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  1. welcome, Brian - I grew up in Weaverville. Sure do miss the mountains. Happy caching....
  2. I started with a Magellan MAP330. They are pretty cheap on eBay. You could probably find one well in your price range. The firmware will probably need to be upgraded to enable and correct WAAS functionality. To go paperless, I purchased a $10 software package for my Motorola Q phone. It is a hassle to use three devices (vehicle GPS, Q for field notes/logs/hints, and the Magellan for navigation to the cache) but it was good enough to help me decide if I wanted to invest further into the hobby. My new PN-40 arrives in two days.
  3. I am into scouting and they have an initiative for geo-events for their 2010 centennial celebration of the BSA. I asked a friend to help me organize an event with my scouts and they as well as I all enjoyed it.
  4. There is a cache in my area that is 40 feet up in a tree. So, I guess a climbing cache would be approved. I do have questions on the one climber lowering down to the "ground crew" for all to sign. Is that really in the spirit?
  5. I just got on to check a search on this topic. What is the logging process for the drop and retrieve? Is it two separate entries?
  6. I have been unable to confirm the data cable part number for the Magellan MAP 330. Can anyone point me in the right direction? TIA
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