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  1. Was out for a while for a death in the family. It was nice to come home to two packages of goodies. Thanks Team Romeo and Team Scruffy N' Us. Here are some of the goodies I got plus my new coins. My dogs Happy and Binky got some of the items before I could get pictures of them. THANKS! (Woof Woof!)
  2. I went to Dale n Barb's website looking for a Boy Scout coin. I noticed they had the Snoopy coin on their site in stock too. Snoopy is under $22. I ordered one with the Boy Scout coin and a Space Shuttle coin. Got all three today. Shipping from Florida to Utah in three days. Wow, that was fast. Coins look GREAT! Search Space Coast Geocaching Store for their site.
  3. Mission packets ready to mail on Monday. Names sent: 5-16-12 Names received: 7-10-12 Mission Sent: 7-16-12 Mission Received
  4. Can you post a list of the locations taking part in the 12-12-12 event. I may not be in Utah in December and I would like to see what else is available that I can make plans for. Thanks!
  5. Sorry to hear about your computer troubles. Been there. Know how it feels. I hope you are also feeling in better health. Names sent: 5-16-12 Names received: 7-10-12 Mission Sent: Mission Received
  6. This is me begging... With the new Dark Knight coming out in a few weeks, I would really like to see one of these coins in person. THANKS!
  7. Hi All, Where we at with this Pet Mission? I haven't seen any emails about who to send to. Thanks.
  8. I would like to have a list sent to me as well. Are they unactivated?
  9. Hi All, I will be at a local hotel near the Detroit airport on Thursday night/early Friday morning (July 5/6, 2012) and I have 5 or 6 Travellers I got in Canada and from Utah. I would like to trade for some that have been in the Midwest too long before I head back to Utah. I can't seem to find any TB hotels near the airport anymore. Can anyone meet me at the hotel for a quick exchange? Send me an email. Thanks, Boiler-Todd.
  10. Hi - What does the BSA Eagle Scout geocoin look like?
  11. Congrats GATOULIS!! It was nice to even be considered for the coin. I really didn't know where I was going with my story until it was finished. This was really fun for the imaagination. Thanks for running this Cointest.
  12. Time for another Guess. 974
  13. second guess 2306. Thanks!
  14. 1894 sounds good to me. Thanks!
  15. My two dogs. Happy: Binky: You can tell she is excited to do a Mission.
  16. I'd like to enter two times for both my dogs. Pets name and type: Happy - He is a 10 year old long-hair red, brown, and black miniature Dachshund. He loves treats. Not much into fetching. He is just too laid back. Name sent: 5-16-12 Name received: Mission Sent: Mission Received: Pets name and type: Binky - She is a six year old Bichon Frise. This spunky white Froo-Froo dog love to eat anything and loves to play. Name sent: 5-16-12 Name received: Mission Sent: Mission Received: I will add pictures this weekend. By the way both dogs love Alien (Space), Dragon, and Egyptian coins.
  17. I'm stuck in a hotel room on a business trip so I had time to ponder. Here's my story... Actually, an Egyptian artisan had an apprentice learning to make mirrors. The apprentice made a bunch of bad mirrors as he was learning. He took the bad mirrors and placed them outside the shop standing upright on the side of the building. As the noon sun hit the group of mirrors, an alien invasion force saw the really bright light reflecting off the mirrors. They took that bright light as a signal. They beamed down acrossed from the mirrors to investigate. As the aliens walked by each mirror, their reflections showed a different deformed head. One had an elongated head, one like a mushroom, and other shapes. Similar to a fun house of mirrors at a carnival. These deformed heads scared the aliens so much that they beamed back to their ships and left orbit. There was no way they could defeat an enemy so ugly. The artisan saw all the grotesque heads in the mirrors and painted them in the pyramid being built nearby. The head paintings were discovered in a recent archeology dig and are now being placed on geocoins. boiler-todd (Boy I have too much time on my hands.)
  18. I am out of town April 21-25. BTW I am wondering what someone does wrong to get sent to Woodstock/Straford twice. Its a joke folks...relax. It's top secret why I am in the area. Really I am visiting my sister plant in Stratford. Staying in Woodstock as it is close the 401. I will be back for three weeks April 16 through May 4. I will switch my TBs in Utah and bring a fresh set back here at that time. I should have nine or ten to trade.
  19. Sorry no. I am working in Stratford and then heading towards Windsor to catch a flight out of Detroit. Thanks tho! I will be back in two weeks. If you still have them. Maybe we can hook up then. Boiler-Todd.
  20. Sorry - Didn't know that. I am in Woodstock in Ontario.
  21. What ever happened to the Detroit (DTW) TB Hotels? I need to trade some coming in from Utah. Thanks!
  22. Hi all, I am in from Utah staying in Woodstock. I have five TBs to trade. All the local hotels do not have any bugs in them. I would like to take some travellers back to Utah. I will be here till Tuesday night. Just post here if you have anything to trade. Thanks!
  23. Dale and Barb - Are you planning on getting any more of the Snoopy Geocoins? I really would like one and your site is out of stock. I'm an assistant scout master and am planning on doing a caching event to help my local scouts with the newer Geocaching Merit Badge. It would be cool to have this coin to display with my scouting coins. Thanks!
  24. 71,111 Live Long and Prosper... Oh, Wait. Wrong show.
  25. The world is set to end on Friday, 12/21/2012. Is anyone planning on an event for that Friday night? Anyone making a special coin for the occasion. I might buy one on 12/22. Just want to make sure we are still around before I waste my money by not being able to enjoy the coin if the world ends.
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