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  1. On 1/3/2021 at 7:23 PM, ComputerSnack said:

    I have been getting this error quite a bit. For me, refreshing the page resolves the issue.

    Refreshing the page does nothing for me except show the error page again.

  2. I've been getting the same error code when I try to submit a location for my 2nd Adventure Lab.  I've tried sending them (HQ) an email but they haven't responded in the several days since (yeah, "typically responds within 24-48 hours", my eye!)

  3. On 11/12/2019 at 12:16 PM, Max and 99 said:

    I'm confused about something.



    Maybe I'm just misdunderstanding, but if I have to geocache two days per week for the duration of the promotion, how can I accomplish that by geocaching six days in a row?

    OK, so if I'm understanding correctly, If my friends and I (WildSpirit-Wolf, FlyBoy7292) go out on each Monday and Tuesday (our only days off from work) and find at least 2 (or more) caches each week, then we can get the Souvenir, right?

  4. I know this is an old thread, but I have sad news......Gary (Burt_Gummer) passed away earlier this year.  Several of his caches have been adopted by other local cachers.  I liked Gary - he will be missed.  He had a mini series of hides called the "Graboid" series - Guess one of them finally got him!

    RIP, Gary/Burt!

  5. I know this is an old thread, but I have sad news......Gary (Burt_Gummer) passed away earlier this year.  Several of his caches have been adopted by other local cachers.  I liked Gary - he will be missed.  He had a mini series of hides called the "Graboid" series - Guess one of them finally got him!

    RIP, Gary/Burt!

  6. 8 hours ago, cerberus1 said:

    The few cacher friends that passed had jokes at their funerals.  I didn't find it disrespectful at all.  That was how they were.  I hope folks have a good time when I'm outta here as well...

    OK, maybe I should rephrase my original a bit - the suggestions can be humorous, as long as they're respectful at the same time.

  7. Curiosity question:
    When someone on Police/Fire departments passes away (or gets killed), they call it their "Last Call".  When an Amateur Radio operator passes, they call it "Silent Key" ("SK").  If someone in the Navy's Submarine Service passes, it's "Forever On Patrol".

    What could we in Geocaching call it (being respectful, of course, no joking) when a Geocacher passes away?  I mention this because we in the northern AZ community recently lost a very nice person with some great caches, Gary Jones ("Burt_Gummer").

    Again, respectful suggestions only.

  8. I'm attempting to remove the "recently viewed" checkmark I had made on my profile settings previously...

    If you're referring to the setting that controls whether the "Recently Viewed Caches" section is displayed on your profile page, that setting was removed some time ago. Other than using third-party software to "tweak" the page manually, there's no way to hide that section at this time.

    .....And this was done because.....????

  9. I'm attempting to remove the "recently viewed" checkmark I had made on my profile settings previously, but the site won't let me scroll down that far in the settings. I can tell there's supposed to be more (shows just above the bottom of the page where the "Contact us", etc links are, but I can't access any further than that.




    Mike Belanger


    Prescott, AZ.

  10. There is a tree stump in front of the abandoned apartment building at 4028 E. Portland Street in Phoenix, AZ. Buried at the base of the stump under the root that points northeast (roughly) is a small metal box with a few things me and my friends put in there…25 years ago. We put it deep enough and close enough to the root that it would be difficult for someone to accidentally find unless the tree was pulled up. It's been cut down, but the stump and its roots remain, therefore the box remains. You'll have to dig deep. It took two 11 year olds and a 9 year old a few hours to dig the hole.


    This box predates geocaching. At the time my friends and I called it just a time capsule. We said we would come and get it when we grew up, but I'm the only one who remembers even burying it (although I don't remember what's inside). None of us live in Phoenix anymore (except for one who I think is in prison) and I want the box retrieved.


    This is one of the worst neighborhoods in the city. It was bad then and still is. If you decide to go looking for it, you might want to get the permission of the apartment complex management and have a police officer nearby. If you find it, let me know ASAP. And be careful digging. The box has been there for 25 years. Google my name and you'll find how to contact me.


    I'm in Prescott, but occasionally, I have to go to the VA Hosp. in PHX for appointments; send me the (approx.) coords (via GC.com) & the next time I'm in that area, I'll go look for it & retrieve it for you.

  11. I used to use TextMarks from my 'dumb' phone (before I upgraded to a smartphone) for logging a cache. Works like Field Notes - in fact, once it's linked to your GC.com account, it uploads them to your Field Notes, but you have to be a Premium Member at GC.com to use it.

  12. Hi all -


    I am pretty new to geocaching but I am totally enjoying it. I have a Magellan eXplorist 310 and an iPhone running the Geocache app. I've been looking at iCaching and MacCaching apps to manage my geocaches. Does anyone have any experience with either of these?


    If so, I'd like to hear your thoughts, pros/cons. I'm wondering if there are any notable differences.




    I use Mac Caching which is super simple if all you want to do is load caches or pocket queries onto your GPS. For anything else I usually use my Windows box to load GSAK. Some people on here have had success loading GSAK using WINE on their Mac but I have yet to try it. It works well in a virtual machine like VMWare Fusion or Parallels.


    Using Maccaching, is it possible to load individual caches to the GPSr (regardless of manufacturer) akin to GSAK on a Windows platform?

  13. My apologies in advance for what is likely a REALLY stupid question. Last week I bought a Garmin eTrex 20 to aid me in my new adventures as a mighty geocacher. I have an iPhone4 with the $10 app and have successfully used it but don't want to continue to do so. I very happily opened my new eTrex 20 and have played with it for awhile. No matter what I do, though, the only map I see is of the entire eastern US with much of the Atlantic Ocean (a 500-800 mile radius around where I live). How am I supposed to find a cache in my own backyard when the only map I see has an arrow pointed to the general vicinity of south Florida?!? Help! How do I get it to show a very specific map of my immediate area?


    Thanks in advance for any help you experts provide!

    Have you tried using the 'zoom' on the GPSr and zooming-in on your current location? Most GPS units default to a specific zoom level when you first turn them on & acquire the satellites. Although I don't own an eTrex 20 and I'm not really familiar with it, based on the photos I see on Garmin's website, I would guess that the zoom buttons are located on the left side, near the top, like they are on the eTrex (Yellow) and the eTrex Legend H & HCx.

  14. Not long ago, I bought a Rino 120 from a fellow cacher; the unit worked fine (normally) for quite a while, despite a cracked screen bezel. When I bought it, they also included the serial cable (4-pin DIN) and the serial-to-USB adapter and the software for it. The software installed in my laptop (or seemed to), but when I plugged in the cable to the adapter (I forgot the manufacturer) and then to my laptop, it wouldn't accept it; wouldn't connect. According to the people I bought it from (yes, they're very trusted cachers; he's also a balloonist & was using it because of the radio), it worked just fine in their computer, running Win 7 - mine has Vista Home Basic.


    I've since sent the unit in to Garmin for out-of-warranty repairs (replace the screen & antennas), but as I said, I misplaced the original serial cable (I still have the adapter, though).


    Are there any serial-to-USB adapters out there that I could get (I've since 'misplaced' the original serial cable, so I'll have to get another one of those, too) that would be compatible with USB 2.0 (my laptop's pretty old - Acer Aspire 5315)?


    Mike Belanger


    Prescott, AZ.

  15. Hi I have a location that list the following as it's location:

    GPS Info. (Latitude, Longitude):

    39.55139, -88.62222 How do I convert this to the format my Garmin GPS uses Nxx°xx.xxx Wxx°xx.xxx.

    Is this 39.55139 degrees and seconds?

    WGS84 style for your GPSr:



    the "-88.xxxxxxx" means WEST longitude


    I hope that helps you!


    Mike Belanger

  16. So my daughter is turning 3 in 2 weeks and I am crash coursing this whole geocashing thing.


    Very confusing what GPS I should get. I am willing to spend $300 or more maybe. The Geocaching Jr. concept seemed interesting because it is only $70 and who knows how much time we will be doing this. But I read that the updates stopped Dec 31, 2011. Then I have read mixed things about updates coming back recently.


    Can anybody tell me if the GeoCaching Jr. has update capabilities now?


    Also if anybody has any advice about a good GPS in particular I am all ears. I realize this is perhaps the ultimate newbie question, but I have spent about 3 hours on this and don't have forever to buy as her bday is coming up soon. There amount of GPSs are overwhelming and I read so many different things it is hard to get a proper mental consensus on what is good to get.


    I don't really feel like spending $600 on something and then only use a few times. The $70 investment seemed like a good deal and if kid/wife like the concept I can upgrade for Xmas and keep one in the car or whatever.


    Anyway, any advice on the geocaching Jr. would be helpful.


    I also note that the geo Jr. does not have maps and my daughter like maps because of Dora the Explorer so that is something to consider as well.


    There are just so many GPSs out there it is very confusing.

    I think you mean the "Geomate, Jr." from Apisphere. I have one, too, for whenever I happen to be caching with friends who have (a) young child(ren) along. I don't know this for a fact, but the last I heard is that Apisphere is no longer (as of August, I think) providing updates for the unit. It does not have maps, and it only displays Traditional Caches, not Multi's, Puzzle/Mysteries, or any other types of caches.

    I originally started with a $100 Garmin eTrex (yellow); it's a basic unit and doesn't support additional maps either, but it's inexpensive and will help to get you (and your daughter) your first few finds (mine got me to around 150 or so before I was able to upgrade to a slightly more expensive unit, the eTrex Legend [blue case]).

  17. I am using a macbook pro and I put windows on it so I could use gsak well I did not like using it that way and I have had no luck getting anyone to write a program like gsak for the mac .

    now I am looking for some thing small and with a usb port and have IE so it can run the api on geocaching page any thoughts anyone thanks.

    I have an iMac and I just found a nice app for it that seems to work (almost) exactly like GSAK does on Windows. It's called (DUH!) "iCache"; it's a $15 app from the App Store. I'm still learning how to use it on the Mac, but so far it has a number of GSAK's same features (cache page lookup, description lookup, etc.)

  18. I've never played Wherigo, I've been just a 'plain' 'cacher, but I got the app on both my iPad2 (WiFi-only) and my iPhone 3G (also WiFi-only at the moment; no phone service). It seems that the closest ones are 50+ miles away, mostly in the Phoenix area. I'm about 99 miles NNW of there and about 85 miles SSW of Flagstaff. Since I've never played, I don't really know how to create one, otherwise, I'd do that in this area (known locally as "Ravenland Geo-Amusement Park" - LOL) so others here also do Wherigo's.


    If I have the apps on the iPhone/iPad AND on my GPSr (Garmin GPSMap 60CSx), would the 2 or 3 of them combined allow me to play?


    Mike B.


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