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  1. LOL ! I think Tinqer has just been renamed. Going to have to have a new stamp made now. Prefer the new spelling, thanks
  2. Oh you naughty naughty naughty people. I said not to look didn't I? But you just couldn't resist could you? You had to go and look didn't you. That's why I do these nasty jobs - so that you don't have to. Look on it as a kind of public service I provide to protect the innocent and warn others of the dangers out there in the big bad interweb. Now, must find the other sites people definately should not visit ...
  3. Where have you been? The rules changed back in November 2009. Do try and keep up 007, sorry, Q
  4. Oh strooth. I just typed in "bisontube.com" (I won't make it a link) as I was curious. Wish I hadn't. Don't do it folks - unless you're very broad minded. That'll be on my ISP's browsing record now
  5. If you find a pathtag in a geocache, the rules state that you must send it immediately to any geocacher whose username begins with the letters "Lovejoy & Tin" Do a search and i'm sure you'll find someone with a user name like that, then just send them along...
  6. While you have less than 1000 finds you can just generate a standard PQ with the "That (and)" option set to "I have found". When you have set the PQ you can view a map of its content in the same way you would any other PQ via the map preview link on the PQ page. Your finds show up as smiley faces.
  7. Hi StarBrand. Okay, I think I'm getting this now. It's genius isn't it. I've set centre to home coordinates, a radius of 1000 miles and included all caches. If the resulting area covered wasn't big enough, I split the query down to a shorter time period and added another to fill the gap. Brilliant. Not quite sure how to stop it picking up caches in France but hey, I might go caching there one day. If I take a wrong turn in Plymouth. I now have 8000 caches to put on my tomtom. Should keep me busy for a while. Thanks for that tip
  8. That's interesting, not heard of that one before. I use the tomtom one and the garmin POI one. That's a job for when it's quiet in the shop tomorrow, scan through the GSAK macros. Thanks for the tip
  9. Don't you hate it when that happens? There's that moment of thought: "Should I retype all that or ..... Your efforts appreciated regardless, thanks
  10. Well well well Thanks to your advice I persevered through three error pop ups, pressing continue each time and lo and behold, the map appeared. Thank you everyone who helped - and i'm still going to investigate importing gpx files in google earth, so that tip wasn't wasted. So my first foray into the forums has been less than auspiscious and has served mainly to highlight my impatience when confronted by an error pop-up. I am really grateful to you kind folk for being gentle with me in my hour of stupidity. Thanks all, I'm off to reset some PQs.
  11. My "Preview in Google Maps" on the PQ page has always worked in Firefox... what happens when you click on yours? It sits for a while showing Duck Lake or wherever it is in the US and then pops up the following error message: A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete. Script: http://maps.gstatic.com/intl/en_ALL/mapfil...api/main.js:338 This is not a script I have added I don't think as I have disabled greasemonkey and the other scripts and I still get the error message. Going to take a cleverer person than me to figure out why that script is failing on me.
  12. Oh crumbs, now I do feel embarassed. In this game of "You show me yours..." I can't reciprocate. I've never got mine to work. In fact I have just tried it again (viewing the map link on a 1000 cache PQ) and it's still Sleeping in Seattle. Maybe I'll try it in IE and see if it is a Firefox issue. Thanks for showing me that it can actually be done. If I had known that I would never have started this thread. I feel rather foolish now (Sorry, that's more 'goosed' than 'foolish' but it's as close as I could find)
  13. Yes, understand that but I try to download the PQs on a Friday and Saturday as I tend to go caching on a Sunday so leaving them as late as possible makes sure I pick up any disabled caches plus get as up to date logs as possible into GSAK. Only ran into trouble a couple of times when I had 3 PQs run on a Saturday then messed up creating a bookmark PQ TWICE on the Saturday afternoon leaving me no spare PQs until Sunday morning. That's interesting because I assumed when they changed the limit to 1000 the maps would work (always used them in the past). BUT, I can't get them to load for my 1000 cache PQs. The map opens to the default US (Seattle) view but then just hangs, no caches are loaded and the map never shows the area my PQ applies to. I assumed it wasn't working because the 500 limit still applies in normal map browsing mode. Am using Firefox 3.6.3 Have you seen the PQ maps displaying 1000 caches? Would be great if it was as simple as that Cheers
  14. Yep, that's what's happening at the moment so the data is not wrong, would just like to perhaps either reduce the number of PQs I run each week or expand the area. That's excellent info, thanks. I'll investigate the google maps macros - not heard of or played with them before. Thanks for your very swift response, much appreciated
  15. Hope this not been asked before, have done a search and can't see anything but that doesn't mean it's not there I guess... I have always had a series of PQs set up to run weekly, 500 caches in each, centred on specific towns, which when combined and fed into GSAK effectively gave me a weekly update of every cache in my county and the neighbouring one - so they covered all locations I might drive in the course of a week. From the GSAK database I then generated a tomtom file and copied across to my sat nav. Then as I drive around, all caches are in the tomtom and pop up on the screen if within a given distance of my route. It also shows which have been disabled, indicates puzzles and multis, parking coords etc and ignores my finds. Very useful. I set the PQ 'centred on' locations based on the PQ map preview. So I set a PQ, reviewed what area 500 caches covered, then set the next one in a place where the next 500 slightly overlapped the first, and so on until the whole area was covered. I found 5 PQs pretty much did the job. Now the question: Now it is possible to have 1000 caches in a PQ I have adjusted my 5 PQs up to 1000. But now of course there is a lot of overlap and I could probably manage with just 3 PQs in place of the old 5 (or cover a bigger area). This would really help as I would then not get near my daily limit of PQs at the end of the week when my 5 weekly PQs run. But how do I review the area covered by a particular PQ of 1000 caches? The GC maps won't show more than 500, so you can't see a map of a 1000 cache PQ - can you?? Hope that all makes sense - basically I want to know if there is a way to see a map of caches contained in a 1000 cache PQ, to see what area they cover. Apologies for my verbosity - as anyone who knows me will tell you I never use 10 words when 500 will cause so much more confusion so much more effectively Thanks in advance Lovejoy Edit: Whoops, should this be in the website bit of the forum? Sorry.
  16. First ever forum post to say: Please bring the numbers back!
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