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  1. N.J. man returns backpack containing $23K in jewelry, cash to owner


    OAKLAND — A Ringwood man found and returned a Maine woman's backpack that contained $23,000 in cash and family heirlooms.

    XXX was helping her parents move in New Jersey and was playing a treasure hunt game that relies on GPS technology when she left the pack behind at Ramapo State Forest on Halloween.


    Removed names from story at the request of the cacher.

  2. I use my steripen in conjunction with filtering. I know it’s probably overkill but filtering doesn’t address the rarely occurring virus. The steripen’s not perfect on its own. There are the algae tastes that Brian mentioned plus it doesn’t work well in turbid water. Those giardia and crypto bugs can hide in the shadow of a big dirt particle and don’t get zapped by the UV.

  3. New article from the front page of the NJ Star Ledger. :anicute:


    Nice interviews with our own Lakelady and Briansnat!


    Not to mention a nice front page shot of Old Navy


    "They are the slightly nerdy-looking hikers ..." :D

    Ouch ! That line hurts but, let's face it, Many of us are nerdy looking hikers.

  4. I always thought this idea from a sock puppet / troll named Boblog was interesting


    I thought of a great idea for a cach an I was wondering what every one else thoght of it. When my grandfather died, we threw away all kinds of medicine, perfectly good stuff, probaly worth thousand of dollars. heart medicine like zanax, and all kinds of other stuff. Full bottles like new. What a waist! Poor people can use this without paying so much money to the pharmaceys. I was thinking of making a cache called Bobs Pharmacey and filling it with old (not really old) medicine. anti biotics heart pills what have you. People can bring medicine they dont need no more an take what the do need. This stuff is very expansive and its a shame to waist it when others can use it. I dont think it is against the law beacuse a doctor alreay proscribed it and its in the medicine bottle. This would be great for poor people an old people without money an anyone who has old medicine they dont need anymore or never used that the doctor proscribed or if they just need some medicine.<BR><BR>it would be great if you get cut on the way to find the cache or have a sore throat an there is a bottle of anti biotics there for you, no



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