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  1. Here's a map for South Mt. Reservation. There 8 caches here. The maps's hand drawn and kind of crude but it does the trick. http://www.somocon.org/Map%20of%20SMR.htm
  2. Oh My Gosh ! My family's been banned from Brian's house And I thought we were friends.
  3. Way to go John & Quoddy ! Congrats on the big K.
  4. Horrible, Horrible news. I couldn't believe it when I read about it in the paper this morning. I'd just like to echo what everyone has said. Helmut was a great guy. I always noted the similarity between us (about the same age, 3 daughters & a dog and our wives were from neighboring towns). I've always considered Skully & Mulder as the model for THE geocaching family. Rest in Peace Helmut
  5. I would have been afraid of cracking the Italian tile
  6. I know it's not justified but yes, I always feel guilty lurking around. It's to the point where I have personally banned all caches with a "muggle" icon. I feel less suspicious when I have the kids with me. For some reason, their presence makes it look less suspect. My 2 police encounters, one involving the bomb squad, hasn't helped my apprehension.
  7. I could do it. That's close to my house. I sent Pie Man an email
  8. There's also a Koko's cache in Arizona. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...a6-545dfcb37797 The cache owner, Team Agape, has an occupation that has something to do with fire protection. Doesn't sound like any of them match what you're looing for.
  9. OK, I'm confused, which is nothing new. I't's been a few years since I've done this series but I seem to recall that BOLPI was easy and that BOLPIII was the hardest of the three.
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