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  1. we will check forum b4 leaving to see if any travel bugs want to come to Buffalo for a bit, then off to Letchworth fall gathering in letchworth state park or to the Amherst park caches nearby...
  2. Buffalo geocachers KimmyShimmy and The Bumble going up to Canada probably on friday or saturday of this week or next week...smuggling smurfboy over the border, he has had his fill of chicken wings and needs a brewski now...so if you are in the buffalo area and want your TB to travel, we are looking to head up north, not sure exactly of the details of the weekend, perhaps niagara on the lake for a bike ride and fishing..definately geocaching! email us...
  3. I had that problem too, borrowed Junglehair's Legend to see if I liked it better than the basic garmin, found out that you really need to just hold tight to the power button for a few seconds, then it will come on, I also noticed that if you turn it the wrong way or if you bump it, it will turn off, but that may just be with this particular unit...I still think I like this one better...
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