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  1. Oh Boo Hoo. I have too many quality caches close to my home
  2. WOW! Congrats Quoddy. I'll bet you've got more finds than any other great grandfather in all of geocaching history. When does he get his first GPSr?
  3. !!! Congrats !!! I'm glad I was there to share the moment. You really earned this one.
  4. I almost forgot. Congrats to Quoddy and the Real Quoddy on the #800 milestone. I'm glad that I was there to see it. You truly earned it today!
  5. So that's what that smell was. I thought it was the wet dogs Thanks for organizing the hike. Good times with good people. I'm still sweating.
  6. I'm 95% sure that I can go too. I've already logged "Best cache in NJ" (debatable) & "Hamburg High" (great view) but wouldn't mind revisiting.
  7. I have a duck TB who's mission was to visit all coastal USA states. The first cacher to grab him placed him in England. He was stuck in an underwater cache in the Netherlands for almost a year and now he's been in the hands of a Dutch cacher for about a year and a half. Try as you might, you can't control the movements of a travel bug. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=4030
  8. Carry a copy of the cache page. It's makes it easier to explain geocaching when you have it with you. I know from experience. I would also consult with Avroair. He's our resident tranplanted Brit who has had run ins with the local PD's and bomb squad.
  9. Way to Go !! and to think, I was grumbling nasty words to you today at your "Milling Around" cache.
  10. Ken, You may get more responses by placing this thread in the New England Forum. Have Fun
  11. 200 caches from 11/04/2001 to present. I think we get the award for the slowest pace, but hey, at least we’re still in the game. Thanks for all of the great hikes, creative caches, get-togethers, vultures, and police encounters that have made this an interesting hobby.
  12. I think you're refering to this cache. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...y&log=&numlogs= His clue is a 6 letter shift (A=G) instead of the traditional 13 letter shift (A=N). Don't ask me why he did that. You should log your find online and start collecting your smilies. It also lets the cache owner know that the cache is still in good shape. Welcome to the addiction.
  13. Ugh ! Good luck with the antibiotics
  14. Quoddy They only gave me a 3 week supply. Why 6 weeks? Is this a new case of Lyme or an ongoing one?
  15. The BeeGees

    Lyme Sux

    I know this topic has been beat to death but it doesn't hurt to remind everyone to keep up with the DEET. I found 2 attached deer ticks last Sunday and now this weekend I feel like I've been hit by a bus. Intense headache, body ache, chills and fever but no rash yet. Fortunately my Dr. hooked me up with Amoxicillin before the blood test came back. I remember reading that the tests aren't that accurate. To those of you who have had this before, how long after you started the antibiotics did the symptoms subside?
  16. Congratulations Gang !!! Truly a GRAND accomplishment.
  17. Congrats Dave & Company !!! Way to go.
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