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  1. I did! http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?tracker=TBP4G9
  2. (Not quite family friendly photo removed by moderator) this would make a sweet coin, Schmo's azz crack coin
  3. Can I go? I long for some more "piney Stripes".
  4. My feelings get hurt when I see the coin on e-bay and I did not get mine in the mail yet.
  5. This is not the only example of a new version poppin' up. I know it's for a good cause but the coin counts and versions are starting to get fuzzie, who can keep count anymore.
  6. http://cgi.ebay.com/2005-PENNSYLVANIA-BLAC...1QQcmdZViewItem This coin thing is getting stoopid!
  7. I handle my Chinese geocoins with chop sticks !
  8. Will this coin be minted in the U.S.?
  9. I assumed a U.S. state coin would be minted in the U.S. I'm gonna start asking.
  10. Should the seller state where the coins would be minted? There has to be some union guys who open their packages today and are taken back by the made in China sticker.
  11. there is be a group of people who would not purchase a coin not made in the U.S. I am a little upset that a New Mexico coin would be minted in China.
  12. Does this bother anyone? Should the seller tell the buyer if the coins are made over seas? Just asking for your opinion.
  13. In think there are x-tra jeeps.....I got one at an event, just the jeep no tag.
  14. Did you ever find a cache that smelled bad? I found a tupperware container that smelled like something evil lived in it, I had to take a shower after opening it.
  15. Dirty Golf Balls never make good trade items.
  16. I'll go to noon log my Maryland Geocoin for free xxxxxx
  17. log my Maryland coin xxxxxx...I will take the nunber off at 9:30am est
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