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  1. Some of the older cachers may well remember that back in 2009, I organised the Birdie's Peach Jar Challenge - in which cachers were asked to hide a cache - and prizes were awarded in two categories.


    This year after several requests, I've decided to organise another Peach Jar Challenge in a similar, yet oddly different, vein.


    This time, all categories will be based on a "Fun Score" and whilst getting 1000s of visitors will be an advantage - those living in more rural bits of the UK will also be with an equal chance of winning.


    Further details will be published shortly, in brief, The competition period will run between Xmas day this year and the following years Mega Event.


    I'm hoping to have an International Category this year.


    I've set up an online voting system in which Cachers who have done any of the Competition caches can vote on "How much Fun" they were - giving a score between 1 and 10.


    I intend awarding the following prizes:


    Caches must have at least 20 visits to be awarded a prize.


    UK Highest Total Score - So a good cache with lots of Visitors should win this.

    UK Highest Average Score - So caches in less populated parts have a chance to win.

    UK Highest Total Score - None UK.

    Cacher with most BPJC finds - so finders are in with a chance of winning something!


    If any local caching groups would like to sponsor their own category - then please give me a shout and I'd be delighted to add them in to the list.


    If any caching equipment/coin/tag/anything nice suppliers would like to sponsor a category (i.e. donate a prize) then I'd really love to hear from you.



    2009 Forum Post here - http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=224636&st=0entry3977252


    2009 Entries here - http://www.kammneves.co.uk/bpjc/



  2. Will you guys head to the South Coast? Some Mevagissey/Portmellon way which means that you can also check out Heligan gardens at the same time. No what I meant was Heligan is well worth visiting and, as it's so close to some caches, it would be a shame not to find them? Beans999 has some good ones. x

    I've heard rumours of a forthcoming set of caches at Heligan...

  3. We spent a couple of weeks there last year and really enjoyed all the walks and caches along the coast path.

    We also did several multi's and puzzles that were well worth a visit.

    GCX4R4 Trebetherick: homage to a poet.

    GC14BCZ A Doom bar mystery

    GC1DF05 The Rumps Ramble

    We did all these on one day combining the walk.

    GC2N0NH The Wherigo at Boscastle was also worth doing, as was another multi - GC1FD96 Crantock from Garden to Cowshed.

    I hope you have a lovely time, I'm feeling most jealous just remembering the weeks we had there.


    I love Cornwall too and go there quite a bit... I enjoyed the Tintagel Wherigio as well as the Boscastle one - Nice Tea Rooms available near both ;0)

  4. In addition, I have an event at Lizard Point planned for June 17th. It's been ok'd by the National Trust and I'm in talks about getting it listed ahead of the usual 3 months limit as it's a pretty remote location which may require an over night stay.


    I'm puzzled. A road goes pretty much all the way there?


    Well you have to walk the final few hundred yards to the very pointy end...

  5. I thought I'd have a look at what's on offer here.

    Nothing for 7 months. Do the UK not produce many coins then?


    There never were that many UK geocoin designers/producers. You'll find examples of their coins within this thread.


    I think there's been quite a slump in the geocoin production over the last year or so, not just in UK but also with US geocoins too. There are not nearly so many new geocoins appearing over on the Geocoin Discussion forum as there were 3 or 4 years ago. IMHO :)




    I should check again, but the Dollar/Pound rate wasn't proving helpful last time I looked and coins were amazingly more expensive than in 2007/2008 when I last produced a Cornish Coin. Coins we sold for £4.50 back then would have to sell at double that now...

  6. I've always thought of "Powertrails" as a different sort of sport to more "Normal" geocaching, it's more about the challenge of the distance.. rather than a leisurely wander around a selection of carefully chosen caches.


    I have to say I really enjoyed doing the Way Down West Series of 104 (At the time) - 18 Miles in a day, with a good friend and his dog, it certainly is one of my most memorable caching days out.


    It is way different to my early caching days when finding 2 or 3 in a day was a great day out!


    Anyway - I do hope cachers will enjoy the 21 mile - 122 cache trail - put out by a gang of Cornish Cachers (But hidden under the name of "The Choughly Saint") that will appear sometime this year in the sunny Cornwall area! I'm pretty sure no other powertrail will feature, Beaches/Tors/Moors/Woods/Peaceful country lanes/Pubs/Shops/Churches/Small Seaside towns on the way round...



  7. +1, I know there is another thread that was ongoing but I couldn't find it. I agree 1000%

    Just like if you went and found a LARGE, but over time it keeps getting muggled so the co makes it a regular or small so they can hide it better. Poof goes your large.


    Totally understand your issues - but isn't it only a problem because you're playing a "game within a game", I could have very valid reasons to change the size of my cache. I've changed D and T ratings as cachers have commented on the original ones I gave, so why should we leave them the same - so you can fill in some arbitrary grid of ratings? *Stands back and hides*

  8. Cornwall and Devon Links.


    There's a selection of groups on the web in Cornwall and Devon - brief Details below...


    Cornwall Geocachers Facebook Group

    South West UK Geocachers Facebook Group

    Westcountry Caching Blog

    The Kernow Kachers Website

    Cornwall Cachers Forum - Somewhat out of date, but I'll tidy it up soonish.

    Devon Geocachers Forum


    The Devon Facebook groups seem to be defunct - could someone please correct me if that's untrue.

  9. I normally go with date followed by name... my name changing depending on the size of the log and my mood at a the time, currently I normally sign as "Birdie" though if feeling formal or it's a nice big hardback logbook I go with "Birdman-of-Liskatraz"


    Talking of pens, this model has some very interesting Amazon reviews, well worth a read... I'm a fan though of a very fine tipped Rotring job..

  10. Any other DCs (Devonian Cachers) interested?


    Not full-time Devon at the moment so I'll pass, but was there something about the existing Devon forum you didn't like? :unsure:


    Other than no-one seems interested during the last two years...



    I'm afraid there has never been a great apetite for a local forum for Devon. There are a lot more cachers around now though, so you might get more of a take up. Good luck.


    Maybe with this bit of publicity, things might start to take off in the forums?


    To be honest.. much of the Cornwall/Devon caching chat moved on to Facebook..

  11. There's a few nice ones at Pentire Head on the outskirts of Newquay. I've not done many but any of the ones up the North coast path are likely to have dramatic views.


    If you can get up towards Padstow then the Finding Nemo series is challenging (and hence why I've not found them!) Finding Nemo


    Wadebridge way - there's loads along the Camel Trail (great on bikes) and there's two nice series in some woods nearby. Woodland Caches


    If you want to get away from the crowds, then Bodmin Moors worth a look, there's a range of caches to do, including my "Rocky Horror" series - but why not just search around Cornwalls Highpoint - Brown Willy... Cornwalls Highpoint cache


    and you should be in the vicinity of Liskeard, you may like to try my "Just another Pointless Micro" series, which has gained some interesting logs... JAPM Series


    and finally, I have a way out of date Bookmark list for visitors... Bookmark of Cornish Caches for visitors

  12. Birdman-of-liskatraz, the South West had Weston Supermare, and that is definitely in the South West, or am I wrong in my assumption?


    Birdman-of-liskatraz, the South West had Weston Supermare, and that is definitely in the South West, or am I wrong in my assumption?


    Somerset is in Southern England.. not the South West...


    Only according to the bizzare map of regions drawn up for Geocaching.com.


    What's a Supermare?


    But presumably the bizzare map is whats used to decide Regions for Mega events?

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