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  1. I'm 99.9% sure the object on which the coords are written has not moved.
  2. OK, let me be really clear. I like to joke around. It's part of my charm. The whole implication that I have some sort of head start on your cache is all based on that joking around. I can assure you, and everyone else in the geocaching community, that I haven't a clue about your cache other than you saying to click on a link to get an idea of what you mean (which I assure you I did not click) and the one post that said you should warn people to bring extra batteries. Other than those two things, I have no clue about your cache. And, as I said before, puzzle caches, multicaches, earthcaches and the sort aren't really my thing. I like traditionals. In that regard I won't know of your cache being published unless I specifically look for it. So, just about anyone who likes your type of cache (assuming it's not a traditional) will likely have a much better head start than I will. So, rest assured. Your cache is not tainted. And, I totally understand being tired. I'm completely exhausted the last couple days. Okay. I'm going ahead with the cache. Thank you for your assurances. *hug* I'm off to get a good night's rest and I hope you do the same 'night
  3. I discovered some sheets of Rite in the Rain today, coincidentally. I haven't tried it, but if anyone wants a few sheets they can send me a note with their address and I'll send some to them. Of course I understand if people are reluctant to give their address to a stranger. I'm just putting it out there in case anyone is interested. I'm willing to mail some paper. Hope this isn't against forum rules or anything.
  4. For some reason I find that kind of adorable. Bless her heart.
  5. Now now, don't forget about my psychic powers. I don't even need coords to be FTF. Why the frowny? I put a lot of work in and splurged financially to create this cache and I'm really excited about it. I posted the information with the impression you agreed not to look. Now I don't know whether, to be fair to other cachers, I should change and/or cancel the whole thing. I trust you, but do I have the right to make that decision for other people when they're the ones playing the game? I guess I never should have posted the info, but I thought we had an agreement and I took the leap to trust you. Now I feel like I got burned. I know it's not that big a deal, maybe I've just gotten too wrapped up in this whole thing. Maybe I'm being a little emotional because I'm exhausted. I just want the game to be fair to everyone. People care about FTF, or being one of only a couple people to find a cache because it's so hard, etc. It just doesn't seem right to me that you looked when you implied you wouldn't. Sorry if my perceptions/feelings are being skewed due to extreme tiredness.
  6. Holy cow, now I've even got vanilla geocache people making assumptions about our relationship?!? lol He's not my Master. I'm not even wearing a collar right now. That's all I'd like to say about that. I don't like drama.
  7. Now now, don't forget about my psychic powers. I don't even need coords to be FTF.
  8. If it makes you feel any better, I didn't look at any of the details of the cache you are planning. Really, I didn't, because I said I wouldn't. I did read something about a suggestion of carrying extra AAA batteries or something but that was too many details so I quit reading the second I saw AAA. Oh, and you mentioned a type of "puzzle", I think, but I didn't click the link. I'm all about the honor system. Okay...but if you're FTF immediately after it gets posted you're gonna have some 'splaining to do! j/k. I trust you. Just confused by the misunderstanding.
  9. I didn't peek at the cache page. That doesn't mean I never peeked at the nude beach. (I don't have my searches or notifications set up for anything but traditional caches. That doesn't mean I won't look for your cache but I would need a nudge when it's published. But, yeah, I will look for it) There cache page currently consists only of a test of the coordinates. I was referring to the fact that I posted all of the details of the cache in this thread, including how to solve, and that's why I'd thought you agreed not to look at this thread again. Oh, well. I'm going to delete the info now. I'm not going to change the cache. We'll have to use the honor system. NM, it won't let me edit the post for some reason, and there's spoilers (somewhat) in the replies anyway.
  10. Or if someone should 'lose' the tag on the trail or 'forget' to replace it on the way back out. Yes. Good thinking, both of you I'll do that. I'm starting to think this cache just might get approved! You do think people will enjoy it, right? I think people will enjoy it on the same level as a nude beach. It will all depend on the mood of the cacher and the people around them. You peeked! Are you going to look for the cache when it gets posted?
  11. I recently attempted to find a certain geocache here in Portland, Oregon. I only found it with assistance from a more experienced fellow cacher who had finally made a breakthrough after trying for THREE YEARS to find this thing. It turned out the coordinates were 135 feet off! Worse, the cache owner should have known there was a problem because the only cacher in the past two years to find this cache mentioned finding the hide 135 feet off. Nonetheless the CO told my friend (the other cacher) that his coordinates were right, even though they were wrong, causing my friend to continue searching the wrong area. Who knows how many other people have been trying to find this cache for months or years but have not logged a DNF. The cache owner has been notified of the problem, and several "needs maintenance" flags have been given, yet the cache is still up. Moral of the story: check the logs if you're having difficulty with a cache, log your DNFs, and if you're a cache owner and get a lot of DNFs, check to make sure everything is in working order (especially if someone mentions that they found the coordinates to be off)!
  12. Or if someone should 'lose' the tag on the trail or 'forget' to replace it on the way back out. Yes. Good thinking, both of you I'll do that. I'm starting to think this cache just might get approved! You do think people will enjoy it, right?
  13. The kakuro: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v388/con...rocolored-1.jpg
  14. I see this problem in one of my other hobbies. New rallyemasters (for gimmick car rallyes) want to include every single gimmick they've ever thought of in their first rallye. It doesn't work. Try to resist the urge, and save something for your second cache, and your third cache, and... That's the thing, though. I don't know that I will ever have another opportunity to place a cache. It's very hard to find hide locations in my area at all, much less ones that I'll be able to maintain given that I'm car-free. I can ride my bike to this park in less than ten minutes. This is really my one shot and so I want to use it well and make it great. Do you think it could be archived because of this? Should further explanation of my reasoning be included in the explanation? Thank you for your response
  15. Don't be silly. You just push it through Platform 9 3/4, of course!
  16. I like your username, fellow Oregonian cacher! My guy is known as "Noble Satyr" and sometimes I'm "nymph"/"Noble's nymph"/"nympha" Sorry for being OT
  17. Okay. This is going to be a long post, and I'm sorry about that, but I want to give you all the details just as I've written them up so far. This is still a work in progress but I did scout out waypoint locations today. Feedback is appreciated. . . . . (removed based on this post, can replace if you want me to)
  18. I just cleaned out an old PB jar. Dawn failed to get rid of the smell and some slight residue, but some "green" Seventh Generation brand laundry powder did the trick very nicely. I would definitely recommend this method, especially in place of bleach. Bleach is very bad for our environment when you pour it down the drain, and probably not the best thing to have around you and your family/pets. It is a toxic substance.
  19. I seem to have reserved an open location (not where my old hide is). I want to tell you all about the cache before I put it together so I don't waste time doing something wrong, but I'm concerned *certain people* will peak at the spoilers... Can you be trusted not to look at this thread again, Bittsen?
  20. lol No it's my spot! Mine! *holds it away and growls and snaps like a dog protecting food* lol It's going to be a fun but very tough cache if I place it. Bet you'll never find it.. I think you guys have answered my question. Thanks again You think I will never find it? Awww, that's a challenge. You're on! I FOUND IT!!! I FOUND IT!!!! Well, ok, I didn't find the cache, but I know the coordinates. (At least the starting coordinates) lol Aren't you clever... You probably can figure out the general vicinity, but I actually just discovered a place that has opened up which would be even better (more fun and still close-by) and not interfere with my present cache. I just hope it's still available by the time the $40 worth of cache-hidey-stuff I just ordered arrives in the mail. Yikes.
  21. lol No it's my spot! Mine! *holds it away and growls and snaps like a dog protecting food* lol It's going to be a fun but very tough cache if I place it. Bet you'll never find it.. I think you guys have answered my question. Thanks again
  22. Hi again. I'm moving forward with my plans for my next hide (involving UV ink), with some additional twists that are too complicated/I'm too lazy to type up right now. My question is about archiving one of your own listings. Right now I have a cache out in a spot that is very convenient for me to check on. It's hard to find good, available locations for hides in my area. Can I place the new cache there, then publish it with a note to the reviewer that if this one is approved the old will be archived and removed? Thank you! ~jessica
  23. I go almost paperless by writing down the vital info for the cache in a notebook that I generally keep with me anyway. It doesn't avoid all paper, but it usually only uses about a square inch on paper that will have the back written on. Sometimes even that isn't necessary if I enter the coordinates on the GPS at home. I have been known to write on my hand at times, when I don't want to carry around my notebook. Assuming your concern is environmental, getting a smartphone or similar device that you don't already have might not be the most effective thing. Electronic devices aren't usually too good for the environment, as far as toxic substances and energy required to produce the item. Better to save the money and donate it to a "green" or other charity.
  24. Oh, I'm not disturbed at all. But my approval (or lack of) should not, and likely does not, concern you at all Anyway, back on topic, if the choices I gave above (dealextreme) is not something you're interested in, I found a few methods when I googled "how to make UV ink". You'll still need the $1 UV flashlight from Walmart mentioned by Vater_Araignee above. That sounds more do-able. I'll look into that. Thank you I think I'm done with this thread. I've gotten a lot of great ideas and it seems like most possibilities have been exhausted. Once again, thank you, and happy caching!
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