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  1. There's a spot to change this in the Send Waypoints to GPS dialog. (Waypoint description format). Note that GSAK will not work with the GPSMap60CS over USB unless you pay the registration fee. If you have the serial cable, though, you should be good to go.
  2. A while back someone asked a question about never having seen a "D" in WAAS mode. Don't know if that ever got resolved, but the key is there's initially no WAAS almanac in the unit when it ships, so it slowly searches through all the possible PRN numbers looking for one, when there's really only a few it could possibly find. There's a great web page at http://www.gpsinformation.org/dale/dgps.htm#waas which explains the process for getting WAAS going on a Garmin unit, which is a one time process, provided you have a good clear view of one or both of the WAAS satellites. Once you've acquired one of the WAAS satellites for the first time in the 60CS, re-acquiring it in the future and getting "D"-mode going is much quicker.
  3. The consensus appears to be that there's a 30-char limit in the notes field, even though there's real estate enough to display more. Sad, maybe they'll fix it in another FW rev.
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