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  1. I just recently got the Garmin Venture HC as well. Still on my first set of batteries. Much better than trying to find something with my car's Nuvi 255W. I got it new for $116 including shipping so the price was right. Enjoy your new hobby!
  2. Hello, I am travelling to Stratford on a Business trip and was wondering if anyone had any TB's or coins they would like to move out to the Western US. Please let me know as I can trade. Thanks for reading. boiler-todd
  3. I will be heading to Suwon City south of Seoul for business at the end of May. I would love to drop off/trade some TBs (if you have any you need to go back to the states) and do a cache or two if you are staying in this area. Thanks, boiler-todd
  4. I am recently new to Geocaching. I went to my first event where I saw many people with binders and plastic sleeves to store their cool looking coins. Are these just standard coin type protective sleeves. If so, are there any recommendations on the best ones to use and which places to get these sleeve relatively cheap?
  5. My son is a Boy Scout so his Council created a coin. We bought one to set loose and one to keep. The Council to the south also made a coin that was cool so we bought that one too. These are our first coins that we kept. We have passed other peoples between caches and have just the one of our own in the field.
  6. Hello, I am wondering if there is any geocachers in the Suwon City area. I am travelling there for a few days on business. I would like to trade some Travel Bugs and even like to find a cache or two. Anyone like to trade a TB or coin? boiler-todd
  7. Happy New Year from the Salt Lake City, Utah area. May 2010 bring you full caches and never ending finds.
  8. Found 3 of the 5 I was looking for. Did the ones by the shopping center and mall as they were closed yesterday so no muggles. One DNF was just a piece of twine so I think it got muggled. The other DNF is confusing me as others found it last week. Maybe too much snow plowed around it. I couldn't follow the footprints as they were all over the place. Merry Christmas!!
  9. Ok, so I am looking for some good T-shirt slogans for Geocaching. Have any of you come across any good ones == That can be printed. After all this is a family game. I have seen "I'm not lost, I'm Geocaching" for example. Happy Holidays!!!
  10. I believe you have to become a Premium Member to have that feature.
  11. I am Day 2 into Geocaching. Found some Geocoins already which is very cool. I have been using my Garmin Nuvi 255W GPS that I have for my car. I can download Caches coordinates from GC.com so that is good. Right now I am batting about 75% on finding the caches I am looking for. I think some are muggled but I am wondering is a handheld unit more accurate than the one I use in my car? What are peoples' suggestions as far as if I should purchase a handheld. Thanks!
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