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  1. Doubtful. Style is not acquired with age; This is evidenced in nearly all of the programming projects I do for management where they want everything their way (bigger ads or certain purchasable features) and not in the way a user would use. I still hold a little hope in my heart that they'll fix the bug that resets the advanced geocaching page back to alabama no matter what state you choose. Or, rework the page completely. The basic search has way more features than the advanced anyway.
  2. I love geobeagle! How accurate is the Nexus? I'm not sure if I want to bother upgrading from the G1 for $550; but it's got flash...
  3. You THINK two GPSes are a waste. There have been times when I've been dying for a second one: either for another tag-a-long or because I've been caching all day and I'm out of batts.
  4. ha! Yeah, that's what made me use that cliche. Oddly enough, Rattling Crew hasn't published any caches in a few days... and I know I've got 1 or 2 in the wings. Maybe tomorrow he'll blow us up with new caches and I'll spend all day having fun!
  5. My GPS is a Tmobile G1, so I have emails from the new publishes sent to my text messages. I play lots of World of Warcraft too, so when there's new content, I'm REALLY competitive to be the first to get it. Occasionally, I'd hang out near GZ hidden and watch other GeoCachers (without being discovered) because I wanted to see how they cached; but I stopped doing that after I'd see them disappointed. It wasn't a great feeling so I quit that habit. I kind of changed it to hiding when I put out a cache and it gets published; but that usually makes me have to wait a while, which is lame. It's a blue moon when someone scoops me in Wichita since I've started playing. I'm all about the FTF excitement.
  6. I prefer my black windbreaker and black pants and a shirt without a graphic, so muggles tend to stay away from the official looking person. I've also learned the head nod from a police friend, and use that to deter officers. It's kind of the theory that I learned off a "don't get caught smoking weed" informative image (I don't, I just read the tips) that if you look like you're a troublemaker, trouble will be made. So, I keep up my look, and people don't bother me, and have a harder time disbelieving me. All I need is a geocaching stitching or patch, and I'll be invincible.
  7. I placed 4, instead of hunting them down. Did it with the different families I visit during holidays. Named them in honor.
  8. Anyway, whatever. just lock the topic. I've given up the challenge and I'm not even going to do it anymore. Thank you for your dissuasion, you've helped me see the light of not putting as much work into my caches as I would have before. I'll just stick to skirt lifting micros.
  9. See, that's the kind of thing I want to do, albeit within a much smaller space. I like the "chain" concept, rather than the "series" concept. In chris' scenario it would be bad to lose one, but mine will have an independent tracking (the fire tacks) as method to finding the caches (with projection to fulfill the GPS requirement). I guess my idea defies the concept, simply because I'm not happy with a multicache, and I don't think it fits the archetype. Chris, keep going with your idea. Turn em all into puzzles (which looks like what I'm going to have to do as well) and then chain em.
  10. Sadly, the size of the circles are not what I'm trying to get figured out. I could care less about the specifics of the placements of my cache. the image is simply to highlight what I plan on doing with the cache, a 'visual', if you will. I'm not really comfortable with the multicache 1 smiley for the amount of work put into it; which is why I've come to the place where I figured I would get some potential solutions, not sidetracked.
  11. No, the diameter of my circles should be 528, with a radius of d/2 = 264. The circles, touching, are 530 feet from centerpoint to centerpoint. I added 2 feet as a buffer for gps inaccuracy.
  12. Yesterday, I received a treasure map from a Geocacher's gift exchange and a challenge (along with materials to complete the challenge!): Make a night cache with fire tacks. I used the treasure map and I, along with my crew in tow, followed it to its bitter end. All in all, the trek was about three miles, but it only yielded one ammo box at the end. Along the way, there were 4 projections (where you pick up the trail by walking in a straight line to the next start.) which, to us, seemed like a micro or a small, treasure-less cache should have been placed. Actually, we spent close to half an hour searching for (1), when it was simply just a projection. So, really, I have a few questions and hopefully you'll be able to share some insight on them: 1. The first and foremost question is: Instead of providing a single cache at the end, is it possible to have 4 caches all along the path they take? For example, shows the intended path and and the locations of the caches I'd like to put down. What is the best way of posting the caches so that I can reward cachers for going the distance, instead of just finding the end point, and one smiley for what I consider an awful lot of work and energy? Should I make the last a multicache, and just put singles along the way? that's really the only way I figure it would work. But I'd also like to have projections like the one I visited, and have the projection coordinates inside the treasure-less. (Kind of like a series with a finale?) 2. I want to do something rather special for this journey. Please, let me know some cool things you've seen in your night caches that I could use. I've seen some cool usages of solar powered light poles... is there other things that I could use on my journey? 3. What is the best way to place the firetacks so that they'll have the highest visibility? The cache I went to had parts where we could see down the line, and others where you had to be on top of the mark to see the next... Should I mark them with strange glyphs (or braille!) to inform them how to next proceed, or just let them wander? Thanks for the info. I'd really like to nail down the multi-single cache thing, so I can decide how to proceed. What's the point of making someone go for 5 hours for just one cache? I feel it wouldn't draw people to want to come, and ultimately wasting a lot of manhours which will be required for such a cache. Thanks, SicariusDracus (P.S. The course I've laid out for the map is obviously fake, and I've rearranged the cache locations, so no cheating!)
  13. My suggestion is that you geocache for free until you feel that you need a bit more fun, and then go for the premium membership and use the email notification and pocket queries. If you've got a applicable phone carrier, have em texted to you and dominate the competition. The premium membership supports the hobby, and the features are handy (if not cumbersome).
  14. Yeah, the "Needs maintained/ archived" options are really there to be used. As far as I've seen, the reviewers get right on that kind of log. That's a better use than disabling after x number, imho.
  15. If it really is disturbed, I'd sign the log and take it to the nearest psychiatric ward for thorough evaluation. If nothing else, ask it to paint while on LSD. The results might be interesting.
  16. So, yeah. I became a premium member, and downloaded GSAK and have been playing with it for a few hours.... I'd still prefer having the sortable headers. GSAK is freaking terrible.
  17. I withdraw this feature request in lieu of a request for Geocache placers to put more info into their caches. . I realize that this kind of feature could go completely ignored. I'd still like to see an urban/not urban attribute, so I could make cache choices based on that information.
  18. Keystone: Which is why this is a FEATURE REQUEST. Now, if you would have said "Sure. Premium members have that functionality." Then the issue would have been closed in my mind. But as I see it, to find the caches I want to do, it requires like 16 steps and 3-4 programs more than I wish to use. And forget doing such things on the fly, such as a quick lunch run where you may not have your PC or laptop handy. I still thank you for your suggestion, but I'd prefer to continue to ask for the functionality on the website, especially since that kind of query is easily done.
  19. Something that people haven't mentioned, but I've found really useful is new zip-lock baggies, Camo-colored duct tape, and fresh printed copies of the "so you found a GeoCache" notification, and a few pencils. If I come onto a cache that is in need of light repair, I'll go ahead and replace the moldy/broken baggies or put a patch over a crack in the plastic, or replace a stuck together notification. However, if the Cache needs more than a quick fix, I inform the caretaker; and I'll inform them that I made the patch up anyway. (It has received nothing but Kudos... Seldom do people like having to drive out to repair those things.)
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