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  1. Expliquem-me lá qual é o fascínio de mostrar para "todo o mundo " onde andas e a que horas estás num certo sítio.

    A mim já me chega que o operador de tel sabe onde andas, a quem ligas, o banco sabe onde andas , o que compras, etc.

    Para mim não obrigado.

  2. Houve mais pedidos de pins e autocolantes de mais geocachers a partir de MArço?


    Yep!!!! :unsure:


    O meu, já sou Platina!!! :ph34r:


    Parabéns. Parece que somos dois em PT!


    Venham mais!!!!!!

  3. -------

    Sorry folks, we are slightly off topic but is there any condition where you would claim one of your caches as a find? The above sad story is one example of where a cacher uses his caches to reclaim deleted finds. (See post number 14)


    Getting back on track.......

    It's all about the numbers. I've seen that proved over and over again.

    Fortunately I can honestly say that numbers are not one of the things that drives me. So in answer to your question I would have to say no.

  4. I can't seem to order them from GS. The site gives me a message that international orders must be fulfilled by official GS distributors. However, when I searched the official GS distributors I can't find the geocoin. Can anyone help?

  5. Nothing has been decided...and we take all suggestions very seriously.


    However the current EC Masters process is a time consuming one, and making it more complex will add more burden on us when we are trying to make sure that we can manage the influx of new EC as well as meet the EC Masters demands.


    That said, maybe an idea would be to have a panel of volunteers who would like to peer review EC in some system and then award the very best with some kind of recognition on the earthcache.org website?


    Willing and able should you require help.

  6. I'll try and drag it back on topic with this question:


    Do you think it would be a good idea for EarthCache developers to include their email address on the cache page? On my recent trip I noticed that another EarthCache developer has done just this. It made it easy to email him without having to visit his profile.



    AKA: DeRock & the Psychic Cacher - Grattan MI


    To answer your question about the e-mail on the page I would say, and this is my personal opinion, that I would rather get a a "trusted" e-mail via Groundspeak than a mail from someone I know nothing about. I tried that once and even though I specifically asked that in the subject line be included the ref and name of the cache, few did it. I was then faced with mails from people I didn't know with the added fact that they could be bogus.

    People who log my EC's either log founds subject to verification and possible deletion of their found or they wait patiently until I can get to a terminal where I can log on and answer them.

  7. Compreendo bastante bem o teu descontentamento. É verdade que sempre existiram caches menos felizes, mas de facto estas últimas esticaram-se um bocado...


    Serve a consolação de volta e meia haver algum sal extra nessas caçadas menos estimulantes, seja pela companhia, por alguma pessoa que nos aborda, ou por alguma coincidência feliz que esse momento nos proporciona.


    Tenho magníficas recordações de caçadas a caches manhosas, que ficarão para sempre na minha memória! (embora agora não me lembre de nenhuma :D )


    Concordo com O Gustavo. Ainda aqui há tempos fiz uma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mas o que disse no log foi que a companhia elevou a cache de boa para excelent. Agora não me lembro é qual :D

  8. Só agora é que se apercebem disso?

    Com a proliferação de geocachers e subsequente aumento do número de caches isto é inevitável.

    Há 2 anos atrás alguém gozou com a ideia de caches nos estacionamentos dos supermercados e toda a gente lhe caiu em cima. Já esteve mais longe.......portanto preparem-se e esqueçam-se de purismos. Só vai lá quem quer.


    No fim de contas IT'S ALL ABOUT THE NUMBERS!

  9. As I had to choose ONE, I thought that I would just add another two to compose the podium a little better.


    In Second place:GC1H6GX because you will see that rocks were once plastic and maleable, and soft, and squishy and the scenery is wow!


    and in Third place: GC1HFRT because old mines are fascinating. They have character beyond their years, they don't age gracefuly and everything is a contrast of senses, colours and smells.


    and this one nearly made it to third place GC1DH1A because something so small and apparently insignificant has so much to tell us.



  10. I guess it would be OK to have additional volunteer reviewers and certainly a great deal of knowledge regarding geology would be required but I have one caution. Very few of us have PhDs in geology. I have taken an on line course, read a few books and have a PhD friend to keep me straight but my point is, we are not geologists! If geologists are selected as reviewers that's fine but a note to them: "remember, those caches that you are reviewing where not developed by geologists so don't read them as you would a PhD dissertation!

    In other words, accuracy is important and should always strived for but keep the red pencil dull and not sharpened to a fine point! Don't treat geocachers like freshmen taking geology 101. No one appreciates volunteer reviewers on Groundspeak more than I but even some of them let their egos get in the way. Please don't let that happen here. Thanks. :laughing:


    Wise words. I agree with you.

  11. pois o meu Garmin foi apelidado de 'Louro' pelos meus amigos Olho de águia e MJoão.

    é que ele está sempre a assobiar e a tagarelar, parece um papagaio. :huh::D:D


    o do carro é o 'Tu', 'gingarelho', 'raios partam a máquina', 'palhaço', 'ó que cena...', etc...

    é como os reis, é fino, tem muitos nomes. :laughing::D


    O meu também foi batizado de novo a semana passada mas não posso colocar o seu nome novo. Posso dizer que o batismo foi em Nuzedo de Baixo e por pouco não foi parar ao Tuela.

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