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  1. One more thing: I'm one of the nicest people you would ever meet. I would literally give my life for anyone, even a stranger. I know that what matters in life is how you treat others--whether you spread joy or tears. I hope someday you will learn that, too. OP, I am very sorry your thread got derailed. Goodbye everyone. It was nice to interact with some of you. Happy caching.
  2. actually you don't need to know anything about how GPS works in order to understand coordinates. longitude and latitude are angular degrees and everyone coming out of school should know how to handle them, including knowing how minutes and seconds work, and how decimal numbers relate to them. I would really, really like it if you would stop saying condescending things to me. I'm not in the mood. I let the first snarky comment pass gracefully but now I'm done. I am an intelligent woman. I taught myself to read when I was 4. I won the Florida State Spelling Bee in seventh grade. Yes, I was a high school dropout due to depression. I just couldn't get out of bed in the morning to go to school. I worked my butt off as a grocery store cashier to save money for college. I tolerated a lot of incredible rudeness from customers who assumed I was an idiot because I ran a register. Now I've earned a 4.0 in every class I've taken as a full time student for the past two years. I know people were wrong to treat me the way they did, and I never should have bought into their ignorant misconceptions. I will not tolerate being put down anymore. I see what I get for trying to help people on this forum. Don't bother to reply to me. I won't be back.
  3. if this was the only problem, then i feel compelled to point towards this article. I was merely pointing out to the person I was replying to that the coordinates were not in the standard form. They seemed to have trouble seeing the difference. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm very good at math, although I may have just gotten only a high B on my statistics midterm. I feel awful about it. However, I must be honest and say that I am not very familiar with the workings of GPS. All I know is that I input the numbers and the machine tells me where to go. Satellites are involved somehow. I've never bothered to learn more about it. I was just trying to be helpful as much as I could. Sorry this post is somewhat OT.
  4. Hmmmm. Maybe I'll make room for a small pencil in case you ever find this one. It will be at Raymond Park in outer Southeast.
  5. I suggest the OP plug those numbers in to google maps and see that they are where he wants to be. Those coords seem likely to be right because they put you in Brownsville, Vermont, near the New Hampshire border. The OP is from NH.
  6. Ooh. Do you mean via melting glue or from being manhandled? People are going to be warned to be careful because of the delicate origami items. Thank you for the tip! Both. The adhesive in labels contains a certain amount of evaporative material. Over time the adhesive will go bad. Labels are typically made from paper or vinyl, both of which don't live well within unstable environments. Adding a plastic baggie will minimize that. It will also help protect the origami also. I just placed the origami in a baggie and the stickers and tattoos in a separate baggie.
  7. The OP seems to have extra digits. No puns about extra digits, please
  8. Ooh. Do you mean via melting glue or from being manhandled? People are going to be warned to be careful because of the delicate origami items. Thank you for the tip!
  9. Whoa! Almost enough to make one want to go to Michigan
  10. Just found these: http://www.mcphee.com/shop/products/Magic-Metal-Puzzles.html Set of 12 puzzles for $3.50 + shipping.
  11. I apologize if this is overly similar to some other thread. I'd like people to make suggestions for things they think would be cool and inexpensive to put in geocaches. This will help people to place swag others will enjoy. I've heard of COs putting out scratch-off lottery tickets for FTF. I think that sounds neat. For an upcoming cache I have some inflatable origami paper balloons (see http://www.ehow.com/how_5576_make-origami-balloon.html for how to make them easily), stickers, "monster mirror clings" from Archie McPhee that you put at the right height on a mirror and it looks like you have antennas/bug eyes, etc., and a plastic puzzle ring that came with my Archie McPhee order. There were going to be some "amazing brain busters" from Archie McPhee but they turned out to be too wide for the final. I think temporary tattoos are fun. Cooks like me might enjoy finding recipes. I've thought about placing small seed packets for gardeners (such as a couple basil seeds), but there may be issues about attracting wildlife there. Of course, CITO bags, TBs, and geocoins are always great. Would you enjoy finding a printed out and folded up puzzle in a cache? Like a logic puzzle/kakuro/sudoku/crossword? As you can see, I like finding and hiding things that have some interactive function that will be enjoyable after the find is made, not an object that just sits there.
  12. Most folks will hit reply without readng the whole thread to see it's been said already. You're just seeing each one's first reaction to your inquiry. And I'm guesing user "Estrelle" isn't a guy Hey! My "going on" only occurred after he said something that wasn't definite and before I saw him say he was decided for sure. It wasn't me! lol And there's the stuff I mentioned in my last post. We're not necessarily talking directly to him now. But, yes, there's also the phenomenon you described. I've noticed people on this forum tend to respond to the original post without reading anything after it.
  13. I think at this point some of us are replying more to others or debating the issue, since, as you say, you've made your decision. Or maybe we're afraid you'll get pulled back to the other side by the new pro-kill comments.
  14. A lot of people might recognize it, but others wouldn't. Let's not forget even the OP himself didn't recognize the vine to be poison ivy, and he already had some finders complain of a bad reaction to the vine. That's at least two parties in the area who did not know what it was, so it's clear that the vine is not going to be avoided by everyone. And not everyone who seeks a cache is from the area in which the cache is placed. It only takes one to make a cache un-fun. I repeat: it's going to be there and it's going to look harmless. Just move the cache and leave no trace.
  15. Considering that it's possible to get to the get to the geocache and open it without ever touching the vine would doing this be a D-bag move? It is attached to the vine with a bike lock so you can easily pick up the geocache by it's body. Although what would happen when it starts growing leaves? Then I'd have to move it. I think I'm just going to move it instead of killing it. I think a lot of people would not recognize poison ivy in that form, even with an attribute, and would not think to avoid touching the plant. They'll also probably assume you wouldn't have placed your cache so close to something that didn't look hazardous but was. Additionally, I agree with the previous poster who said that you won't be able to eradicate the ivy, not completely and not from that area in the long run. It's going to be there and it's going to look harmless. Best to just move the cache someplace else entirely.
  16. Round-Up There's also the fact that every living thing has a place in its native ecosystem. I'm glad you decided to adapt your cache to fit its environment, not vice versa. I think that's an important principle of geocaching.
  17. The cache should be out within a day or two, but I have one more question for you all. For those of you who read the description when it was up, how would you rate the difficulty of this cache? We can't decide between 3.5 or 4 stars, maybe even 4.5. A (3 star) kakuro puzzle does have to be solved, and it could take multiple trips to get to the final since there are hides at multiple waypoints. Then there are the twists described in the now-edited post. Some tweaks have been made to the cache description. I think I won't be giving away anything major by posting this part: "After parking you know where to go. There you will find an item telling you of another place. At that point, you will find something that reveals a clue to the final location." That's the revised description for what people will do at the park. That's it. The final may be very hard to find even after people get to the right area, depending on their geosense and persistence. How would you rate it? Thanks.
  18. Key West ain't all it's cracked up to be. Take it from someone who grew up a few miles away.
  19. I've thought about it...in fact, I'm really good at making miniature paper cranes (like, small enough to fit 3-4 in a locket). I'm considering watching for some teeny, tiny bottles, putting in a colourful crane, and gluing the top in. Just don't know where to find said teeny tiny bottles. Cute! I wonder if you could find some tiny bottles at craft stores, like the little babydoll bottles and whatnot...not sure about the lid..maybe a little cork.
  20. yuk Ditto. Seeing that would make me think of real animals in pain after being hit by a car. Very crafty and clever, but it would make me sad.
  21. Cool stuff! I like it. Another thing you might make is origami swag. I'm making some inflatable origami balloons right now for a cache I'm preparing. I'm not exactly the best at origami, but even I can make these balloons. How to make: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-an-Origami-Balloon
  22. I verify my coordinates by plugging them into google maps. It should show you any huge variance, at least.
  23. Hey estrelle. After a certain time you cannot edit your post. A moderator can though. I thought there might be some sensitive info in your post so I removed it based on this post. I've posted the part I removed to your cache page in two reviewer notes (they will be deleted when the cache is published). If you want that put back in the topic in your post I edited, I can easily add it back in. I don't think the spoilers in this topic are that bad. If you don't want it added back in, then those who have not seen the post above will never know about the cache. Thank you.
  24. I've posted my offset (x.xxx N/S y.yyy E/W) on multi/mystery caches when the co-ords are way off. It can help finders, but doesn't give anything away. I might do something like that if I have the opportunity to go back there and find the exact data, but I think the other cacher's log should be sufficient. In that area there are only a few of the "things" he referred to. I wish the CO would take responsibility and fix his cache description, though.
  25. So, once you solve the puzzle, you go to the coords, and the coordinates to the final can be found there. According to the cacher who's been hunting this for 3 years: So, this cacher was looking for the final at the puzzle coords, and missed the fact that there was another set of coords to be found. They had been looking at the answer all along and missed it, from what I'm reading. That isn't correct. He was looking ten feet off from where the final coordinates should have been. The offset is only ten feet. The final coordinates/waypoint were/was 135 feet away from where they/it properly should have been (without applying the offset to the waypoint). So it wasn't even just 125 feet off, but a full 135, according to the last 3 people to find the hide (me, my friend, and the person a year and a half ago).
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