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  1. I was poking around in Michaels today and picked up some paint pens, shrinky dinks paper, wooden hearts (for caches I loved - a bit cheesy but I was in a hurry), and metal medallions with sayings on them. Was curious what types of sig items people have toyed with before settling on whatever they are doing now Also, do you include any kind of note with your sig item? Like info about yourself, or a request to email you with where they found it, etc?
  2. How many is "so many"? Slightly less than "so-freaking-many".
  3. You want everyone else to be nice, but you certainly had no qualms about filling in the blanks with lies when it suited your little sunshine agenda. Perhaps, being the eternal optimist you claim to be, the next time something like this crops up it would be best to assume that you don't know the full story. It's certainly preferable to making things up and putting words in other's mouths. I have no idea what you are talking about now. Please message me if you feel we need to discuss whatever it is further.
  4. Yours rocked - it was a very interesting read I was going for a sampling, so I skipped around the magazine, which is why I said "some" of my favorites
  5. Double post oops (and throws popcorn at Bittsen)
  6. Your review on your blog is so radically different in tone than your comments here that I claim innocence on your strawman comment. I had no idea a poster was specifically making comments about you being a woman from Ontario; I was curious, that's why I asked if there was something I was missing. It didn't make sense, but if you did truly believe that I didn't want you thinking people were singling you out for either of those reasons. I'm idealistic. I want everyone to be happy and polite and considerate of others' feelings And I'm the eternal optimist - I like to encourage that in others - for them and those they affect though, it certainly doesn't benefit me in any way. I am sorry I upset you You are certainly entitled to communicating your negative reactions. Take a hike, and take your strawman with you. I was speaking about one individual in particular, not "people." The very same individual who has, on other occasions, made remarks about me being a woman from Ontario. Not "people." It is ONE individual who does this. That's why I referred to him in the singular, and did not, at any time, imply that such things have been said by "people" other than him. While we're picking apart each other's commenting habits, *you* seek out negative comments so you can jump on them and make yourself feel like you're making some sort of contribution. Back here in reality, all of us big bad mean people with our horrible negative opinions are really just normal individuals who are capable of having both positive and negative reactions to things.
  7. Alright, I've got my red wine, and my magazine open here - wanted to make some comments on some of my favorite content (don't want to give it all away) I recognized a few forum posters among the authors! LOVED the newbie tip regarding bisons and nanos. I was so proud of myself when I figured this out myself, somewhere before (but not much before) my 100th cache That was the first thing I read and I thought, I am going to LOVE this magazine I hope the section on creative containers is permanent, loved the photos - was pleased to note the comment that photos would only be published with the CO's permission. I could definitely relate to the story about family members not appreciating snuck-in geocaching Loved the info on Benchmarks. I'd been vaguely curious about them but they didn't seem very interesting to me until I read this article. Clan Riffster, I love how you portrayed your character hehehe. The article submitted by Ellis Clan GeoSnoops was HI-LARIOUS!!! It's rare that something I read makes me laugh out loud, and I was laughing a lot Old Navy, I carry an overstuffed backpack with more stuff than I'd probably ever need and I still found things in your list that I want to add now Nice work! Evelev - "nerd-chic" - I like it - I'm in a meetup in my area who refer to ourselves as chic geeks "Dude, I think I broke your cache" - Lol, NOT what a CO wants to hear And an excerpt from the back page: "FTF Geocacher is YOUR magazine. Our goal is to publish YOUR stories in YOUR words." Ah ok; flipping through to type up this post I realized I never did read the last two pages I'm loving it, can't wait for the next issue. Wish it was a weekly!!!
  8. From what I've seen, your comments get singled out because of your delivery, not the content of your opinion, though you do seem to be the type of person that often lets the negative blind you from seeing the positive. Just curious, this isn't the first time I've seen you claim that people criticize your posts because you are a woman and because you are from Ontario. Is there a joke I'm missing (very possible)? There are women and Canadians, and probably Canadian women too, even ones from Ontario, who are not having their posts singled out. About the typos, I also noticed them, but they were within the cacher-contributed material - I was curious if they were left in there intentionally to give a real, down to earth kind of feel to the magazine, or if it was a result of rushing to meet a deadline. (this was answered in a post by the publisher below) Speaking generally to quality - as there is a bigger and bigger pool of submissions, the stories, photos, etc are going to necessarily increase in quality, but that said, I really enjoyed reading ALL the submissions, even yours Narcissa Your Signal cookies are super cute and the excerpt reads smoothly to me Looks like there were some space constraints for the text and photo of the cookies Yours was one of the ones I had planned to come and comment on. I love baking and have an appreciation for how hard it must have been to do all those little squigglies
  9. Hehehe brilliant. Might want to address that typo. Also statistics look more believable when you use an exact percentage Now, do you want to tackle my 95%? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Practical_joke
  10. I found one recently that reminded me of this thread. From reading past logs it appears that a few years back it started off as a very cute handmade container hanging in a tree. Then logs started talking about the lid being missing, then a bees nest was in the tree location, from then it was only found on the ground, a few people found bugs living in it (no lid after all), at some point someone put a pill container inside it, and then someone put the log inside a ziploc inside the pill container inside the original container. So I go out there and I find the original container (wooden box with no lid) lying in the middle of a huge puddle. I use a long nearby pipe to drag it towards me out of the water. It has water in it. The pill bottle inside it has water in it and its camo has mostly rotted off. The ziploc inside the pill bottle has water in it. The log is stuck together. I let out the water and propped it under a branch on dry ground. Didn't sign of course and posted a Needs Archived. Needs Maintenances had been posted before with no response from owners who haven't logged in since 08. So to those reading...would you have taken the container with you to throw out?
  11. That's a really good question. I do tiny repairs (will replace a ripped ziploc, wipe out mud/water, etc) but would never repair or replace a container. I might conceivably replace or repair a container of someone I knew was an active cacher and was for some reason unable to maintain their caches for a specific period of time. But if I email the cache owner and don't get a response for over a month, and they haven't logged into their account in ages, I'll do a Needs Maintenance or Needs Archived (depending on the situation).
  12. These (link from Amazon.com) have great reviews for being comfy and not causing headaches and come in cute colors like pink and blue http://www.amazon.com/No-Headache-Original.../ref=pd_sbs_a_2 These were discontinued but we are happy to look into new options for spring/summer. Do you have any suggestions on a type of visor you'd like to see?
  13. Well I like my previously suggested system of having a separate tally of some kind for optional games/tasks/photos completed. Would be a fun side thing for some like trackables or benchmarks with its own little icon, or icons: Photo - pic of camera Silly - etc
  14. I'll throw my vote in for April 1st. That would be amusing b/c everyone would have to go check for themselves if it was true
  15. I'm working on an alphabet challenge and can't figure out a way to see all the caches starting with the letter U, for example. Is there a way other than clicking on everything on the map?
  16. Really enjoying the magazine so far There are SO many varied and fun aspects of the magazine. Love the image of a geocacher on the back of the magazine, haha - I was especially impressed with how he managed to tuck in a tripod Read for quite a while and then was happily surprised to see I was only halfway through I love all the opportunities throughout for geocachers to share their experiences, stories, tips and photos
  17. WOOHOO just saw these posts and ran out to my mailbox. My pathtag is SOOOO beeeauuuutiful, my magazine is sooooo pretty and glossy and my trackable golden seal is soooo shiny - off to snuggle up in bed w a squishy blankie and read Will report back later.
  18. I would love to see a combination of the two current women's t shirts - scooped like the tank top (and maybe even a bit more scooped), but with short sleeves
  19. I see you fixed it to say Sadism. Sadism is taking pleasure in the pain of others. Masochism is taking pleasure in the pain you experience. As long as the cache page prepares you, I see no problem. I just posted a cache called "Is it dead?" I fully expect a few to freak out a bit though it's not actually "scary". I'm so curious now!!!! I'll never be in your area so if you're feeling generous I'd love to know (via msg) what dead looking thing you've hidden
  20. Oh man I was busy reading the heart attack sentence and imagining what a terrible shock like that would be like when hubby snuck up on me and grabbed my shoulders. Revenge for my scaring him twice last week. Which was revenge for him jumping around corners before that...you get the picture. I startle easily and piercingly so I would probably scream loud enough to bring every man within 3 miles running to see if I was being killed
  21. I would put vinyl magnets in baggies too. Some of those are fairly skimpy and the plastic layer can peel back exposing a paper layer or the plastic can flake off.
  22. QUESTION ONE If you and your caching buddy or buddies go looking for a FTF together and you are not the first one to find it within the pair/group, do you claim it as a FTF on your records, assuming you keep records of such things, or do you claim STF, TTF, etc? QUESTION TWO If you get to a cache and two or more people have claimed Co-FTF on their logs, do you consider yourself STF?
  23. That may be the only type that means something to you, but there is a challenge involved in dropping what you're doing when you see a publish notification, heading to ground zero ASAP and being the first to spot the cache. A puzzle cache is the same process, and even puzzle caches taking skill may have an element of luck. You may notice a pattern or figure out what method to use faster, or see the puzzle cache publish faster, or have the free time to solve it faster than other cachers. And then you still have to have to get over to the physical cache location and find it.
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