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  1. So they obviously don't list every change/fix they make in these updates. It would seem then that one needs to check out their particular issue with each update to see if it's been fixed, rather than relying on the list given.
  2. True enough. I was more interested in the general ability to go backwards with a firmware update. I assume if it's possible with one GPSr it's probably reversible with another as long as one finds the correct version.
  3. If you are using a Vista HCx, there is a link to chipset 2.50 available in another thread on this board. If you are going to backdate, go to that, not 2.60. I've got a Colorado 300. But it seems like this is reversible from your comment. Thanks.
  4. Is a chipset upgrade reversible in case things don't go well?
  5. I received a reply from Garmin today and they said that "This will be fixed in the next Colorado release." I must say I'm quite pleased with Garmin and their response to this issue.
  6. I spoke with a Garmin tech support representative this morning. He was quite helpful and knowledgeable and obviously knew his way around the Colorado. The only thing left to try from Garmin's point of view that I had not tried yet was a master reset. We did this but it didn't change anything and the map colors are unchanged. I emailed him links to the screen shots and to this forum thread. He had a look and could see the issue clearly. He passed them on to the engineers at Garmin to have a look at. He was interested in g-o-cachers note about the issue being present and fixed on the Oregon and suspects (like we do) that it is a software issue. He promised to follow up within a week or two once he has heard back from the engineers. I'll post back once I've got an update from Garmin.
  7. That's not the case. I have a CO 400t and CN 2009 (not NT) and I does not look like his Thanks both for your input. I wonder if this is an CN 2009 NT issue. I added CN NA 2008 NT to may mapset and it looks fine. 2009 NT still looks poor. So I don't think it is related to my other maps that are loaded to the device. I think I'll contact Garmin this week to see what they have to offer. Here's a couple of screen shots of the same location with 2009 NT first and 2008 NT second. City Navigator NT 2009 City Navigator NT 2008 Cheers.
  8. Actually you can turn off the base map through Map->Options->Select Map and then uncheck that map. I'm starting to wonder if one of my other map sets installed on my PC is conflicting with this somehow. I wonder if MapSource gets some data from other maps I have mixed up with the City Navigator maps and pushes a corrupted map set out to the GPSr. I'll check into that and maybe uninstall some of my other maps. Or maybe CN 2009 didn't get installed properly. I know when I installed it to the PC it wanted to put the maps directly on my GPSr and I had to find a .msi installer file in some sub folder to get it to install to the PC. I wonder if it's important to have all the Garmin programs/maps/etc. all in the same folder. I think over time Garmin products have been installed in different places just using their defaults. Eg. C:\Program Files\Garmin for some and C:\Garmin for others. Questions, questions. Anyway, have to leave town now for a while. I'll play around with it some more next week and report back. Thanks everyone for your replies, they've been very helpful. Cheers.
  9. Well isn't that interesting. I have the basemap on the GPSr but it is not being displayed. How does one remove the base map from the GPSr? Maybe that is an experiment worth trying. Thanks for the post. Tells me I should eventually find a solution to this issue.
  10. Sorry I forgot to mention the coordinates: If you were to center a screen shot around N 50° 52.900 W 114° 01.300 that would get you pretty close to the shot I had.
  11. Thanks myotis for your comments. Very interesting that we see different things. Do you have the NT version of 2009 or the non-NT version? All my other maps are disabled. I had to learn how to post a picture last night too. You have to have a picture loaded to some other website and then add a link to it in your post by clicking on the little tree icon at the top of the box when you're making your entry. I used photobucket.com, created an accounted, and uploaded my screen shot. Then it gives you a link for the picture that you can easily post into the entry box when you add an image. In case you're not familiar you get a screen shot by pressing and holding the right hand button on the front of the GPSr. It places a .bmp file in the 'scrn' folder (or something like that) on the GPSr. Thanks again for your help.
  12. @myotis: I've tried that but it makes no difference with CN 2009. With other maps I have it does indeed change things. @g-o-cachers: Software version 2.7 and it also displayed like this using version 2.6. I'm going to try a test and also put City Navigator 2008 and North America City Select 6 on the GPSr and see what they look like. City Select had much nicer colors when I had it on the GPSr in the past but that was back with software 2.4 or 2.5x. I had CN 2008 on the GPSr for a time while waiting for the 2009 disc to come by mail. But I made that map change and a software change while away on vacation where the colors apparently showed okay at my vacation spot. Once I got home the colors were as you see in my screen shot. Just figures - made too many changes at once and now have to do some sleuthing to sort it out. But we're heading out of town again for a bit so I'll report back next week with the results of my tests. Regarding your earlier post with points 1 - 3: none of those work for me. In automotive mode I get the different perspective but still that mustard colored background. Land cover and map shading changes made no difference. I wonder if it makes a difference between a 300 and 400 model. Could there be a difference between the regular and NT versions of the City Navigator maps? I have the NT version. Could someone post a screen shot of their GPSr with the nicer colored background? If it's not too much trouble could you zoom into the Calgary, AB Canada area so I've got an apples to apples comparison with mine. Thank you. Cheers and thanks for the ideas.
  13. Thanks for all the input but none of it changes anything. I had already done many of the items suggested and tried the couple I hadn't. Still can't get the background color to change. The only way I can get a white background is to turn the City Navigator map off and have one of the other maps on. In Mapsource (version 6.13.7) the background color in the city limits is gray and rural areas are white. Here's a screen shot of what I'm talking about on the GPSr. The yellow area is within the city limits. The lighter color is outside the city limits. I'd like to be able to get rid of the yellow and have something similar to the rural area. Any other thoughts? Do others see this? My only other thought is there is something going on between different map sets and maybe there is some conflict. I did load only City Naviagor to the GPSr and got rid of the other maps but no change. Thanks again.
  14. I've got a Colorado 300 and have City Navigator North America NT 2009 loaded on it. In our city the map background color is yellow-green color. I find it difficult to see and would prefer a white or off white background like I get when outside of the city. Is there any way to change the background map color? I've gone through the menus as best I can and I can get a blue background if I turn on marine colors. I don't think it's any better though. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  15. We too receive emails when a TB or coin we own is retrieved or discovered but we don't receive any when the TB or coin is dropped. For items on our watchlist we seem to get email notifications for all events.
  16. I have also had several shut downs but I think it is due to maps. I installed 2.6, did some driving and some caching and navigating and all was well. We got to a new geographic area around Seattle and the unit shut down repeatedly. I am using North America City Select version 6 on a Colorado 300. We are staying very near the boundary of two map segments. I switched back to version 2.54 and had the same problem. Switched back to 2.6 and still had the problem. Turned off City Select and turned on the base map and it stayed on just fine with no shut downs. Once we get a mile or two away from the map boundary the GPSr stayed on no problem with City Select on. So I think our shutting down problem is actually a map issue and not a firmware issue.
  17. I had the issue of disappearing caches with firmware 2.51. But it didn't happen all the time. I wondered at one point if it was connected to loading waypoints at the same time. Sometimes when I copied gpx files and sent waypoints to the GPSr with Mapsource in the same session caches would disappear but the child waypoints and other waypoints were always there. I think I've narrowed it down to gpx file size but I can't say for sure that it isn't related to waypoints loading at the same time. Do you have child waypoints in your gpx file?
  18. It's totally useable. We have a Colorado 300 that is great. It's not perfect, but neither is my Windows computer, or my PDA, or my car, or my ... IMHO, one has to be careful with forums and not use them as your only source of info. Forums by their nature are negative. People generally come to forums because they are having problems and are looking for solutions. And because a lot of money has just been spent and things are not quite right, emotions start to rise. So by their very nature you're going to get a negative bias. Before we bought our unit we asked at the store we bought it from how many returns they were seeing. They said that at first they had quite a few returns but by the time we bought ours they were getting no more of these back than any other electronic device they sell. My 2 cents.
  19. I tried a test with the 2.54 firmware and confirmed that there is still a limit to the file size. I copied 4 gpx files to the Colorado 300. These 4 files were generated by GSAK and were from 4 databases that are geographically sepaarate so there are very few overlapping caches. The files all had distinct file names. The files were created with unlimited logs per cache. There was a total of 1445 caches and 283 child waypoints. The total file size was 18.2 MB for all 4 files. I started the GPSr and none of the caches appeared. None. I recreated the GPX files with unique file names using 5 logs per cache (like a pocket query). There were the same number of caches and child waypoints, only fewer logs per cache. The total size of all 4 files was 7.2 MB. After loading these files all the geocaches appear fine. Long story short ... better stick to gpx file sizes less than 8 or 10 MB. If you're losing caches you might want to check your gpx file sizes.
  20. Yes. We did some testing and the 8 to 10 MB is the range. It seems like it isn't just 8 - 10 MB per file but 8 - 10 MB worth of new gpx files that get loaded at the same time. You can read about it at this GSAK thread. Since we've kept our total new batch of files less than 8 MB we've been good. This was all done with firmware version 2.51. We haven't tried anything new experiments with version 2.54 so it may have changed. There is mention in the Garmin documentation that the total number of gpx files allowed has increased to 200, so maybe there is a change in the file size too.
  21. Updated to 2.54 beta today on a Colorado 300. All went fine. No power issues at all. I'm using Spanner mode and it asks every time whether to enter mass storage mode or not. Select yes and it connects fine. Tried it in the cache mobile with a car adapter. This time selected 'no' for mass storage mode and it went right to the map screen. I can confirm the delete waypoint crash and the spell geocache bug where the filtered list disappears. The text entry when logging a cache as found is very nice. We visited two caches and dropped off 3 TB's and picked up another. Very handy to note what was left and picked up. I wouldn't want to do a long log entry but a few numbers or letters for a TB is a good thing. When using field notes to post a log at gc.com it puts that note right in the comments section of the log. Very nice. I'm planning a call to Garmin tech support next week about the two bugs. Since these are easily reproducible a few phone calls from some users ought to get a fix in the next release. Probably shouldn't assume that Garmin follows these topics. edit to add: I connect the GPSr to the computer with the GPSr turned off. Connecting the device turns it on and asks whether to enter mass storage mode or not.
  22. Maybe this explains why the recent firmware releases for the Colorado are beta releases. Maybe they're beta releases for the Oregon with the touch screen business removed so they work on the Colorado. Maybe a non-beta firmware for the Colorado will arrive the same time the Oregon goes on sale. If all these musings are correct this could be good news for Colorado owners. If the firmware is essentially the same except for the touch screen stuff maybe one could expect the Colorado firmware to improve and expand over time as it will for the Oregon.
  23. I've got a case where I have missing caches from loading only one GPX file. I copied my GPX file that includes child waypoints to the GPSr. While it was connected to the computer I sent one waypoint from MapSource to the GPSr. When I turned the GPSr on there were caches missing. It was easy to spot because they were closest caches to home and some were randomly missing. I reconnected the GPSr to the computer and recopied the GPX file. Turned on the GPSr and had the same problem. However, I could tell that it didn't reload the GPX file since it started up too fast. So I reconnected, deleted the GPX file and again copied the same GPX file, but now with a new name. Turned the GPSr on, waited while the GPX file loaded and everything showed up just fine. I check the first 20 or so caches against GSAK and all is well. I didn't check beyond that but it seems okay. It appears the issue is in loading waypoints and not GPX files per se. Since my GPX file had child waypoints and the MapSource send was a waypoint, it appears that loading waypoints causes trouble. I'm going to send this information to Garmin in an email. This needs to be fixed.
  24. The other day while navigating to a cache in geocaching mode the map screen shifted to "North Up" mode. I always have it on "Track Up" mode and I had to go to the map setup to change it back. To be clear I was not using the "Go To Location" option. I used Shortcuts, Geocaching, selected a cache, and started to follow the arrow on the map screen. I'm curious, is there a certain button or button combination that I inadvertantly pushed that caused this to happen? Or is this a bug? I see a similar kind of issue in the "FAQ/Issues list but not this specifically. Thanks. Colorado 300, Firmware Version 2.4
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