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  1. Hi, may be you can e-mail the owner and ask him to delete the answers to your questions from his listing. I've seen quite often that an earthcache is "linked" with a regular or multi cache and sometimes they are even refer to each other (see GCQZW6 and GC1V3X5 or GCYQ1M and GC1A9F2). And I personally like that and I'm even especially searching for such places because you can visit the earthcache location and search for another one too what is more interesting for our kids than just looking some stones.... Regards, Hannibal
  2. Hello, I've got following information regarding new system start from "earthcache.org": "The date for submitting EarthCaches has been pushed back to the 1st of January. Please keep your proposal until that time. Geoaware" I could'nt belive that someone want to do the changes at new years day and now we've weekend. So I think / hope the new system will be started on monday or tuesday because I've two new earthcaches waiting to be listed... Greets, Hannibal
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