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  1. Ok thanks for the info. So basicly, don't bother with these ones.. Lisa
  2. Hi, I found a survey marker next to a cache. Do these count? and how do you log them if they can be logged. Lisa weberslv@cox.net
  3. Hi, can anyone help me drop my Vegas Chips TB in the pittsburgh area? I was in for a visit and ran out of time. Only could find 2 and needed to find 3 to drop all of my Vegas bound TB's. Blackjack TB and Pair-O-Dice TB are there somewhere and already on their way home. Any help would be apreciated...
  4. I'm so new, that I didn't even think of that...DUH!!!
  5. Thanks for the info..I didn't look it up because I'm still not sure on where and how to do the benchmarks yet..I'm learning new stuff everyday. Thanks! Hey I'm from pittsburgh!! Mckees Rocks to be specif.. Not sure of the co-ordinates. Haven't been back with my new toy yet.. Lisa
  6. Hi, I'm a newbie..I did find 5 caches yesterday for my first time out..Any how, I have this disk in front of my house and my husband said it's for the GPS. Is it a benchmark? Geocaching Pictures Thanks for looking. Lisa
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