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  1. For what it's worth, this is known as the spotlight effect.
  2. If you visit the Uncle Elwyn TB site, be sure to decode the dedication.
  3. On our way back out from finding a couple caches on a suburban trail, my partner noticed a green folder with papers in it lying next to the road. We retrieved it and discovered it full of social security statements and bills for someone in a nearby community. Well, that's odd. Without much looking we found a phone number, called, and left a message. Then went on to a nearby cache. While looking there, the owner of the folder called back. On Christmas Eve, his car window was smashed and his backpack was stolen. They did some damage with his credit card -- and apparently dumped the rest of the contents at this out-of-the-way trailhead. He was very happy to hear we had found the folder. We wondered if there might be something else of his back there. So, back to where we found it. And, sure enough, there was a case with two dental bridges. (We much prefer to find false teeth than real human teeth, if we have to pick.) We called him back, and, yes, they were his -- and he was ecstatic that we had found them. The teeth and paperwork have been reunited with their owner.
  4. Fun one! Thanks for the tip, Tidalflame.
  5. I also have an eTrex Legend. When you're searching for a geocache, press the "quit key" (button on the top of the right side of the unit -- the one marked with an X). It will cycle you through the pages: main menu, map, compass page. On the compass page, at the bottom, select "found". It will change the closed geocaching box to an open one.
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