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  1. WOW what a holiday we spent in Benidorm Spain for three weeks and yes it added a new country to my list - all three of them We managed to find just about half the caches there. The Easy ones were Punta Canafi and Benidorm Highlights a little less easy was the series which required you to visit 12 of the tallest Skyscrapers solve the riddle and then trek off up into the Sierra Cortina to find the FINAL cache of the series Some of the caches were in overly populated muggle infested areas and were very difficult to get even though we could tell where the hiding places were so we made good use of my mobility scooter and Stephanie's (MRSMadcaravanner) bike as a hide To everyone who hid caches here thank you for the challenges although some of you are just plain EVIL LOL But I would rather add CITIES than countries this vacation we had a choice of over 50 caches in just the one area covering just a few square miles Next Year we are still going to Spain but a different city for three weeks and who knows where else
  2. OK I'm not sure about android Phones here in the UK I use a Nokia N97 this AFAIK is NOT Android but whatever S60 is compared to the Iphone would appreciate info as to what App/widget I can downlaod to geocache
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