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  1. It was recently mentioned in facebook which was why I was enquiring thanks.
  2. Do they have a website? The only reference I have seen is geogems.us but this doesn't exist nor does geogems.com
  3. Is it possible to award a favorite point to a cache after writing and submitting a log? I have tried to re-edit the log but there does not seem to be anything ther. It appears that you can only add a favorite point at the time of writing your initial log. Is this a hard fact or not?
  4. Sense says it's time to stop watching this. It's turning into the usual he said she said.
  5. I guess in many cases it will end up as code exchange game (in order to earn the icon cheaply which is certainly quite a temptation for cachers in areas where no lab caches have been available). I think the idea is to send it to a friend, not much else. I will be sending one to thank Nomad for walking Darcy and Max whilst I've spent the last two weeks in hospital.
  6. None of this waffle is helpful. Either there is a link or an app or there's not. If not make an announcement to kill all this speculation.
  7. Is that a drinking house, then maybe there is an excuse. Maybe the computers have been drinking as well.
  8. Neither do I. Seattle is still sleeping. Big party after the Super Bowl? I tried to find incuding the special "smartphone app" but still can't find it. Plenty of what it's about, but nothing to help create one
  9. It would be helpful if you told us your location.
  10. Try Pete and Tracey from The Podcache Show. Do an o/l search or join their facebook group (The Podcache Show). They are based in Lincoln.
  11. The size of a micro generally is regarded as a 35mm film canister. Where you are located for someone to help? Regards Peter
  12. That's all very well but I use windows and android. I use chrome as a browser. The problem is the same on both. I'm not sure but I don't think the android uses java.
  13. I haven't figured out how to add a local image (picture of failed map loading) but maps were still not working using Tesco' s free wifi service, today.
  14. It can't soley be a router problem (if at all). I have the same problems at home, at a friend's, using Vodafone mobile and at a pub I go to for an event once a month.
  15. I have a problem with maps as well. The maps freeze when I pan across. I just get blanks. I also get the maps but no caches on them, this is when selecting view larger map. I am also finding the website either freezes and / or times out saying the web page may have moved.
  16. I'm having the same problems. It started with the appearance of a corrupt database. This continued even though I restored it to a database written by another computer which didn't have the problems. I deleted all of GSAK on this computer but then I found I couldn't access GSAK.net to download a clean version of GSAK. I do hope it will be up and running soon.
  17. Many thanks, This works well. Peter
  18. I would like to know if there is a way to use a wild card for searching for caches. At the moment it seems that if I create a pocket query, say Blind Side -*. It seems I only get returns of caches named Blind Side - * not as I would expect Blind Side - The Post or Blind Side - Round the Back. Normally if I do a search anywhere else using * would return anything that starts with Blind Side - Is there another wild card I should be using? Regards Peter
  19. I was wondering if there was going to be another competition.
  20. I'm happy to give a hand and tips to any newbies in the Surrey area. Just drop me an e-mail. Regards Peter
  21. Motorway Mayhem J14 M25 - Thirsty? GCXZNT Desperate for a calender cache as I had already DNF'd a couple in St. Albans I found this just at dusk on my way home
  22. Hi BrazenRaisin, I might have missed it but if I did I'm sorry. No one seems to have said that if you are struggling try emailing someone that has already found it, especially as you are a beginner. If another cacher wants to give you a hint all well and good. I struggled recently to find a new cache, it took several days for anyone to find it and that was only found (FTF) with hints from the cache owner. I had three attempts and after the CO archived it. I did have it on my watchlist and I got a message (because I forgot to remove it from the watch list) the a previous finder had looked in passing and it was still there. I went out and found it but not without hints from that person. The CO is (I think) trying to get it un-archived. As a CO myself, if the cache has already been found, I have no qualms about giving extra hints to any cacher. Regards Peter
  23. Now listed as http://www.web-tex.co.uk/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=1388
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