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  1. Something to keep in mind while placing your next cache or taking that "short cut". The following is an important message regarding an pending piece of legislation: New Jersey Bill A2173/S1956 On May 12, 2005 New Jersey Assembly Bill 2173/Senate Bill 1956 passed the Senate with a vote of 38 to 0. This legislation upgrades criminal trespassing from a disorderly persons offense to a crime of the fourth degree when it involves trespassing in any power generation facility, waste treatment facility, public sewage facility, water treatment facility, public water facility, nuclear electric generating plant or any facility that stores, generates or handles any hazardous chemicals. A fourth degree crime is punishable by a term of imprisonment of up to 18 months and/or a fine of up to $10,000. This legislation had not yet been signed into law by Acting Governor Richard Codey.
  2. Congrats Mark !!! Glad I was with you for the milestone. It certainly was an interesting day.
  3. But I only live a half mile south of 78. I'd like to create a North-Central Geocaching Group.
  4. I lived in Nutley for 43 years and then Avroair moved into town and I knew it was time to leave. There goes the neighborhood.
  5. Way to go gang ! Congrats to all.
  6. BMS305 beat the oncoming snowfall to log cache #100 at our Hemlock Falls Cache. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...41-c0ef9605ed9e Congrats and Well Done !!!
  7. Super ! Fantastic ! Terrific ! Cool! Congratulations. It was great meeting you at todays gathering
  8. Milksnakes are so named because they are often found in barns with the cows. Farmers used to think the snakes fed on milk from the cows. They really just like to eat the rats and mice in the barns.
  9. Way to go Mark ! and thanks for everything that you've contributed to this obsession of ours
  10. Yankees21 reached their 100 milestone at our Turtle Back Rock cache yesterday. Congrats! Well done!
  11. Way to go John & the real Quoddy !!!
  12. Way to go !!! and thanks for the challenging caches.
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