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  1. Think I may have found the problem. It is the virus checker I am using which is Kaspersky. When I turn it off no problem, turn it back on then it is an issue. Have not been on geocaching website for over 4 months but this has not been an issue before, so maybe it has to do with a recent update of that checker. Of the geocaching website that seems to be the only screen that is an issue but I have not tried much else to see. I have also noticed sometimes I have issues of pictures in a newscast that also don't load properly, and it is not consistent. Will need to experiment a bit more.
  2. Having problems logging a find on website. when I select the "Log a New Visit" all I get is a blank screen. Does the same for both Firefox and Chrome
  3. Unfortunately, that's not accurate. I have several coins that both have I's and O's in the tracking codes, and 1's and 0's in the activation codes. I'd better check their quote 'coz it seemed so simple that it was brilliant. This applies to coins that they manufacture. It does not mean other suppliers do the same
  4. Rule #1 Most important task is to make sure you do log as soon as possible the fact that you took or dropped off a TB. Rule #2 Although this seems in conflict with Rule #1, don't be too quick to log your find. This rule is intended for the finder. You need to allow time for the person to log the drop before you log a retrieval. Just how long do you wait? Good question, just keep in mind that some people may travel for about 2 weeks before they can log activities. By grabbing a TB and not having it logged at the place of retrieval, you may deprive the owner of collecting proper mileage. This is an important aspect to some people. Rule#3 If you are not prepared to spend the time to do logs don't take a TB. If you move it elsewhere without logging the fact then the owner has no way of knowing where it is. Also see note above regarding mileage. You can log finds without moving them by using the "Discovered" option. Rule#4 Don't identify the TB with the tracking number on your log. This number is meant to be only known to the owner and the finder to ensure a legitimate find. If you want to make reference in your log then use the TB name or reference number. The reference number is TBXXXX which is assigned when you activate the TB and is meant to be public knowledge.
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