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  1. Inside this film canister is a small roller of paper with a pencil for those who find it to write down their names and the date it was found That'll be a log then. Doesn't sound like an experienced cacher with a second account.
  2. That's why I'm only allowed on here under strict supervision
  3. Nice size cache. And no one can argue that there's not muchroom inside (Sorry, but the old ones are the best) Love it by the way, always nice to find something that someone has put some thought and effort into - always appreciated.
  4. Hi RobertyBoberty, welcome to the game. You are placing something on someone else's private property so yes, you need to get their permission. Especially so since the object you are placing is going to bring others there to look for it. Looking after and maintaining a cache and checking it if it is reported missing and replacing the logs when they are full is far more time consuming in the long term. So if you don't have the time to seek initial permission, then ...
  5. If you run the caches through GSAK you certainly can get all your waypoints onto Memory Map. Theres a macro by 'Rutson' which is excellent, and if you use LordElph's icons it all gets very pretty and useful. We have MM on a windows mobile and it's great to have 1:25k OS mapping showing pretty much every footpath, field boundary, fence and wall. Makes route finding in the countryside a breeze. The downside to MM is the cost - a full set of UK 1:25k OS maps is probably nearer to thousands of pounds than hundreds, but if you don't need them all ... Or if you know someone who has a full set of maps
  6. But the clicking the link to geocaching takes you to canoeing. As does clicking on canoeing.
  7. There are a number of reasons why not all your found caches will be returned using thisd method, including the exclusion of archived caches. Have you tried using the dedicated "My Finds" query part way down the PQ generation page? That's the best way to get a PQ of ALL your finds, especially when you exceed 1,000
  8. Well it was a bit difficult to tell from the cache page and description with no photos. I'll have a look next time I come 'home'
  9. When you create a pocket query there is an option to select member only caches (I think that's how it is worded). Just run one of those based on your home coordinates and tell the query to find only caches you haven't found yet. Hope that helps
  10. ...and just to add, don't assume that because the reviewer wants the bonus to be listed as a multi he means each of the 11 individual caches can't be logged and must be listed as waypoints only. If you look at the Arthur series I posted above, each of the other caches in the series was a traditional, which could be logged in it's own right (ok, apart from one which was a stand alone multi, just to confuse you) and it was just the type of listing of the bonus which was different. It didn't affect the rest of the series. And I don't think it has anything to do with the proximity of one cache to another whether the series is a multi or not as I assume each of your 11 caches is at least 6 hundred and something feet from any of the others. If they were 'daisy chained' (i.e. you had to find number 1 to get the coordinates for number 2 etc) then yes, each cache in the series would have to be a multi or an unknown, they couldn't be traditionals because you couldn't just head for number 5 and find it without first having found the ones leading up to it. I've a feeling I am over complicating this now
  11. If each of your 11 have a unique GC number and are listed as individual (traditional) caches then down these parts your number 12 would be listed as an unknown, as you want to do. We just recently put out exactly the same, 10 trads plus a bonus which you get the coordinates to from visiting the other 10 and collecting the numbers. Our bonus is an 'unknown'. I have done one series where the 'bonus' was listed as a multi cache (Mad Max's King Arthur Man or Myth series - GCP6MX), and have seen people argue on here that a bonus should be a multi. But the vast majority of series down here in Cornwallshire have their bonus cache listed as an unknown. So what you are wanting to do is not unusual. But what the publisher wants you to do is not unheard of either. What is the usual way they are listed up where you live?
  12. I must add one of these to my caching bag
  13. Well if all the doom mongers are right about the likely drought it could end up just laying on the ground. It's Norfolk. They're due to be part of the North Sea. Might have to add the Scuba attribute.
  14. Thanks Team Sieni, I feel less silly for not knowing that now
  15. Well you learn something every day. We've been doing this silly sport for over 2 years and found over 1600 of the blighters but I never realised there was a 'special tool' attribute and I have never seen one before. Only looked because your post above mentioned it. Maybe there are others like us who don't look at the cache attribute icons. Must get better at doing that. But even without knowing a special tool is required, we may well have found the hiding place (I have ideas what it might be and what you might need to retrieve) and certainly the metal/magnet comment would push you in a particular direction - and we would have read that. But most people who haven't found it don't seem to be suggesting that they found the hiding place but didn't have the right equipment on them to extract it. It seems they are just having trouble finding the hiding place. Maybe they are just not reading the cache page, and there's probably nothing you can do about that. If it were my cache and the DNF ratio was getting like that I would probably have to give a bit more away so fewer people went away without finding it. But some cachers are happy setting tricky hides and accept there will be lots of DNFs, and some cachers love the challenge of a tricky one that's not been found very often. No one seems to be complaining (and I love the log from the bloke who lost his taxi, wallet, money etc etc), and all the info is there to allow people to find a well checked on and maintained cache - there's no suggestion it's gone missing. So I would probably leave it as it is. It does have a high difficulty rating after all, so no one should expect a quick c&d. Edit to add: ...and the FTF only have 22 finds under their belt, well done them!
  16. Thanks Bear. My firefox was in the same situation, lots of scripts added over time and I had lost track of what was doing what. That's why I thought I would delete them all and start again. I'll try the two you mentioned one at a time and see what happens. Cheers
  17. Thanks Chris. When I first found Firefox, and scripts (which incidentally was a result of your talk at the Dartmoor Workshop event in Princetown when you persuaded me to leave the dark side and embrace the fox), I used loads from the links on your site. Such a shame that some of those developers seem to have stopped, erm, well, developing I suppose. Thanks for the OS map link
  18. I've been here all along, just reading not posting ;-) Love your signature line by the way!
  19. Hi I have just reformatted a couple of my computers and have been setting everything up again from scratch. This seemed a good opportunity to clear out all my firefox scripts and add-ins and start from scratch. To be honest I had lost track of which ones did what on gc.com, with various map substituters, image gallery enhancers, log formatting and general page tidy up scripts. It was all a bit of a mess with some scripts over riding others anyway before the reformat. However now I come to start reinstalling them, it seems that a lot have not been updated for a year or more and some I know broke following various changes to gc.com last year. Lil Devil's page (which was an excellent source) appears not to have been updated since May '11 and I think a number of those stopped working and were never updated. The excellent follow-the-arrow website was always my source of scripts, but the links there seem to point to a lot of no longer supported scripts and there's a couple of links which go to an error page. So my question is, does anyone know of a comprehensive up to date list of firefox scripts that work with the current gc.com pages. In particular I am interested in scripts for: Tidying up the cache pages (need to cut out white space, disclaimer etc for my small netbook screen) Images - thumbnails in logs, enhancer for galleries Logging - text formatting, 'inline' logging etc Maps - putting an OS map on the cache page Friends list enhancements Can anyone help point me to a list of known working scripts? Many thanks
  20. I was thinking of Squire Trelawney from Treasure Island (didn't know the Harry Potter reference either, sorry). Don't know if the Squire was Cornish or not, but TRE is very common in place names here in Cornwall as I believe it used to mean a farm or small holding.
  21. Changing your name will not impact on any of your finds or stats. Nothing will be wiped out and you won't have to go back and change anything. Once the name change has been accepted (i.e no one else has it) everything related to you on the site will change to the new name. The only place your old name will remain is on the physical logs of the caches you have found so far, but I don't think the CO's are going to pick up on that. When we changed our name the only thing we had to do was log out of and back into the forums with our new user name, so you may have to do that. I quite like Professor Trelawney - a good Cornish name?
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