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  1. I saw the other thread, prior to its removal, so will not comment on it. I may be missing something but isn't caching like everything else in life, whether placing or seeking caches, you look at it, evaluate it then either go for it or forget it. The negative attitude of withdrawing caches, because litigation may become an issue, is sad. It's almost the same as putting barriers up at the perimeter of your property to stop someone coming on to it in case they trip and injure themselves - you wouldn't do it so why withdraw caches? If it is a concern, why not get third party liability insurance? I appreciate that this may have caused upset to the cache setter(s) involved but would ask them to reconsider the withdrawl of caches and think of the pleasure that this pastime has given them and ask others, considering the same thing, to look at their life and see what other risks they have created or are at risk from both in their private and professional lives. Use the cottonwool to clean up the blood from bramble scratches - don't wrap yourselves up in it! I don't consider it a "black day" but, then again, my glass is always half full.
  2. I like uniformity and have tried to implement it for the multi-national company I work for. I forgot that not every one speaks English so had to ditch the idea as TPTB in my company would not support it. I think this is not "locked down" for this very reason.
  3. Always look when doing micros...
  4. My nearest is 620m and second nearest is 740m. I have a clear line of sight to the second but to get there would involve a 5km drive at best and 15km drive at worst. Reason: The Thames is in the way!
  5. Is there a graveyard for geocoins or can they be laid to rest in the TB graveyard?
  6. 1. Only if caching in London (central) usually use the tube 2. Don't do buses as I do not understand them! 3. Could be useful - especially in London 4. Possibly if it covered an area I was visiting in London 5. Already have one for London Underground
  7. The same problem exists in East London. Of the 450 finds that I have, 115 were set or are maintained by the same cacher (Siloans) and another 36 were set by another cacher (Perthos) but are now maintained by others. I think Siloans has about another 50 or 60 that I have not done yet.
  8. I don't know about others, but I find the TomTom standalone solution more reliable than the PDA software especially in the urban canyons. There is more to life than geocaching - yes really - and my wife finds the TTG very easy to use for her forrays away from home. It's all down to horses for courses. It would be interesting, though, to see how many PDA users have changed from having just a PDA to having both a PDA and a separate SatNav for the car and their reasons.
  9. I installed this upgrade a couple of weeks ago and it does what it says on the can! I have not used the co-ords entry yet as I just use the TTG for getting me to a parking spot that I download as a POI. I do know of one cache where it will be of great assistance and I may give it a go sometime soon. The cache is "Mole's Magnetic Maze" where you have to find a micro and then drive to the co-ords given in that micro, about 10 times!
  10. If you are getting a SatNav system for your car take a look at the TomTomGo equipment. It's good and relaible and I have experienced no problems with it. Before going caching, I select the caches I want to do and select parking spaces for each cache or group of caches. I then down load this to my TTG 300 as a POI file. I then use that to get me to the parking spot. With the latest software release you can enter geog co-ords as well as the usual street names, etc. I don't use my TTG for locating caches but use my PDA for that. Never leave your SatNav attached to the windscreen when you are away from the car. It only to takes a few seconds to disconnect it and it is not too heavy to pop in a rucksack and take it with you. Also, every now and again clean off the rings that the suction cup can leave. Would be thieves may think that the kit is still in the car and break in to get it - whether it's there or not! From my experience, it is the getting the glass replaced and dealing with the insurers that is more hassle than getting anything taken from the car. If you are anywhere close to London I could show you my set-up.
  11. Reading this thread I have to say that I cannot honestly see what all the fuss is about... Having said that, what would happen if there were two multis, say in a large country park and both cache setters gave the "top of page" position as a car park where the co-ords could be very, very close to each other? Do the "top of page" co-ords always have to be a minimum of a tenth of a mile from another?
  12. I use these on my dog's collars in winter as they show up for a few hundred metres and I can thus see where they are! If you don't need the batteries...
  13. I guess it would be valid to have a sentence referring to three "And"s (and that punctuation must be wrong) and referring to them as And and And and And, although I guess it would be best written as And, And and And. Ouch, my head hurts. You are on the right track. I was talking to a sign writer one day and he had been commissioned to make a new sign for a Fish and Chip Shop. The owner of the Chippie had taken a look at the rough of the sign and came out with the comment "I'd like more space between 'Fish' and 'and' and 'and' and 'Chips'".
  14. OK all you clever boys and girls, try this. Can you create a sentence that contains the word "and" five times consecutively and makes perfect sense. Any grammar, punctuation, etc is permitted.
  15. A few years ago I took a day off work so during my early morning dog walk I took a slightly different route. At one point, on part of the Woolwich Arsenal testing area, my dogs became excited so I expected the usual fox or rabbit to be there. As I got closer, I noticed a base ball cap on the ground. Looking to the side I saw an old lady sat on the ground with her legs over wheel ruts. I asked her if she was OK and in a strong voice she said she was. I asked again and got the same reply. So I left her as I did not want to cause her distress by approaching closer. When I got home, I phoned the local old people's home and they advised that no one was missing. I then phoned the Police and was asked to describe her. Within minutes a police car arrived complete with sirens. I took the officers off to find the lady and was told that, from my description, she had been missing since the previous afternoon. When we got to the lady, the Police picked her up and carried her for 15 minutes to a place where an ambulance could take her. The lady's husband passed on a message of thanks but no one knew what she was doing in that area. When the Police arrived back at their car I asked about her health and was advised that she was OK. I was also told that, if no one claimed her within three months, she was mine!! Seriously though, whenever anyone is out and about, especially in remote areas they should keep their eyes open - you never know what you will find. How many times have you read in the paper that "man out walking dog finds body" or similar. That happened a week later and is a completely different story and set of circumsatnces.
  16. Sounds good... but can you tell me how to do this ! Hold down the shift key and hit the "Prnt Scrn" key. The "Prnt Scrn" key is usually just to the right of the F12 key - but have a good look around your keyboard.
  17. MM v5 Help file says: Self Scan Maps Note: Memory-Map Ordnance Survey Editions do not support the creation or use of self-scanned maps. Commercially available maps are reliable and inexpensive. Scanning your own maps will involve a considerable amount of time and effort, and the clarity and accuracy of the result may not be as good. However, you can scan your own maps and load them into Memory-Map navigator, as follows. Scan the map image, and determine reference points. Give the map a name, add search keywords, a copyright notice, and other meta-data. Add calibration points to associate the X,Y coordinates in the image with geographic positions on the earth. Add a boundary polygon so MMNav knows the geographic area covered by the map. I assume MMNav is a different beast.
  18. I seem to recall that the script was, initially anyway, set-up for 100 topics - could be wrong on that but no doubt will be corrected. Could you have reached 100 topics now and the initial hidden topics are reappearing especially as you mention the pinned topics. Just a thought...
  19. In response to my initial question "is 1% good or bad" I think I can say BAD! So far, the most generous geocoin cachers appear to be up north: Cumbria(ish) 16% Edinburgh(ish) 9% Durham(ish) 7.5% Norwich(ish) 6% Poole(ish) 5.5% Huddersfield(ish) 4.5% Lowestoft(ish) 4% Thanet(ish) 4% Inverness(ish) 3% Chaotica Land 3% - sorry, do not know which area you are in Ascot(ish) 2.5% Perth(ish) 2% London West(ish) 1% Petersfield(ish) 1% Greenwich(ish) 1% Anyone care to comment on why this might be? Looks like Scaw could be working for the Cumbria Tourist Board I know that, of the coins I have released, none are in my area; two are in the USA; one is in Ireland; one in Wales and two are in England. What is good to see, though, is that people are entering into the spirit of the mission's that each coin has been given.
  20. Having some time to kill I was looking through the first 10 pages of nearest geocaches including those I have found. I noticed that there were only two caches out of the 200 that indicated they contained a geocoin. That's from Greenwich, London. How do others do for geocoins in their areas? Is 1% good or bad?
  21. If I want to do that I create a filter in GSAK and export it as a GPX file. I then drag and drop the GPX file in (on) to Google Earth. Hope that helps. Edited to add: The filter is for caches not found.
  22. Are you trying to import into MM on a PDA ? This does need the pro version of MM. You need to import into the desktop version of MM, and then transfer the waypoints to the PDA from there. If it isnt this, what file type are you exporting from GSAK? I tried to get a "Pro" version of MM last year. I received a reply saying that "The Pro Licence is not available in the UK due to OS licencing restrictions". I frequently pass maps and data betwenn my PC and PDA without a problem. If I go to Help|About the About Window says "Pro features: disabled" with all other options set to "YES". Version is 5.0.6, Build 682.
  23. Like "Rutson" said... click on the padlock. You should see that at the bottom of the display on your PDA. I am not usre about having to have a map visible to get a position to display in MM. Did you manage to "see" satellites in any other apps? WHen moving a lengthy distance with the GPS turned off it can take a while longer to get a lock.
  24. I have just received an email asking me to keep an eye open for this TB. Looks like a similar type of thing. Doubt that it will fit in the target cache though. Edited to add: I should read more carefully! It is ordinary coins and not geocoins!!
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