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  1. Lissie







    Just a little further down the alphabet. Lissie is actually what we call one of the sisters but that is short for ?


    This is fun might have to do a cointest for the brothers names after this one is done.

  2. I've seen many cointests and joined in on a few. Now I'd like to have a cointest of my own with the prize being an antique silver "Sisters" coin that we had made for me and 2 of my geocaching sisters-lissie and Ms.Kitty. We started caching together in 2004 and it is always a blast for the 3 of us to get together for a cache run.


    Onto the contest. Besides lissie and Ms.Kitty, I have 3 other sisters. Whoever gives me the first names of the 6 sisters first will be the winner of the coin.


    Rules:1) you may guess every 5 minutes

    2) do not edit your post

    3) not eligible if I have already gifted you one of these coins


    Have fun, donorgirl

  3. Same question. Florence, SC? If the answer is yes, there are a few cachers from Florence and some from Darlington and Hartsville. I do visit these forums often but don't usually find the need to say anything. If you asking about Florence,SC drop me a pm.



  4. My son checked the mail today and when he came in and threw a package at me and said "you got another coin" it really was a mystery because I wasn't expecting a coin today. Opening it, I'm thinking who knows my full name and my caching name. Wow, what a beautiful coin and really unexpected.


    Thank you Creepy Crawler. I stayed home from work sick today but now I'm feeling wonderful. I even had to go to my mothers to tell her about the coin. She was telling me about my brother ands his wife expecting their first child and I'm telling her well thats great but I got a Creepy Crawler Cacher coin in the mail, I think my news is better, lol.


    Thanks again, made my day much brighter, Michele.

  5. Can anyone tell me what type of paint is best for kids to use to paint ammo cans. Do not want to use spray paint. We are having and event in SC soon and we will be letting the kids get creative. Need something they would use with a brush but something that is of course somewhat durable. Thanks.

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