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  1. Finding the box is a "game" the only reward is the fun of playing. Congratulations to you for finding it. Can you please put it back exactly where you found it so that others will be able to find it later. //signed// Nivad
  2. I searched around the forum but couldn't find anything of the sort -- so I'd like to start a new topic. Ideas/recommendations for new enhancements to the site. My own idea is a new log type or user configuration for blocking an individual cache. The idea would be similar to the watchlist, only in reverse. I would allow the cache listing to be totally ignored in pocket queries and the other listings. I for one have come across a cache or two which I know I will never attempt. For example the one that had death wish written all over it (150 foot vertical climb up loose rocks); glad it has finally been archived. //signed// Nivad
  3. I've heard of a gold bar once. I also know of someone getting a benjamin. Personally, I think the best was a microcoin
  4. Yeah, but Greece is so much, um, Greece-ier. On a seriuos note, I agree wholeheartedly. Many of us here on Okinawa travel to other parts of Asia on a regular basis, and it would be nice to be able to network with other cachers in Asia...Hmmm; sounds like a "demonstrated need." I would say on the average the asian cacher typically ignores or doesn't post to the forum. That would likely be the deciding factor. If we post more often then the area will require its own list -- just to separate the traffic
  5. You selected two choice which exclude one another That: 'I haven't found' 'I have found' You must choose one selection only or the query will remain empty. v/r, nivad
  6. Nivad


    Your gps will work anywhere on the planet as long as you have good reception. Depending on where your going to go you may have some issues though... In Tokyo & Osaka for instance you will often have signal error due to the receive signals bouncing off of the tall buildings in certain areas (downtown). In Okinawa and other wooded areas signal reception can be limited due to the overhead brush (trees). If you have a mapping device like the Garmin 60 or 76 then adding the maps which other people have noted can be helpful. Just keep in mind that those maps are in no way perfect so you might find yourself off course on roads or near the sea when you use the map functions. Have fun, nivad
  7. Very energetic. So what is the problem with this idea? Nothing that I can tell.
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