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  1. Tomorrow will be a week. I am surprised it is not there yet. It must be hard for the pony express rider to get over the Rockies from Utah. Let me know if you don't see anything by the end of the week and I will put another package together. Thanks.
  2. Whoops!! My bad with the typo. I must be dyslexic. sorry.
  3. Sign-up: 04.30.11 Name received: 05.15.11 Package sent: 06.02.11 Package received: 05.31.11 Going out tomorrow. Sorry for the delay. I was on vacation.
  4. Got my package yesterday from Alaumos. Thanks very much for the coin and Summer items. Got an awesome foldable butterfly geocoin to keep and a NASA space shuttle coin to hopefully travel from Utah to Kennedy Space Center. Thanks for the cool coin.
  5. I understand these will be over $30 to the US.
  6. How about 3.14.11? (had a typo - put 4 instead of 14 - corrected)
  7. Got mine on Saturday. Very nice... It was my first club coin.
  8. Whoever is keeping the list to send outside AUS and NZ, please add me to the list. What do you expect the price to the USA?
  9. I see lights in the sky. I hope it is Mr. Gray coming. Don't be scared of the F-16 jets from the nearby Air Force base. Use your stealth. Hope to see you soon...
  10. Funny, one of the Sharks actually gave the family money for a share of their business pending on the patent. The parents could have easily researched tracking coins on the internet or eBay to know that they will not get a patent.
  11. If Mister Grey came for a visit, I would take him to Area 51. Well as close as I can get without a sniper shooting at me. I would like to see if Mister Grey could wake some of his family. We are not alone!!
  12. I sent an email to order one antique silver with shiny gold and one mystery tri-color. I haven't received an email to confirm or a PayPal invoice. Can you check. Thanks!
  13. email sent Sign-up: 04.30.11 Name received: Package sent: Package received: I like Egyptian or Alien themes. Really the Egyptians came from Aliens anyway. How else do you think the pyramids were built?
  14. email sent - Got to have one of those mysterious tri-colored ships.
  15. Your webpage only shows the Nickel coins are left. Does your sets include all three types? Are they still $30?
  16. I also would like the mystery three tone coin and a Black Nickel with Copper Ring. If you are preordering, please add me to the list. Awesome UFOs. I'm sorry I was late on the original sets. Noticed a few popping up on eBay.
  17. I signed up for the Geocoin Club today. Can you make sure to take a payment so I can get this coin in May. Thanks.
  18. Got my Fire and Sapphire today. COOL!
  19. I live near Salt Lake City, UT. 1. Can fish/boat in the morning then travel 30 miles and ski into May or go to the desert Salt Flats 2. Good Universities - Utah, Utah State, Weber State, BYU (and Jimmer Fedette) 3. Camping and Hiking at 5 National Parks and 33 State Parks
  20. Yes they stated the patent is pending and their deal was contingent on the patent becoming theirs. I don't think they can get a patent with sites like GC tracking items. Be interesting to see how it turns out.
  21. I believe there is a Facebook page for Utah Geocaching. Does anyone know what that is and can post it for us?
  22. Got my coin today. Thanks - looks great.
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