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  1. Just curious. I thought the idea of mystery coins were that they were to be sent out anyomously and not to be sold. If they are not wanted any longer they should just be forwarded on to others anyomously.


    Let the debate begin...



  2. Email Sent: 11/9/2014

    Name Received: 11/23/2014

    Mission Sent: 12/9/2014

    Mission Arrived: ????

    Mission Recieved: 12/17/2014


    Thank you Allied02 (Craig, Tanya, Hunter, and Brooke). My new friends from Down Under. When your card said you were going for a swim because it was in the mid 30's, I was like they are crazy. Then I realized that was celsius, not farenheight. Duh - Upper 80's (farenheight) makes more sense. :blink:


    Happy Holidays!!




  3. Hi all.


    To complete my alphanumeric list, I need a cache placed by a Cacher Name starting with the number "8". I mistakenly said "6" in an earlier post. I live in the Toledo, Ohio, area. Does anyone know of a cache within 100 miles of Toledo that I can get to fill out my challenge? Thanks for your help.



  4. EMAIL SENT: 9/6/14

    NAME RECIEVED: 9/23/14

    MISSION SENT: 10/9/14

    MISSION ARRIVED: 10/12/14

    MISSION RECIEVED: 10/28/14





    Thank you Lady Bee4T for the candy, coin, and trinkets. I really laughed at the card. My Mission is now complete and the candy is already gone. Bummer!




    Here is a close up of the coin. Thanks again.



  5. Hi.


    I download to my handheld and my Garmin Nuvi LM40. It says it saved to the Garmin. Even when I try to download a second time it asks me if I want to overwrite the file. However, when I try to find this cache under my Favorites. It doesn't show. When I drive by the area near the cache there is no treasure chest icon on my map screen. I am up to date on all my software upgrades. In fact, I think this starting happening after the most recent upgrade. Any suggestions on how to view my downloaded caches? THANKS,



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