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  1. I guess we are one of the two?
  2. Afterwards I did investigate further. I found it was able to handle larger files just not the 3.4G of IMG files.. I find that odd..? I will try some more stress tests. Right now I am running 2 gigs of RAM which I know is the bare minimum for Vista. I should stop being so cheap and buy another 2 gig.. I do have a system monitor gadget that shows CPU & Ram load. When I was copying the 3.4G worth of IMG files in one shot the CPU load barely got above 60% and the RAM topped out at 70%.. Yes, I do agree there would appear to be another underlying issue here with my computer. Question is where to begin looking for it. ??
  3. Ok so I found another fault in Vista. Its inability to handle large file sizes. I ended up copying the IMG files from the DVD to the PC in 400 meg chunks. In the end I have all the IMG files successfully copied and 2.1 running in Mapsource. It would appear that Vista cannot handle the 3.4G of the IMG files all at once. It appears to crash the extractor to unzip it, it crashes the installer to install it and it even crashes Windows Explorer to copy it all at once. So in the end copy it a bit at a time and it should work fine. Thanks for all the work you have put into this Ibycus. I know there are many people that appreciate it.
  4. Found another program to burn the ISO. Burnt it fine and verified it. Went to install it and zilch. Program starts but then Vista comes up with the "This Program might not of Installed Correctly" window and then the program terminates abnormally. I see it did manage to register Ibycus Topo in Mapsource cause I see the listing for it now but when I select it, the maps are blank. Back to square one for me.
  5. Argh..Gave up on the ISO..Apparently NERO doesn't like Vista. So downloaded the ZIP instead. Oh and BTW, got both downloads in one shot. Anyhow, unzipped the ZIP and started the install. I dunno if its a Vista issue or what but it only gets about 5% into the install and then Windows Explorer stops responding and Vista takes over and re-starts it effectively killing the install process. Tried turning all the scanners and everything off but doesn't seem to help. Anyone have any suggestions? And before someone else says it, no switching to XP is not an option.
  6. Any word on the installer for the ISO?
  7. According to GSAK we still need 21..Some odd combos or D & T that I don't see anywhere close to us. maybe while we are down south we will find a few..
  8. Monday morning 9:15Am EST and no PQs. Usually they arrive in my inbox between 1AM and 5AM. (sigh) Feels like I just went through this a couple months ago.
  9. This time of the year I'm wearing my Toronto Zoo coat so if people ask I tell them I'm searching for a) an escaped wild animal, a rare bird that has been reported in the area, or c) I tell them about Geocaching. It depends what kind of a mood I'm in. I've found most people don't really bother you when you are down on the ground climbing around under a tree looking for a micro.
  10. I never received yesterdays PQ's and now today I wake up to an empty Inbox again. I created a new PQ yesterday to see if it would work and I had it in minutes..
  11. What were the 4 DNF's? Just curious. I think I know one..
  12. Here's my take on the route. #2 GC10Z3G - you will not be able to do this one at 9am. The place will be packed with people and cars. #28 GC14YZQ - should be removed out of respect. 30 people invading a cemetery at once? #33 GC1249Z - Area too sensitive for that many people to wander in there. #47 GCZ0NY - Again out of respect. Cemetery. #66 GC1521K - Again out of respect. Cemetery.
  13. If you would like help choosing the route so you're not zig zagging all over let me know. Right now you seem to be darting all over the place.
  14. So when does the planning start? I can be your consultant for the area. I might even tag along for part of the marathon to snicker..er I mean help guide you..
  15. Was wondering if you were gonna have one this year or not. Now that I have completed the other 3 series I'm ready for whatever you have in store this year. Although I don't know how you will top them?
  16. I think #6 is a Sloth of Bears?
  17. Unable to access it for the last day...Keep getting notifications but can't get co-ords!
  18. Found this cache the other day. It was very well done. It was stuck in a fence post and actually looked like it belonged there.
  19. Actually last week while my wife and I were out caching we found a couple of things at a couple different caches. At the first cache while searching for it we found a hash pipe. No big deal. Crushed it with my hikers and moved on. It was near a school play ground too so we buried it after it was crushed. And then at another cache nearby we thought we had found the cache but turned out to be someone's stash complete with bong and torch to light it up. We left it alone though. Was hidden under a stump, carefully coverd up with some bark and stones. Just saw the corner of the bag it was in. Found the real cache only like 10 meters away. Can't wait to see what we find next!
  20. Some pics of Tony at various events and on the trails..
  21. Yeah but that 21.86 meters difference is because you did not have an X series. My birthday is coming up.. Maybe I will get a surprise of a nice 60Cx.. Then no more searching 21 meters away from the cache...
  22. Yeah but that 21.86 meters difference is because you did not have an X series. My birthday is coming up.. Maybe I will get a surprise of a nice 60Cx.. Then no more searching 21 meters away from the cache...
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