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  1. Did the process of gaining permission for the cache fail?
  2. I carry a fine-point Sharpie marker for wet logs. I can normally get a date and my initials on the log. But, I am a rules based person and would not count it as a find if I did not sign the log. But, I probably would not delete your log either....
  3. Let's say the cache was placed without property owner permission - wouldn't the cache just technically be trash? My guess is that the charges will be dropped.
  4. My primary unit is a Delorme PN-40 and I like to have the MAP330 with me as it works better in tree cover. I'll investigate some of the other models suggested.
  5. My youngest son likes to cache with me. I let him use my backup unit - a Magellan MAP330. He has made comments along having "his own" unit. I looked at the geomate.jr. Can anyone recommend a low cost unit that is easy to use and can be updated via PQs?
  6. I found one yesterday. The joke is that you push out 50 coins of advertising (you pay $4.50 for shipping) and then provide the GC codes of the caches you placed them in and your "free" coin is on its way. Seems like I could have just purchased a trackable coin for $4.50?
  7. I thought that permission was required by ANY property owner?
  8. I think some responsibility should be placed on the cache owner. Expressed, written permission should be provided by the cache place from the property owner. In this case, we don't know if permission had been granted. My guess is that the person arrested ran his mouth at or was belligerent with the officer - hence the charge. Had this happened to me and I was arrested for trespassing or something similar, I would go after the CO if I found out that there was no prior approval for the cache I was hunting.
  9. My fix was to go back to IE for the rare occasion that I want to send info to my GPS in this fashion.
  10. I have not had luck with the plug-in and FF 3.6 either.
  11. try deleting the GC from your favorites (you should be able to do all or one at a time). I have a 765T and this is the only way I have found to clear GCs from the screen. Note that if you clear all, you'll have to re-input home coordinates and anything else you have saved that might be meaningful to you.
  12. There is a hacked version of the MAP 330 firmware (R4.0) that I have loaded on my unit. Magellan did not provide updated firmware years back, effectively bricking the units that do not have the updated code. There is a very good yahoo group - search for m330 · The Map 330 Club - on groups.yahoo.com for firmware info. The MAP 330 almost always picks up two "W" transmissions while the PN-40 is stuck at +/-10 or 15 so accuracy and no "blue bars." Those are the facts that I have experienced. I do still carry the 330 and will break it out especially when in deep woods. The 330 just has better reception. Hard to believe 10 year old technology puts 2008 tech to shame.
  13. This happened to me for the first time a few days ago. It was my second trip to the area, so I knew what the searcher was up to. I simply announced "may we come join your search?" and the second cacher replied yes. We made a new friend and had fun searching for the cache.
  14. Coming from a Magellan MAP 330 to the PN-40, I find that the Delorme device is greatly lacking in the ability to find and hold a WAAS lock. It is a shame to pay all that money for the device and still carry the MAP 330 for additional help out in field.
  15. Being a new cacher, this thread only helps confirm my suspicions that permission for cache placement is rarely obtained. I went to the local parks & rec department to inquire about placing a cache in a county park. There are numerous caches in several of our county parks, yet parks & rec knows nothing about them. Things that make you go hmmmmm.
  16. I found one this morning that my unit said I was 33 feet away from. I figure that is within the margin of error for both (mine and the owner's) GPS units.
  17. I run cachemate on my Motorola Q which runs Windows mobile 6.1. I wonder if it would work? It is just for paperless caching.
  18. I wonder if the "property owner" was consulted before the LEOs spent the time to investigate this one.
  19. Thanks for the comments. As as new hunter, I often will not log anything if I do not feel I put an honest effort into the find. If I am driving by an area and have an extra 5 minutes, I might stop for a quick check on a cache. That often is not enough effort to find a 3 rated cache. A note in the log might be more appropriate for me in the future.
  20. note that items from Dealextreme.com ship from Hong Kong on a slow boat.
  21. One person did the logging/signing of the cache log? I'm new to the hobby, but I thought that "credit" was only awarded if you (person claiming credit for finding the cache) signed the log?
  22. I guess that helps explain why the PN-40 has been so cheap over the past month.
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