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  1. Does anyone know where I can get an activation code for a 2006 Kiwi Geocoin? Thanks
  2. Can anyone tell me where to get the activation code for the Tick geocoin. I checked coincodes.com but did not see the Tick geocoin on the list. Thanks.
  3. I appreciate everyones kind words. Some intersting info can be found at www.organdonor.gov. Michele
  4. Thanks Naomi, spreading the word on Organ and Tissue Donation helps everyone!
  5. Thanks for asking Fairyhoney. This is something I felt I needed to do and I just had several cachers making sure I was okay and that means a lot to me . Some people know how attached I am to my geocoins. I wish continued good health to everyone. Michele
  6. I don't do a lot of posting in the forums. More of a lurker due to thin skin, but I thought I might need to post since we have some very smart geocachers and coin collectors among us. I have really enjoyed collecting geocoins the past 3 years and cherish all of them. Recently I have received a couple of e-mails from very smart people, not too many cachers in Darlington, SC, to ask if I was selling my geocoins on e-bay. No, I'm not in any financial trouble, no accidents in the family and it's not that I feel I owe anyone an explanation or that I think anyone is being nosy and I know a lot of people do not even know me but any how... The answer is yes. I have been selling my geocoins on ebay. Something I swore I would never do. Never say never. I am a hemodialysis nurse and transplant coordinator for my clinic. Out of the 100 patients at just my local clinic only 3 are on the transplant list. Why? Several reasons. #1 for my patients is MONEY. There is a 17 yo girl (same age as my middle child) that instead of attending the 11th grade full time comes to dialysis 3 times a week . With travel time plus treatment time that is about 6 hrs each time. She has already had 1 transplant that failed due to no fault of her own. Even with medicare/medicaid some patients are asked to have app $5000-7500 or more out of pocket, up front before being added to the transplant list even if they qualify medically. I have 3 healthy children and cannot imagine 1 of them going through what I have seen this young lady go through. Due to "conflict of interest" I cannot publically hold a fundraiser so this is my way of helping. I will not sell any personal coins that I traded for. I may e-mail you and ask if you mind if I trade for one that I can sell. The money will be given to the social worker for the "neediest". This is NOT in any way a request for donations. You can always donate to a local organization. I am usually a very private person. Lets call it a request for -Organ Donation Awareness. Thanks for listening to my rambling and thanks to all who have bid on my coins so far. Oh, and sorry if this is off topic. Michele
  7. I thought I had posted I had received my misiion, Even thought I had posted pics but I don't see the post anywhere. Will repost pics and what I received when I get home from work. But thank you for the goodys. I loved everything (so did my daughter). Michele
  8. Participating - Yes Name recieved-Yes Mission Sent-5/02/08 Mission recieved-
  9. Participating - Yes Name recieved-Yes Mission Sent-Ready to mail in Am 5/02/08 Mission recieved-
  10. How do you top off a great day of caching in sunny Myrtle Beach with lissie? Coming home to find a package lying on the bar with a huge Whittakers Kiwi Fruit chocolate bar inside. Wish the battery on my camera wasn't dead because this chocolate won't last long. After a shower and a another tick check the feast will begin. Oh, and the geocoin is so cute. A Signal, New Zealand coin. I love it. Thank you Butterfly Lady, you really made my day. I now have 3 teenagers sitting on the bed staring at me waiting to get started on the chocolate. I hate to even open it since the wrapper is so nice. PS Loved the card also. So true, sad, but true.
  11. Id love to buy or trade also. I have yor first coin and it is one of my favs.
  12. I usually try to log something unique on each cache and it used to bother me to see someone cut and paste, but after a long day of caching , when I go to enter my log and I can't even remember anything about the cache since I found the same micros hidden in the same way all over town and I have to go back and read about the cache to see if I can remember something about it, I think "TFTC" or "TNLNSL" is just fine.
  13. Glad you liked the chocolate and the coins. I really enjoyed sending them!
  14. 1). ChocoEmail Sent - Yes 2). ChocoName Received-4/6/08 3). ChocoMission Sent-4/7/08 4). ChocoMission Received
  15. 1). ChocoEmail Sent - Yes 2). ChocoName Received-Yes 3). ChocoMission Sent-packaged and ready to go 4). ChocoMission Received
  16. Would love to trade or purchase since my daughter's caching name is peacockskeketon.
  17. Me too! I would love to trade my personal "sisters" coin for your cute coin. Please add me to the list. Michele
  18. Congrats Naomi and good luck!
  19. That cammo would show thru when I wear my white uniform or else I'd go for it.
  20. This is such a great idea. Donation made.
  21. After a not so good day a work- DHEC inspection which means southeast business unit manager, area manager, inservice coordinators all come to town to watch you all day- I came home to a little bit of sunshine. Make that a lot of SUNSHINE. A beautiful homemade card ( my favorite) and a bouncy bunny coin. I have never seen this one and I love it. My sunshine gifter has remained anonymous, but THANK YOU for brightening my day. Thanks, Naomi, for putting this together. Everyone needs a little sunshine.
  22. As I sit here watching my 6 yo doxie being terrorized by my daughters 10 mo old boxer Toshi, I already find it hard to imagine life without her. She has brought absolute joy to our lives and even has my 15 yo non dog loving son lying on the bed with her talking baby talk to her. CB when I first read of your dear Cosmo passing away, I felt a small void, so I am sure yours is huge. We have a couple of 4 legged kids waiting for us at rainbow bridge and just thinking about that makes it a little easier. I here my girls scratching at the back door now. A beautiful sound. Thanks for sharing your dogs with the rest of. I placed 1 of your 10th anniv. coins as a FTF prize in a cache I placed in a dog park and the recipient loved it (so do I). Thanks for all your coin designs. They are beautiful.
  23. Glad the package made it to Sweden okay and really glad you liked the coin. Hope the rain stops soon and you get some real sunshine. Thanks for the kind words, they brought a little sunshine into my life. Michele
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