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  1. That is the wierdest looking Daddy long leg I've ever seen.
  2. What I think would be great (not sure if it is possible) would be the ability to load a .loc file from the browser to the gps without saving on your hard drive and use other apps like easy gps to load them. That would cut out some steps and get me out to the cache faster.
  3. it really depends on which software you are using. But a common mistake is when you don't change your settings to the right gps unit. I'd check that out.
  4. I just got my yellow etrax a few weeks ago, works great for the price. I've got just about everything figured out, but I still have one issue. You can name a waypoint and give it a symbole when you create it. But is it possible to change it once it has been created?
  5. You could put it on demo mode. That makes you all the functions useable without needing the satalites. But in the manuel they urge one to only use it as a store demo.
  6. Last april at the REI Garage Sale (where REI unloads all it's returned items to coop memebers for great prices) I bought the Colorado TOPO! software by national geograpic. Got it for 20 bucks when it sells for 100 on an as is basis. The only problem was that it was missing one of the 7 cds that it came with. That one cd happened to be the Durango area (sw corner of state) and I live in the north east end of the state. I can live with that being that I got it 80% off, but I was wondering if anyone knew a way that I could get a hold of that one cd or a copy of it. I know it's a long shot, but worth a try.
  7. with backpacking you want to go as small as possible, so the smaller map if you go ahead and buy it, and if you do buy in i would even just scan or copy the part you are going to use on different smaller sheets of paper. I hate having to hold a huge map with a 20 to 30 (even more on some trips) pound pack on my back. But I still must say the topo! software by National Geographic has made my life easier when it's come to hiking and backpacking, All I have to do is print out the part I want and keep them in a large freezer back to protect it from the rain. Also if it gets trashed after a trip you can always print out another one. REI also sells water proof paper. I guess after cutting all the weight out of my pack, just carring the part of the map that I needed was inevitable (sp?). And back to geocaching. Also on my computer I have a marked all the caches within 100 miles of my house. It makes for easy referance. Sorry If I went overboard, but truely mapping software has truley made my outdoor adventures more easy and cheap. (I don't have to buy 50 maps for all the places I like to go)
  8. I say go for a software solution if your using it as you find caches, you can print out what you want when you need it. But if you don't want that, it depends on what you'll use it for (by the way I'm a map freak, love them) If you will be using while caching, i'd say go for 2 small ones. If you just want it four house use to... lets say to hang on a wall. go for the larger one. But by far software is the way to go... love my national geographic Topo! software.
  9. I can just see this, (if done at an existing cache) Some one tring to find the cache minding there own bussines and wap, a great big welt on the fore head. Funny thought Sounds like a great idea to me, just do it on private proporty (with permission of course) and don't use an existing cache. This would be fun, alot better the just shooting people.
  10. I have "topo!" state series topographical map program. I was wonding if anyone knows a way to import the .loc files into this software. Help me if you can.
  11. I'm new to the geocashing sport or hobby or what ever it is classified as. I finaly got enough cash to buy a gps. My question is that I have noticed a few cashes with green offical looking geocashing stickers that fit the cashe. I seen one on a 35mm film canister and a ammo box. I was wondering where (if anywhere) I can get them.
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