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  1. If you arrive by river boat have a look at This Edit to add: Three of the Greenwich caches are virtuals so before the year end would be a good time to do them!
  2. I downloaded and installed it yesterday. It's a 6Mb file so if any one would like it emailing please send an email. Chas
  3. Is it possible to display a track in (on) Google Earth? If, for example, I recorded my track whilst out caching can the track be displayed as a line? I can get GE to display individual points from a track but cannot get it to join the dots. Anyone done this and, if so, how? Thanks in advance. Charles
  4. Nor any other London boroughs!! I joined it but it's placed me in Islington and I live nowhere near there - but London was the only option I had!!
  5. Traditional (189) = 68.99% Multi (16) = 5.84% Virtuals (31) = 11.31% Unknown (22) = 8.03% Webcam (2) = 0.73% Locationless (14) = 5.11%
  6. Geoff Go to this document http://www.gps.gov.uk/additionalInfo/image...de_to_coord.pdf and then scan down to page 35. That shows the relevance of the letters.
  7. If I am working onboard one of our cable ships, route clearance, pre-lay grapnel run or post lay inspection and burial ships I put my GPS in the cabin window. My laptop, with charting software, shows where we are. This saves me going to the bridge to check when we are arriving on site or off a port as I just set up a range ring and an alarm goes off when we cross it. Not accurate enough for operations, we use DGPS for that.
  8. When I first started caching I put a TB number in a log. I was politely asked by the cache owner to remove it and was told why. I complied as the advice was good. If I had not complied a think a log deletion would have been fair. Give them a further chance explaining their log will be removed - and why.
  9. Dave Try the following: 1. Go to Tools|Options 2. Select the "General" tab if it is not slready selected. 3. About a third of the way down, on the left side, is a section entitled "Method for matching palced...". Set this to "Exact match" and enter your GC name in the text field. 4. Click OK. If that does not cure it I am sure someone else will be able to assist. Regards. Charles
  10. Milton I have had a read of your excellent guide and offer the following comments. 1. I already had my PDA set up as you guide suggests with all applications on an SD Card. The only change I did make, where my set-up differed, was to move GPS Gate to base memory from the SD Card. I went out yesterday, with the new set-up, and my PDA appeared to be a lot more stable. Nice one! 2. Totally agree with SD Card speeds - faster is better, a lot better!! Even with the small amount of data being moved from PC to PDA the difference in time to transfer is amazing. 3. Extra tip for Memory Map users. There is an option, when transferring maps, to send directly to the PDA OR "Storage card on PC". If I am using a slow SD Card I always use the latter as it seems to be faster. 4. Trick 1: I think that it is important to emphasise that the folder should be called "My Documents". I tried calling my folder something like "My Geocaching Documents" and I found that GPX Sonar and Vito Navigator II could not find the GPX and LOC files. As soon as I changed it to "My Documents" everything was fine. Other than that I have no other comments. Thanks again.
  11. Security concerns are not the only issue. I, fortunately, can pay for unlimited monthly bandwidth as I need it for my work. I know some people have a monthly limit that can run up a pretty big bill once their limit is exceeded so that could be a concern for some folk. Chas
  12. I like the idea... but not being an expert on setting up a WiFi hotspot are you not leaving yourself exposed? What I mean is (a) could neighbours use you connection all the time and ( is your computer secure, ie is your personal data secure? With regard to (a) is there any way that it could be restricted to cachers only? Chas
  13. Try this site http://www.jiwire.com/hot-spot-directory-b...6&provider_id=0 although the majority are pay spots. but it is broken down by town.
  14. I too would like to see any congratulations being put in the pinned section. I think that an exception would be the 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 achievements. I would think that most folks in the UK (agree there are exceptions) could easily reach 500 finds without too much effort - it may take time but is possible. Once you get to the 500 I think the player is taking it seriously and will then make endeavours to find more and more. As for 100, 200, 300, 400, 600, etc I just don't see the point. A look at the forum shows that the Congrat items are only looked at by a couple of hundred people at the most and there is only a handful of replies to each one. It's also a bit cliqueish in that it seems, as a general rule, to be the same people patting each other on the back - a bit of a "me too" syndrome. Charles (with an insignicant 200+!!!)
  15. What email software are you using? It does seem strange that some stuff is getting through. Can you recall if you did anything to your system on or about 7th/8th August? I looked at your profile and some of your caches have been found and logged. Have you had a look in your deleted items folder to see if certain emails are being automatically deleted? If you are using Outlook (not Express) you can do an advanced find (Tools|Advanced Find) and enter in Search for the word(s): field "[LOG] Owner" without the quotes. Do that for each .PST file you have. Make sure that you are at the highest level so that all sub-folders are checked. One other thing that springs to mind is have you sorted your email so that the most recent is not at the top of the list. Selecting the "From", "To" or "Subject" column or having the oldest shown first can "hide" new emails. Good luck. Charles
  16. The second paragraph of my most recent PQ says... Please note: Due to the recent issues with the Pocket Query Generator, you will need to click on the link at the end of this email to re-run this query a week from today. This is a temporary solution until we can speed up the Generator. Sorry for the inconvenience. Looks like it's temporary!
  17. I have used Clyde's excellent help file to show the various icons in MM - it works great. One tip on how to get the icons without re-creating them is to bring up a page of caches from gc.com. Right click on the icon you need, eg for a Traditional cache and then click "Save picture as". You can then save it as a bitmap (bmp). Do the same for Multis, Virtuals, WebCams, Mystery... If anyone needs any extra help please feel free to contact me through my profile.
  18. Does the disc require formatting? Just a thought... Charles
  19. So how much exactly does it cost to run ? The frontpage quotes 23680 active users in the last week, that's $30 * 23680 A COOL 3/4MILLION DOLLARS, think I could maintain website for that. For a site that doesn't approve of profit making schemes, that's pretty rich. That's a good point Nebias, so if everyone paid there way, it would be an even cheaper membership fee. I make this a tad over US$700,000 not 3/4 million! Regardless, I think that US$30/year is excellent value.
  20. Have a look at "Snow White" (GCMJ67) and the seven dwarfs ("HAPPY" (GCMJ5T), "GRUMPY" (GCMJ5V), etc. The dwarves can all be logged as individual finds and information is collected, at each dwarf, to lead you to "Snow White". You can do a few caches and log them as finds or do them all and log eight (8) finds. Is that what you are trying to achieve? OR Are you saying that you hav done a multi where you have visited 4, 5, 6 or more locations relating to one cache and want to log all the locations as finds? In this case, unlike "Snow White" you can only record one find as it has the same "GCxxxx" number for all parts. Hope this helps.
  21. I'm with John on this one! Will our renewal subscriptions be half price for those that don't want to use the new site? Charles
  22. Solved Ancient Amber earlier this week and found it today!! Boy does that feel good!! Charles
  23. Good try guys! At least you were honest and up front about it and appeared to have the support of the masses for your effort! Better luck next time - I assume there will be another attempt! Charles
  24. I thought I would download a few "puzzles" to do at work but in PQs there does not seem to be a choice for Puzzle or Mystery. Any suggestions? I suppose I could use GSAK at home at make a list but I like the ease of using PQs. Thanks. Charles
  25. What about a FTS (First to Solve)? I sometimes look at puzzle caches that I will probably never visit, due to distance, but it is rewarding to know you have solved the puzzle!! Charles
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