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  1. I'll give it to you. Its more like 321.86 meters but 300 is about as close as my Yellow Etrex would get me.
  2. If the clock on a GPS satellite was off 1/1 000 000 of a second, what would be the error in distance?
  3. Just had a quiz on this. 1) Satellite Clock 2) Receiver Clock 3) Satellite Orbit Error 4) Atmospheric Errors 5) Multipath 6) Receiver Error 7) Geometric Dilution of Precision
  4. Sorry, you got me there..Didn't know there were alternatives..
  5. danoshimano got it. At any given time at any point on earth there are at least 5-8 GPS satellites visible. Your up danoshimano..
  6. Here's one that doesn't take too much brain power. How many GPS satellites are visible from any point on earth at any point in time? (answer can vary by 3)
  7. Approx 20,000kms. Just doing this on one of my assignments.
  8. Ok I'll take a stab. Referencing an atlas I think the answers are as follows. North - Cape Alrich, Nunavut East - Cape Spear, Newfoundland South - Middle Island, Ontario West - this one is a little unclear but I think its Prince Rupert, BC?
  9. Sorry, we were out of town and had no access to a computer. We are back now..
  10. I think it was Tomtec. He has a thing for unusual TBs..
  11. This is a total shot in the dark but I'll say 134 people..
  12. Civil GPS receivers use the L1 frequency with 1575.42 MHz (wavelength 19.05 cm). The L1 frequency carries the navigation data as well as the SPS code (standard positioning code). The L2 frequency (1227.60 MHz, wavelength 24.45 cm) only carries the P code and is only used by receivers which are designed for PPS (precision positioning code). Mostly this can be found in military receivers. Tequila Ding ding ding! You are correct.. You're up.
  13. Ok, here is one sticking with the whole GPS theme.. What are the two frequencies that a GPS satellite broadcasts?
  14. Google It, Stupid! Oh oh! I know, I know. I'm currently taking that course.. Geographical Information Systems
  15. I believe the 2007 version is slated for Whitby and area.... Hey, if its gonna be out this way count me in! If you need help planning a route for next years marathon let me know. We've done pretty much everything out this way.
  16. Sweety and I are still in shock. We can't believe it. We had met Tony several times at events and even had the pleasure of caching with him. He will be missed by all.
  17. I saw one just recently called Rusty..He is a 50 lbs. piece of a rail road track. To log him you must be able to pick him up..
  18. We might be interested in that. Sounds like fun.
  19. Thanks TOMTEC, thats exactly what I was thinking. I guess if anyone else is interested, than please feel free to post here
  20. Hey All Just wondering for those who are attending the Central Ontario Geocache Event, does anyone camp out there? Thought it would be fun, and wondered if a group camped together last year?
  21. Hoping someone out there in the Chatham, Ontario area can help me here. My wife's TB Pookie has been stuck in a cache out there for a month now. It hasn't had much luck moving about as each cache it gets dropped in, it seems to spend a fair amount of time in. Can someone in that area please pick him up and help move him along. Thanks. Luc & Sweety
  22. Ok just to be either really lame or really dumb. I am using Netscape 8.0.4. I'm having the same problem as others have mentioned about the tabs being hidden on the profile page. I do have the most up to date version of Netscape. So am I outta luck here or what? Luc
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