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  1. Hi cachers.


    I'm in the planning stage of a trip out west from Delaware to visit a non-caching friend for Thanksgiving. I'm looking for someone in the area to cache with on Tuesday 11/20 in the afternoon. I would like to get the oldest cache in Arizona plus others in the area. Since I've never hiked in AZ before, I don't really want to go alone.

    If anyone in the area has already done the oldest cache and would like to go again, that would be great or if it's been on someone's to-do list for a long time and would like to go, that would be perfect too.


    Thank you!!! :)

    Christine - Tabbikat

    When you do come to AZ, please include the Prescott area; there's a lot of caches here that are very interesting (some cachers in the Phoenix area who've been here call this area "Ravenland Geo-Amusement Park").

  2. I have my GSAK on my Windows-based laptop set with the custom icons and they load reasonably well into my GPSMap 60CSx. However, I don't have GoogleEarth loaded on that machine; I do, however have it on my iMac. Is there a way and a place to download custom icons from to the iMac so that I can use them in my GoogleEarth on that machine?

  3. Just excited, I made my 100th find today. I know not a big milestone, but I am working on it.
    100 finds sure used to be a big milestone (and still is)! Congratulations!!


    Of course, now you need 400 more for your next "real" milestone. :mad:;)

    Or 900 more for the REAL 'real' milestone (LOL) :rolleyes:

  4. Just excited, I made my 100th find today. I know not a big milestone, but I am working on it.
    100 finds sure used to be a big milestone (and still is)! Congratulations!!


    Of course, now you need 400 more for your next "real" milestone. :mad:;)

    Or 900 more for the REAL 'real' milestone (LOL) :rolleyes:

  5. My 'caching friend & I found one today that neither of us can find on any database (nor do we know how to do this); we both forgot to get the coords (They're approx. 300' NNW of N34° 31.699 W112° 24.722), but took pics of the pipe cap marker. Markings were:


    [around the outer perimeter of the pipe cap]:


    [inside that]:


    [in the center area]:


    S1 | R1W


    S12 |

    R2W S7


    How can we log this as a find, and more specifically, where do we look?

  6. I'm AeroMechAZ, from Prescott, AZ. My first time here on the forums (at least I think it is; can't remember). Just read the thread, "Little Bugger moved my cache". We seem to be having the same or a similar problem here; someone's apparently been 'complaining' to Groundspeak about various caches in the area, claiming they're either on 'private property', or 'national trust land' or some sort of thing like that; several caches were archived before the CO's had an opportunity to explain themselves and their placements. One, in particular had been at the same spot (Public Property) for several years before this person started complaining, wrongly.


    I/we don't know who this person is, but we'd like to know who they are and why they're complaining and try to get them to stop doing it.


    Just venting here. Probably not the correct thread to put this, so if it isn't, moderator please feel free to move it where it should be.


    Mike B.


  7. The place you really want to move to to be king of the stats is DC, where the top cacher has a MERE 1,085 caches under his belt.


    Yeah, it's not supposed to be about the numbers. Oh well. The numbers game is fun :::shrug:::

    There's a guy locally who's only been caching since the beginning of this year; he's already over the 1900 mark; should hit the 2K mark any time now!

  8. AZHiwayDeptbenchmarkdisk1.jpg




    I tried to find the benchmark on the NGS database, but couldn't, so I emailed the AZ Highway Dept. with photos and they said they had no knowledge of it (duh!! they placed it!). Any suggestions?



  9. Oops, I posted a few times before I saw this thread.


    I'm Jen in central Illinois. I started geocaching three months ago and have almost 50 finds and 5 hides. Sometimes, I almost like hiding more than finding. :laughing: I just really like sharing my favorite stomping grounds with others. I started caching with my teenage brother, and now my 5 year-old loves it, too. Haven't been able to get the hubby too interested yet, but I'm working on him.

    I've been caching on-and-off for several years; have "only" about 60 caches found and just posted my 1st hide the other day; already, 3 or 4 other cachers have found it.


    I got a Veteran friend interested when I got my etrex Legend & gave him my old eTrex H. Got another Veteran friend interested & he went out and bought his own Legend. He also uses it because he's interested in finding local (past) epicenters of earthquakes. Yes, AZ does have earthquakes, albeit small tremlors (Magnitude 3 or smaller).


    How do you handle it when you happen upon a cache, you're sitting there signing the log and a muggle happens by? I normally just explain (in response to their quizzical faces) that I'm playing a game called Geocaching, basics about what it is (high-tech treasure hunt), how to get started (if they're interested) and things of that type.

  10. My name is Waterboss, I'm from Yakima, Wa. Ive been in this sport for almost 2 years and have casually racked up about 89 caches I think. I've enjoyed this game very much.

    Waterboss (Dave)

    I'm Mike_B, I'm waterboss' dad, living in northern AZ; waterboss got me into geocaching, and I've since gotten several others down here interested in the game. Only found about 56 caches in the 5 yrs I've been "playing", and placed my 1st one earlier today ("Cow Pie ?" - GC1Q7KA)

  11. Can you give us the exact error message you get and at what point of the install. I had problems with each install with a couple of computers too.

    A friend of mine is having the same problem with installing that program in his desktop, but he (and I) suspect the CD-ROM drive, too; he's going to see about getting a new drive soon and attempt reinstalling it (Metroguide) after installing the new drive.


    It seems to happen at the 100% point on Disk 2 with (1 of) the Cart_MDR files; specifically which one, I don't know - it says "Error 13xx" (don't remember specifically which one there, either) "file cannot be accessed. Verify that the file is valid and you have access to it" (or words similar to this). The options are to either "Retry" or "Cancel", and if "Cancel" is opted, then it just uninstalls everything back to the 0% point.

    Everything seems to be fine up to this point. That's the same error code and problem I was having originally with my desktop (BTW, I finally got it installed on my desktop, too, and updated via Garmin.com).

  12. I was just curious as to how to format a couple of URL's in my TB's "Mission" page so they will be hyperlinks to the webpage that they describe instead of just letters on the page that people have to copy/paste to get there?

    In the description, enter the following:


    A "less than" sign (<)

    A lower case "a" (a)

    A space ( )

    The phrase (href=)

    The web address within double quotes ("http://www.utahgeocachers.com")

    A "greater than" sign (>)

    The text you want to display as the link (Utah Association of Geocachers)

    A "less than" sign (<)

    A forward slash (/)

    A lower case "a" (a)

    A "greater than" sign (>)


    And this is what it would look like:


    Utah Association of Geocachers

    At the time I posted this, I wasn't familiar with HTML script; I am (a little bit) now, but thank you for the advice anyhow.

  13. I read JageB's topic about teams; what I'd like to know is: I also have a few friends who'd like to form a Team, but is there a way, when I register the Team that all our screen names can be associated with the Team whenever we log a find (or "didn't find", or whatever) - in other words, the find (or whatever) will be associated with not only the Team as a whole, but also with each of us individually?

  14. :blink: Poor wittle AeroTraveler (TB TBHA4W); he was a brave little soul.; made it all the way to 247th Airborne in MN before being picked up in August '05 and then never logged as dropped off somewhere else! :anitongue:


    I logged him as "missing". As soon as I can, I'll "resurrect" him via his "cousin" (the duplicate tag) and give him the same Mission.



  15. I have an older Legend. I've got a computer-to-GPS cord with the serial port on the computer-end, but I'm looking for a place I can getone with a USB end on the computer side, so I can use it with my laptop, which only has USB ports. Either that, or a serial-to-USB adapter somewhere (as inexpensively as possible; I'm not rich)

  16. My apologies to all; I posted this and never followed-up with it. I was able to get the program loaded onto my new machine (a laptop) successfully as well as (at that time) load it again (this time, successfully) onto my old desktop (the one I had when I originally posted this).


    Thank you to those who tried to help back then, and again, my apologies for not responding afterwards.



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