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  1. Great - thanks for the feedback!
  2. We are going to Beijing, Shanghai and Xian. On the map, I see about 40 caches in Shanghai, less than 30 in Beijing. I did not see any in Xian. Thanks for the forum advice, I'll check there.
  3. We're going to China next month, and I would like to find a few caches there and place some trackable items. I am worried about geocaching in a foreign country like China - I don't want any suspicious behavior to land me in jail! Does anyone have any experience or advice to share with me about geocaching in China?
  4. I found an unactivated GC without the activation code. There was no mention of the drop in the logs. I tried to log it, says I need to activate it first. None of the databases I found in this post seem to have the code listed. Yes I'm sure I typed in the code right It's a standard sized copper coin - "Justice is coming..." on the front, "...Justice is served." on the back. What do I do next?
  5. I usually check the logs. If there are more than 2 or 3 posts after the trackable was placed, it's unlikely that it's still there. If you are looking for trackables, I would suggest looking at the logs first. I only go to caches that have something recently placed.
  6. Same problem here. I've been waiting for mine all day...
  7. I'm using an ammo can, and plan to put a separate container within it. I'll have instructions on the smaller container that any item placed in it will be taken to China in June. I guess I could also confirm with an e-mail.
  8. We are going to China this summer. We want to set up a new cache to collect trackable items to take with us. The idea is that we will take all the trackables placed in the cache and put them somewhere in China during our trip. We take 1 or 2 trips every year, and would like to use the cache for this purpose whenever we take a new trip. Does anyone have advice for setting this up? I want to adhere to regulations. Can we use the same cache and change the description after each trip, or do we have to make a new cache every time we change the objective? Any feedback is appreciated.
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