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  1. Under Waymark Category Criteria for Redundant it states: "Could this category be included as a variable in an existing category? For instance, let's say this new category is called "Blue Lighthouses". But, wait! There may already be a "Lighthouses category". Would it make more sense to add a variable for different colors in the "Lighthouses" details?" In which existing category space art can be included as variable? Not existing categories but one category. Space art is not subset of any existing category.
  2. How cool and classy of you that you started this nice little anti space art category campaign on forum and ridiculing it. Way to go!
  3. It must be on permanent public display, so it will not fit to this category
  4. No, I don't have photo examples. Yes, I have same interpretation of redundant criterion as you - "new category must not be a complete subset of another (One) existing category". Space Art category satisfies such interpretation of redundant criterion.
  5. Thank you for comments. I don't think it is redundant in a way that Space Art category = some other existing category. Some works of Space Art maybe could be waymarked under some existing category, but certainly there will be works that can't be waymarked under any existing category. But isn't the similar situation present in numerous other categories as well?
  6. Thanks for comments. I will add in description that category is looking for works of Space Art that are on permanent public display.
  7. I'd like to propose new category based on my personal interest in the topic. Comments and suggestions appreciated. Description: The goal of this category is to waymark works of Space Art that are on permanent public display around the world. Expanded Description: Space Art is the genre of modern artistic expression emerging from knowledge and ideas associated with outer space, both as a source of inspiration and as a means for visualizing and promoting space travel. Like other genres of artistic creation, Space Art has many facets and encompasses realism, impressionism, hardware, sculpture, abstract imagery, even zoological art. In general, works of Space Art strive to visualize the wonders of the Universe. Though artists have been making art with astronomical elements for a long time, the genre of Space Art itself is still in its infancy, having begun only when humanity gained the ability to look off our world and artistically depicted what we see out there. Whatever the stylistic path, the artist is generally attempting to communicate ideas somehow related to space, often including an appreciation of the infinite variety, wonder, and vastness of the Universe which surrounds us. There are several sub-genres of Space Art, each with their own unique characteristics: - Descriptive Realism (“Rocks and Balls”) - it is an aspect of Space Art whose primary emphasis is to show a viewer a scientifically accurate visual depiction of alien places in the Cosmos. - Cosmic Impressionism (“Swirly Art”) - like works done in the impressionist era, Space Art works in the Cosmic Impressionism style use color and form to give a viewer the artist’s impression of the image subject matter without trying to be technically accurate, highly detailed, or adhering to known scientific principles; despite being more loose, the subject matter is still clearly inspired by space. - Hardware Art (“Nuts and Bolts”) - it is usually similar to Descriptive Realism but focuses on the detailed depiction of the hardware of spaceships, probes, and equipment being used in a space setting. - Cosmic Zoology - Though the question of other life in the universe has yet to be answered, artists can speculate about it and imagine the possibilities; Cosmic Zoology is the depiction of extraterrestrial life in extraterrestrial settings. - Astronomical Photography - it is a form of extra-terrestrial photography, usually via space probes, where a photo is deliberately framed to place esthetic value over scientific value. - Space Sculpture - Works of Space Sculpture are more difficult to recognize as such as they are usually more symbolic or abstract in nature, like a rocket shape, stained glass windows representing stellar objects, or a sculptured work designed specifically for zero gravity display. However, the prime inspiration for three dimensional works of Space Art is the same as other sub-genres, space itself. The premier organization and only guild in the world dedicated to the creation of Space Art is the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA). Sources: iaaa.org; wikipedia.ord Instructions for Posting a Space Art Waymark: We are interested in works of Space Art that are on permanent public display. Please post at least two original photographs of Space Art. In the Long Description section provide at least one paragraph of text about the Space Art that you are Waymarking. Name your Space Art waymark as: Space Art Name - City, State, Country Bilingual and multilingual Space Art waymarks are accepted and encouraged, but one of the languages must be English.
  8. I had location in Beverly, MA, but already got pictures from one geocacher from there.
  9. Trying to access category description for Where's In A Name? category, but it doesn't work. All other categories work fine and I can access their descriptions except this one. Is it active category at all? Does anyone have description for this category I can use for creation of waymark for that category?
  10. Here is Project-GC's FAQ article about how they calculate elevation data... http://project-gc.com/Home/FAQ#4179902386
  11. This one includes salt mine and licking. Lots of fun pics in its gallery... https://coord.info/GC10NDT
  12. Love this one with sand! On my to do list (in fact, just going today to buy sieve just for this EC) Another one that's on my to do list with quite interesting and unique tasks... https://coord.info/GC6J5M5 And some more with interesting tasks... https://coord.info/GC6092F https://coord.info/GC38GN7 Will have to bring entire bag of special equipment for these fine ECs
  13. Seems this one works, and have complete site preserved there... http://community.geosociety.org/earthcache/home Seems all links work there.
  14. What happened to Earthcache.org? Seems there is no more EarthCache website there?
  15. CROATIAN / HRVATSKI Ja upravo geokeširam. Geokešing (Geocaching) je globalna, obiteljska igra skrivanja i potrage koja se igra pomoću GPS uređaja. Trenutno postoji preko 7.500.000 igrača koji tragaju za više od 2.500.000 skrivenih keševa u više od 170 zemalja. Ja upravo tražim keš koji je skriven nedaleko odavde. Molim Vas pogledajte moj GPS uređaj za detalje. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keš može biti malen kao gumica na vrhu olovke ili velik kao bačva, ali u svakom slučaju mora sadržavati papirnati dnevnik u kojega se igrači potpisuju kao dokaz da su pronašli keš. Keš je često kamufliran kako bi bio dodatan izazov pronaći ga. U kešu mogu biti i razne sitnice, ali strogo je zabranjeno ostavljati opasne predmete, hranu ili predmete koji nisu prikladni za djecu. Za više informacija pogledajte web stranicu: www.geocaching.com
  16. Check The Geocaching Vlogger and Geopat92's Geocaching Adventures.
  17. Hmm, maybe "Waymark Sticker and Pin Seekers" is Waymarking variant of "Geocaching Tour Guides"?
  18. This database can be used to check the status of area / feature submitted as waymark... http://www.protectedplanet.net
  19. I found this info about their number on Polish wikipedia article about nature monuments... https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomnik_przyrody I guess their state office for nature protection manage them... http://www.gdos.gov.pl/forms-of-nature-protection Although, in Croatia nature monuments are managed by local government body (county level)... http://www.dzzp.hr/eng/protected-areas/protected-area-categories/categories-of-protected-areas-in-croatia-255.html Couldn't find the list online. The best I could find is this... http://blog.protectedplanet.net/post/102481051829/2014-united-nations-list-of-protected-areas I guess they list all protected areas for each country, but it's separate file for each country and I can't open it on my computer to check what's in there.
  20. I like the write up. I'm only concerned that features will overtake the category and that it will not be balanced between those two aspects of protected nature (features and areas). For example I just read the number of protected features (natural monuments) in Poland alone is more than 36000! Probably other countries are high on those numbers when compared to areas. So, features could easily overtake this category and the protected areas could be lost among all the protected features. Maybe we should make two separate categories... one for features (natural monuments) and another for areas?
  21. Thanks for taking step further for this category idea! Since there are lots of different local names for such places maybe you could use IUCN categorization of protected areas, as they categorize those local differences into several common groups. Their database could also be used as checklist to check if some area should be included in this wm category. So, this wm category could include iucn categories I to VI excluding category II (national parks). Those IUCN categories can also help in defining wm category and writing it up. Another approach would be to create sepparate wm category for each IUCN category.
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