiration, when I noticed that several Australian Caches have the following wording on their cache pages.. I have no idea who or what Morsix is... but is it an idea to do something similar here? Would it make cache hiders think? Just wondered.... Steve/Birdie
  12. Hmmmm.. didn't notice all the replies - how odd!
  13. Isn't that a bit unreasonable.. I doubt if many people do my caches using Public Transport, bus times will change regularly I guess - I'd never be able to keep the cache page up to date.
  14. A shoe and boot fetish.. you know your problem - you're turning into a woman!
  15. I noticed the same offer in St Awful.. (Umm St Austell, Cornwall) This very afternoon... although this was 5 minutes after I'd just bought a pair from TK Max!
  16. Now thats unfair - "Some archaeologists hate metal detectorists" might be a fair comment... Certainly in my metal detecting days in Norfolk some of us worked quite closely with local archaelogists. Even so, I don't see how it could be made to work to make it exclusive to detectorists.
  17. I had no problems at all on a 7 question Wherigo using "Wheryougo" and a HTC Desire. Worked flawlessley from start to end.
  18. Brilliant location! I used to live up the road some years ago... Looking forward to coming back...
  19. and was great to meet JONSAMBATT tonight as well as Hastingus who came over from New Zealand and Mr Goldpot from London - quite a turn out in the middle of nowhere...
  20. Oddly I archived the series as they were being done as drive bys - when my intention had been to place them for people walking The Saints Way! as far as I know the one in Fowey, by the Church is the only one that still exists (Having been adopted some time back)
  21. Long walks in a nice area The very nice people I've met (especially the mad ones) The interesting places I've been to The nice doggies Those very clever - nicely disguised caches. Solving a clever puzzle and finding the cache. Caches with nice views (But not near a 300 foot unfenced cliff!) Events, meeting everyone and on occasions doing silly things.
  22. Caches in gorse bushes Micros in ivy Caches that make you wonder why someone thought I'd love to visit a rubbish strewn lay-by.. Inquisitive cows Uncontrolled dogs with big pointy teeth. Unhelpful clues "At the base of a tree" - when the cache is in a forest and so on (Says the man who uses "Under a rock" as a clue most of the time) Caches that appear to be on Private property and you're not quite sure if you should be there... ahh and caches on the edge of 300 foot cliff with no fence.... Can we have a things we love about caches thread as well?
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