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  1. I don't have to look very hard at all to find a GC or a TB thats MIA thanks in part to an irresponsible or inexperienced cacher, or just a thief. (I hate thieves!) It would seem to me that coins turn up missing more often than TB dog tags. Likely the simple reason that coins end up in private collections (Did I mention I hate thieves?) But I'm curious about numbers. Whats the life expectancy of a TB? a GC? Can anyone point me to some statistics? I want HARD Data, not guesstimations (I can make my own assumptions and guesstimations myself) The type of stats I'm looking for, for example: How many Coins per 100 turn up missing in 1 year/ 2 years, etc as compared to TB dog tags
  2. I've found that the satellite imagery in GE isn't quite to scale, its only an approximation. In Google Earth, find a landmark with known distances and use the ruler tool to see for youself. Find a football field. The distance between Goal line to Goal line should be exactly 100 yards. Find a baseball field. The distance between bases should be 90 feet. How far is it from home plate to center field? Right field? In GE, I've found several instances where distances aren't what they're supposed to, sometimes off by as much as 10%
  3. It's no wonder he feels so strongly.... He just happens to own a "TB Prison". And not only is it a TB Prison, it's one that is available to Premium members only, even further restricting who can move a TB. LOOK -->http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...8d-129800dd5de0
  4. Cemetery Cache's are hugely popular in Wisconsin. This guy Marc_54140 maintains a few bookmark lists of all Wisconsin cemetery caches. It looks like he's working on putting together MN as well as IL cemetery caches in bookmarks also. Check 'em out: http://www.geocaching.com/profile/default....44-39b9598e8cac
  5. Hey, on micros along that trail that say "BYOP", where are you supposed to keep your pencil if you don't have any pockets?
  6. If you edit your PQ to exclude micros, size not chosen and other, you'll likely not find very many lamp post caches. Excluding Micros might only help to elminate SOME lamp post caches. But not all.
  7. That looks like a good place for a geocaching EVENT! -edit: come to think of it, maybe not. I believe there is only a very small percentage of geocachers that I wouldn't mind seeing nekkid.
  8. link is broken. (but no, probably not I) Nevermind. Link works now.
  9. Come to think of it, I seem to recall (after watching the video) the ORIGINAL "stash" is a bucket buried in the ground. Is it not?
  10. I've wanted to bury a large pail in the ground with a lid and place a cache INSIDE the pail. Then just a dusting of dirt or leaves to camouflage the pail. Wouldn't require any digging. I've heard of this done with a cache in Arizona that I read about in someone's log. Sounded to me like a nice idea. Of course, you wouldnt want to do this in any park. Only in places where you've received explicit permission to do so... Is this ok or is this type of hide frowned upon also?
  11. Have a look at this one. Read the cache description, not the logs. GC1RP81
  12. I've found some prescription pill bottles that SEEM to be (at least) water resistant. It's only been tested in both the kitchen sink and the backyard, but so far so good.
  13. Anyone who enjoys hiding LPC's, please take a trip up to Wisconsin. There is a severe shortage of LPCs up this way. I believe the future of geocaching involves "drive through" caches where you simply need to pull alongside ground zero, roll down your window, stick your arm out and retrieve the cache (not unlike an LPC)
  14. If it's in the guidelines, can anyone find it and show it to me? I may have overlooked it.
  15. I completely agree. But what I'd like to see is something written to PROHIBIT such a rule. Not unlike an ALR, something that, if discovered by a cache Reviewer at the time of publication, the cache would be rejected.
  16. (This may very well be a dead horse, but...) Who here has ever seen a cache that stated in the description, "TB's must be exchanged 1 for 1" How is this allowed? I propose a guideline be written to prohibit such an act. It seems some Cache Owners use TB's to add to the appeal of their cache to attract visitors, ensuring there is at least on TB present at all times. Thats not what TB's are for. TB's are set out to Travel. And besides, it's not the cache owner's decision to impose restrictions as to how someone else's TB can move. It is very unfair to the TB owner. Moderator, please don't move this topic to the TB forums.. This is not meant to be a thread about TB's but rather a thread regarding TB restrictions written within the cache description
  17. USN, 2001-2006 SK2(SS) I was a submariner. (see avatar at left)
  18. Where I got this idea was because of a coin I had picked up. In a short time, it had an impressive history. It started in The Netherlands, made a few 20 mile hops, then went to Indonesia, to China, then all the way to Wisconsin where its been ever since. Its currently making local hops in town, which is almost a shame. I think if the coin had feelings, the coin would feel insulted. I tried to get it OUT of town by placing it on the outskirts, but someone grabbed it the next day and brought it back into town and placed it in a non-winter friendly cash thats begging to get muggled. I'm tempted to go grab the coin and get it moving again. Since the coin has no specific objective, I was thinking this coin would be an excellent candidate for a trip to Australia.
  19. I've got a friend who lives in Australia who Geocaches. He and I have discussed the possibility of mailing coins we've found to each other to help them gain some serious mileage. I mail it, he "grabs it from", he places it in a cache in Australia. Of course I would email the OWNER of the coin before sending a coin on an intercontinental journey and get their approval before mailing their coin to the other side of the world. Is this type of activity frowned upon and do people for whatever reason consider this cheating? Looking for a general consensus.
  20. I didn't realize 52 would be considered such a low number. I could work around that, I suppose. Remember, Im relatively new at this game. Heres what I was originally thinking: By having unique (tracking) numbers, I was thinking each coin would have it's own page, 1 of 52, 2 of 52... 52 of 52. Each coin would be dedicated to it's own submarine. On the coins page would be general information about the submarine service, and also unique information about the submarine it was dedicated to, including the boats achievements in battle and commendations & all that. Now, certainly it could expand much further than just those 52 that were lost. There could be hundreds. More modern submarines could easily be included such as the USS Triton (SSRN-586) which was the first submarine to circumnavigate the globe submerged in 1960, or the USS Nautilus (SSN-575) which was the Navy's first nuclear-powered warship. The USS Thresher (SSN-593) and the USS Scorpion (SSN-589) Both lost during peacetime. The Thresher was lost in 1963 off the coast of Portsmouth, NH during post-overhaul sea trials, killing everyone onboard including several civilian employees of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. The Scorpions loss (1968) is believed to have been possibly caused by a Torpedo fired from a Russian submarine during the Cold War. There are SO MANY possibilities. Modern day, active submarines could even be included. There is so much history involved with this engineering marvels.
  21. To educate people about the important role American Submarines played in WWII, and to memorialize the 52 submarines and 3505 men lost aboard. (see post above) ---And if there was money to be made, 100% of it would go towards a non-profit organization. Trackable, yes. Custom Icon? Perhaps, although probably not necessary. It would be nice, though. Of course people who own the coins can do what they want, but My coin or coins would be set out with the objective that they travel to the vicinity of WWII Submarine memorials, and I'd like to see pictures of cachers visiting such memorials with the coins. I'm aware of their expense. Since I don't have disposable money to produce such coins, (I imagine not many people do) I was wondering what the norm was to get such an item produced. For example, are these things typically financed by organizations or individuals.
  22. Thanks Eartha. I can see what you mean about the vendors thing. I've already received messages via PM and Email from what appear to be vendors. I'm not replying to them. I'm not interested in talking to vendor at this time. If someone sent me a message, and you're not a vendor, I'm sorry if I didnt reply. A Submarine geocoin is something I've wanted since I first started caching back in 2005. ------------------ Here's my goal: I want to produce 52 coins coins in memorial of the 52 US Submarines that were lost in WWII. There are various submarine veterans memorials placed throughout the United States, but one in particular in Groton, CT honors all 52 of the boats lost and all those "On Eternal Patrol" that gave their lives. If there was any money to be made by the distribution of such coins, 100% of it would go to non-profit Sub Vet organisations such as USSVI or go towards the preservation and maintenance costs of Submarine Memorials. One of my goals is to increase awareness about the role Submarines played in WWII. Facts: “...273 U.S. submarines patrolled against the enemy during world war II. Although they comprised less than 1.6% of the total U.S. Navy strength, they caused more than half of Japan’s sea losses (54.6%). One out of every seven American submariners died for a total 3,505 officers and enlissted men. The service lost one out of every five submarines: 52 sunk or “missing presumed lost.”” Submarines Lost: 12/10/1941 Sealion SS-195 Sunk by aerial bombs 4 men lost 1/20/1942 S-36 SS-141 Ran aground 0 men lost 1/24/1942 S-26 SS-131 Rammed by escort 46 men lost, 2 survivors 2/11/1942 Shark I SS-174 Sunk by surface craft 58 men lost 3/03/1942 Perch SS-176 Sunk by surface craft 11 men lost. All taken prisoner 8 died in prisoner of war camp. 6/19/1942 S-27 SS-132 Ran aground 0 men lost 7/30/1942 Grunion SS-216 Sunk cause unknown 70 men lost 8/16/1942 S-39 SS-144 Ran aground 0 men lost 1/10/1943 Argonaut SS-166 Sunk by surface craft 105 men lost 2/16/1943 Amberjack SS-219 Sunk by surface craft 74 men lost and aerial bombs 3/05/1943 Grampus SS-207 Sunk by surface craft 71 men lost 3/15/1943 Triton SS-201 Sunk by surface craft 74 men lost 4/03/1943 Pickerel SS-177 Sunk by surface craft 74 men lost 4/22/1943 Grenadier SS-210 Sunk by aerial bombs 4 men lost. All taken prisoner 4 died in prisoner of war camp. 5/28/1943 Runner SS-275 Sunk by enemy mines 78 men lost 6/12/1943 R-12 SS-89 Sunk cause unknown 42 men lost, 3 survivors 8/29/1943 Pompano SS-181 Sunk by enemy mines 76 men lost 9/12/1943 Grayling SS-209 Sunk cause unknown 76 men lost 9/28/1943 Cisco SS-290 Sunk by surface craft 76 men lost and aerial bombs 10/07/1943 S-44 SS-155 Sunk by surface craft 55 men lost, 2 survivors taken prisoner 10/11/1943 Wahoo SS-238 Sunk by aerial bombs 80 men lost 10/12/1943 Dorado SS-248 Sunk by friendly aircraft 76 men lost 11/16/1943 Corvina SS-226 Sunk by enemy sub 82 men lost 11/19/1943 Sculpin SS-191 Sunk by surface craft 63 men lost, 21 survivors taken prisoner 11/23/1043 Capelin SS-289 Sunk by surface craft 78 men lost 1/05/1944 Scorpion SS-278 Sunk by enemy mines 76 men lost 2/26/1944 Grayback SS-208 Sunk by surface craft 80 men lost and aerial bombs 2/29/1944 Trout SS-202 Sunk by surface craft 81 men lost 3/26/1944 Tullibee SS-284 Sunk by own torpedo 79 men lost, 1 survivor taken prisoner 4/07/1944 Gudgeon SS-211 Sunk by surface craft 78 men lost and aerial bombs 6/01/1944 Herring SS-233 Sunk by surface craft 84 men lost 6/14/1944 Golet SS-361 Sunk by surface craft 82 men lost 7/04/1944 S-28 SS-133 Sunk cause unknown 52 men lost 7/26/1944 Robalo SS-273 Sunk by enemy mines 77 men lost, 4 survivors none survived prison camp 8/13/1944 Flier SS-250 Sunk by enemy mines 78 men lost, 8 survivors 8/24/1944 Harder SS-257 Sunk by surface craft 79 men lost 10/03/1944 Seawolf SS-197 Sunk by friendly 79 men lost plus destroyers 17 Army personnel 10/17/1944 Escolar SS-294 Sunk by enemy mines 80 men lost 10/24/1944 Darter SS-227 Ran aground 0 men lost 10/24/1944 Shark II SS-314 Sunk by surface craft 87 men lost 10/25/1944 Tang SS-306 Sunk by own torpedo 78 men lost, 9 survivors taken prisoner 11/07/1944 Albacore SS-218 Sunk by enemy mines 86 men lost 11/08/1944 Growler SS-215 Sunk cause unknown 85 men lost 11/09/1944 Scamp SS-277 Sunk by surface craft 83 men lost and aerial bombs 1/12/1945 Swordfish SS-193 Sunk cause unknown 85 men lost 2/04/1945 Barbel SS-316 Sunk by aerial bombs 81 men lost 3/20/1945 Kete SS-369 Sunk cause unknown 87 men lost 3/26/1945 Trigger SS-237 Sunk by surface craft 89 men lost and aerial bombs 4/08/1945 Snook SS-279 Sunk cause unknown 84 men lost 5/03/1945 Lagarto SS-371 Sunk by surface craft 85 men lost 6/18/1945 Bonefish SS-223 Sunk by surface craft 85 men lost 8/06/1945 Bullhead SS-332 Sunk by aerial bombs 84 men lost
  23. Im sure this has been asked numerous times before (sorry, the search feature sucks). What I want, is a series of coins for distribution. Well, not a series, but 52 identical coins. (that number is significant) What I want, is something thats very personal to me. I'm a former Navy submariner. I've looked for submarine specific geocoins havent found anything of interest. The front of the coin would feature the Submarine Dolphin breast insignia (whats on my avatar) The back would feature some submariner's motto of some sort (havent decided that part yet) The significance of the 52 coins, is that each coin would represent one each of the 52 US Submarines that were lost in WWII. Ive done some searching and I've found a number of coin manufactures, many of whom offer services to design the coin for you. I don't need that, I've got my own graphic design capabilities. The part thats turned me away, is I've come across packages with OUTRAGEOUS prices. I'm talking like $1000 or more. I don't have $1000 to produce coins. Even if I DID have $1000 to produce a bunch of coins, I wouldn't know what do with them after that to get a return on my investment, or to break even (Im not interested in making money, I just want a coin) So whats the standard operating procedure here? What are the steps that someone needs to take to go from an idea to coin without one person spending a fortune? Any links or FAQ page would be helpful.
  24. No, I created a hypothetical scenario of a person who went out caching for 12 hours, and made him the bad guy for not logging a cache for not logging his cache for most of a day. Then I redirected the blame by pointing a finger back at the people who have a problem with it.
  25. Not quite sure I follow what you're saying. Those folks who follow will be caching, as opposed to sitting on the couch watching Jerry Springer. I don't see that as a bad thing. If I were to make a mad dash out of the house, in search of a recently published cache, I would still experience the excitement of the hunt. I wouldn't know I wasn't first until I opened the logbook. Up to that point, everything would be identical to a FTF attempt. No one can take those memories away from me. I can assure you that no time spent caching, whether I get FTF, 10th to find or even a DNF, is a "waste". That was likely well said, CR. Lets say I grabbed a long list of coordinates, some new, some old. I'd head out caching at 6am. At 6:15, I nab a FTF. Am I expected to run home to where I have internet and log my find? Of course not, that would be ridiculous. Instead, I'd cache until 6PM, get home, eat dinner, then MAYBE at 9 or 10pm, I might log my FTF's, you know, when I get around to it. And judging by the comments that have been posted here, thats RUDE to wait such a long time to log an FTF. for it to be called RUDE, it must mean If that pisses people off that someone doesnt log right away. If that pisses people off, That person is just a piss-poor sport. Plain & Simple. Does anyone here want to stand up and admit they're a poor sport and make a counterargument?
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