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  1. My experience is that once you get used to using CacheSense you will never go back! I've also found that the BB with CacheSense is every bit as good as top of the line GPS units.
  2. Plus CacheSense is the first third party app to use the Geocaching Live API - which means you get all the immediate access to cache information you get with the Groundspeak apps and much much more. I use a Blackberry Bold with CacheSense and am having a very difficult time finding a 'real' GPS that is just as good. Just make sure you get yourself an Otterbox Defender case - it keeps the BB nice and safe.
  3. Only ten days left to submit your ideas for the 2011 NZ Recreational GPS Society Geocoin competition.
  4. Deaf Aotearoa have come up with a way of signing Geocaching.
  5. Ever wondered what stage of geocacher evolution you're at? Geocacher Stages of Evolution
  6. Just wondering if anyone happens to know where the worlds most remote Geocache is located?
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