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  1. We have a George & Vulture pub in London but as I am unfamiliar with the category I don't know if it is acceptable.
  2. I know that this is not strictly Waymarking related but thought the following may be of interest to Waymarkers interested in WWI: The Card Register of Deceased American Soldiers, 1918-1922 represents over 78,000 American soldiers who died overseas in World War I. Each card contains the name of the individual who died, the unit they were assigned to, the nature of their death and their burial location(s), up to and including their final resting place. We invite you to help transcribe these cards so that an index can be created of the names recorded on the cards. This index will facilitate quick access to the digital card images for researchers, historians, genealogists and family members. Further transcription will allow dates, places and causes of death to be aggregated, initial burial locations to be mapped, soldiers from common companies or regiments to be grouped and possibly even soldiers reported as missing to be found. Learn more, and get involved at https://www.zooniverse.org/projects/welldone/american-wwi-burial-cards.
  3. I have already reported this one to Waymarking but they say they are unable to look at it at this difficult time due to resources being removed from Waymarking to Geocaching. I am surprised that someone has "visited" it as there is nothing to see there apart from a gated apartment complex.
  4. Wow... what a difference a few hours' make! Before, the site was dead and now I have just created a WM in a speed that I have not seen for weeks! Whatever you did bootron... keep doing it. Thanks.
  5. I have just been reading this topic and wonder what name would be needed to find my longitude that is 000° 0x.xxx West? My two penneth, I think adding one or two or even three leading zeroes should be permitted.
  6. Thank you bootron... but make the most of the holidays first! Happy New Year to all at Groundspeak (in advance)!
  7. I have had a WM submission sitting in Wesleyan Churches for a couple of weeks and had no response from the group leader when I emailed him. The last log-on by one of the group's officers was May, 2019! Any suggestions apart from deleting it and moving on?
  8. This is not a problem I have experienced but I seem to create WMs differently! When creating a WM I have a list of shorcuts to my favourite categories so just click on the relevant one and it takes me straight to the WM creation page for that category. If I am creating in a category that I do not have as a shotcut then I use this Waymarking page. Good luck!
  9. Another thing for you to consider... are you using an ad blocker on Firefox? I use one but am not experiencing any problems BUT I have had problems with some other sites.
  10. I had the same thing happen to me and that is why I thought that could be the problem! Glad that the problem has been resolved.
  11. Have you checked that your image filesizes are less than 20Mb? I am not experiencing any problems uploading new WM photos or those of visits to WMs.
  12. Something else you could try... that also works for me! Save the kml file as you have probably done before and then open the saved file in a text editor. It should look similar to: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <kml xmlns="http://earth.google.com/kml/2.0"> <NetworkLink> <open>1</open> <name>Waymarking Network KML</name> <description>Waymarking.com waymarks located in the view window of Google Earth.</description> <open>1</open> <visibility>1</visibility> <refreshVisibility>0</refreshVisibility> <Link> <href>http://www.Waymarking.com/kml/kml.aspx?key=... m8v%2Fqjbxv4oIV9ylnQ%3D%3D&amp;</href> <RefreshMode>onChange</RefreshMode> <viewRefreshTime>1</viewRefreshTime> <viewRefreshMode>onStop</viewRefreshMode> <viewBoundScale>0.8</viewBoundScale> </Link> </NetworkLink></kml> I have deleted part of the "key" to make it more readable and replaced with "...". If you go to the end of the "<href>" line, the one containing the key, you will see, towards the end of the line "&amp;" delete those five characters and then save the kml file. If You now double click on the kml file it should open in Google Earth.
  13. I am running the same version of Google Earth Pro, namely (64 bit).
  14. I had the exact same problem a week or so ago. To get it working again, I clicked on the link that you highlighted in your latest post and, instead of using "Open with" I used "Save file". Double clicking the saved file works OK for me so worth a try! If it does work, don't forget to move it from the "Temporary Places" in Google Earth to "My Places" otherwise you may lose it when you close Google Earth.
  15. Well said Tom. I fully agree with your comments regarding <blockquote>. I have used it for years, even italicising quoted text and keep getting the odd denial for not using quotation marks as well.
  16. Would this qualify? It has three heads but is located outside the Royal Society of Medicine in London!
  17. I have: Two finds Six hides - in London Use an Oregon 550t, PDA and HTC Desire Use Urwigo to create cartridges
  18. If you are using GSAK you can create a filter of caches in the area you are interested in. There used to be a macro that you could run on the filter that would open the caches in Google Earth with a ring around each one corresponding to the proximity distance. If you look through the GSAK macros for KML you should find it if it still exists. I think it was written by a cacher named rutson. Of course it will not help if there are multi ot mystery caches as only the starting point will be circled.
  19. Hi Matejcik You are a star!!! I always leave the "Always in range" box checked but must have unchecked it when creating the zone. I would (obviously) never had looked at that! It has run through the emultaor OK just now from start to finish. Many thanks.
  20. I am working on a cartridge with 24 zones. Only one zone is active and displayed at any one time. Is there a limit to the number of zones that can be used in a cartridge? When I go from Zone 23 to Zone 24 in the emulator I see that there is "nowhere to go". I have checked the 23rd zone and everything is fine. If I remove the 23rd zone and make the 24th zone the 23rd everything is OK. I am using the Urwigo builder (latest version). I have seen references in the forums to limits on the number of "active" zones allowed but I do not think this falls into this category as there is only one zone active and displayed at any one time. All other zones are not displayed and are inactive!
  21. I am not quite sure how Mrs B came up with these co-ordinates from those given by the OP!!! If you use the co-ordinates as degrees, minutes and seconds and assume the longitude as being west then this cache is very close by. As the picture referred to, in the OP, shows S.T. H and this cache mentions St Hilary... The question is, did the OP find the "box" in Cornwall? Edited to add: If you go into Google Street View at the OP's co-ordinates and follow the road north you ca see the boundary marker quite clearly.
  22. Hi Paul This works fine on my Oregon 550t. Master Mariner
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