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  1. Mas o que é que as PQ te interessam Daniel? Porque já estou chateado com aminha colecção de selos e porque agora vou começar a coleccionar PQ's. Tu estás mesmo a pedi-las Vá diz lá a toda a gente que fui tramado e embuscado pelos amigos e agora sou PM
  2. Concordo plenamente com as mudanças. Mas agora existem caches "fora da lei" em Portugal. Quem é que vai "obrigar" os owners locais a fazerem as mudanças?
  3. Responding to my own question, I can wait patiently wait the 10 or 20 days for Geoaware to approve a EC but I have noticed some impatient ones in the ranks. However, if the volume of EC's keeps escalating I would think that Geoaware would recruit some volunteers.
  4. Given the increased volume of EarthCaches I ask whether country-specific or region-specific reviewers for EC's have ever been considered and what is the general opinion of the EC developers with regards this option.
  5. What? Essa passou-me completamente ao lado. Parabéns Raul!
  6. I am not really responding to the above quote or at least to the date of message. What I would like to know is what is happening with approvals? I received an email today stating that something was going on we should allow another 10 business days for approvals? (two calendar weeks more?) Can the 'problem" be shared? I am not complaining but something is amiss and it looks likes that ECs are becoming more and more popular thus maybe a little overwhelming? At the risk of getting a slap in the hand due to this being off-topic, Maybe someone should open a thread about the possibility of individual country reviewers.
  7. Já não ligo aos FTF's mas fiz quase 500 km e deu num FTF. Faço aqui o apelo para todos lá irem. Vale mesmo a pena.
  8. O rapaz foi [censored] [censored] na praia e depois põe-se com segredos (mas nós todos sabemos o que ele foi lá fazer ) e não tinha nada para dizer ?
  9. Tu tens O PRIMEIRO 60CSX em terreno nacional. Isto se me lembro bem
  10. AND THEN......WHAT?!?!?!? To be continued - in the amazing sequel - Phantom of the Earthcache Geocoin 2 - the Prequel! Is it out on Blu-Ray yet??????
  11. And now that it's dry, what are you going to do with yourself?
  12. Uma de ovelhas brancas e cores duvidosas. Obrigado Play + Mobil
  13. Tenta no mês que vem no dia 25. Se calhar a cache só aparece nesse dia
  14. On this side of the world is more (im)patiently
  15. Para mim isto é a satisfação que me dão as minhas EC's Obrigado a ambos pela visita! Team Hulkman Team prodrive
  16. Ena e logo numa cache do Hawai . Hawai, vai! Parabéns. E já viste a conta que me mandaram? Parabéns D&E!
  17. I stepped out to do some caches at lunchtime and having traveled approximately 30 km on a round trip, I did not once see SHEEP. It therefore seems that we shouldn't all be like sheep and follow the trends. There is such a thing as CHOICE.
  18. I understand the reasons and the request seems valid to act as proof. However, I know of cachers who refuse to place images of their children in the internet - I can understand that also. So in order to circumvent this I sometimes request that they send me pics via PM in which case the log goes pictureless or with a "locationless-style " picture, i.e. the area with the gps in the photo. Having said that, I am known to the local geocaching community and they know what sort of requirements need to be met for a found in one of my EC's. I also have not deleted any logs for lack of photographic proof. My point of view is that: Let there be armchair geocachers. Those that want to get out and learn something will. those that cheat have a + 1 on their tally but have missed out on the process of discovery. I opt to believe that people will rather go for option 1.
  19. Já faziam cá falta uns destes: este e + este e ainda + este
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