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  1. De facto simples, sem dúvida mas a história está incompleta: - Não sabes que tipo de rocha é. - Não sabes a sua idade. - Não sabes como se formou o arco. - Não sabes que tectónica acompanhou a formação. Portanto só um "found" fácil que até dá para fazer sem lá ir. As EC's estão neste momento a sofrer uma revisão. Foi formada uma equipa e distribuída a essa equipa cerca de 900 caches a cada um precisamente para detectar falhas como estas. Esta não me calhou a mim
  2. Please remember that being a premium member doesn't: 1- make you a better geocacher 2- give you instant access to sainthood 3- wipe away your past sins 4- give you instant wisdom 5- make you more earth-aware 6- elevate you to a higher echelon of society and it certainly does not mean that you are any better than the other geocachers.
  3. Já estava na altura. Parabéns Hugo. Quando começas a a trabalhar?
  4. O que está exagerado é o que tu dizes aqui. Pena tenho eu que não consigo reaver a minha nota para a colocar aqui. Porque não coloca o owner da cache aqui as notas tal como foi dito mais em cima?
  5. Já estou farto destas falinhas mansas dos logs. Quando uma cache não vale nada os logs são todos bonitinhos e cheios de flores. Chega de hipocrisia, digam o que lhes vai na alma.
  6. Making a copy of this to post on the national forum. Done! Link here.
  7. O Geoaware avisou que a partir de 1 de Agosto já não vão dar pins referentes aos níveis Bronze e Prata.
  8. Life is too short to play policeman all the time.
  9. Aracena á espectacular! Há uns tempos atrás andei metidos com uns geoquímicos e as reuniões do projecto foram sempre em Aracena. Na altura pensei porque não haveria por ali mais caches com tantos sítios lindos.
  10. ..and from what I've seen of your caches you bridge the gap from books to field very well. Well done and thanks.
  11. We are waiting on stock from Groundspeak. As soon as they arrive we will have them for sale. Excellent. Thank you.
  12. If you're talking about multiple tombs (more than 1 tumulus) then it's not a geological feature. Therefore my interpretation is that no, you cannot use it. Tumulus
  13. I ask again: why is the coin still not on sale in the EarthCache store?
  14. Is "having the control " over your cache mean that only a select few can visit or does it mean that you control it in the sense that you only let people log finds in exchange for completing the requirements? I think the latter demonstrates real control.
  15. They did another run. I was able to pick it up this time. Got one too before they go extinct
  16. Couldn't agree more. Go for it but if for any reason you're unsure about whether your EC meets criteria then ask someone who has found/created a a few to review it for you. If you don't have any one close by I'll be happy to look it over but I don't consider myself an expert
  17. I am against any cache for PM's only. However, in the case of EC's that is an even bigger aberration than for a "normal" cache. If EC's are meant to teach others about the processes that go on beneath our feet why limit that to only a select few that can and want to pay? I am totally against it! (spell edit)
  18. Being a geologist I can't really say that something new has really shown up. I mean all those lectures and reading did somehow file away relevant pieces of information somewhere. What EARTHCACHING has really shown me are remote corners of our globe with important and interesting geological phenomena that would have otherwise have gone unnoticed. Having said that I would extend the same criteria to all of geocaching. Most of the "normal" caches are in spectacular areas that were created by geological processes anyway.
  19. I personally think that an EC whose main task is to have a picture of you at the site and little else is a weak EC. I understand all the conspiracy theorists that must make sure that they were actually at the site. I choose to believe that people are generally interested in the geological phenomena out there so they miss out if they don't go there. I let you in on a small secret with my EC's. They are basic enough for anyone to get the answers right. The questions are structured such that you will either get it right or wrong. To those who send wrong answers I can always check if you were actually at the site or not. If I see that you were there and tried but got some of it wrong, then the response e-mail normally has an attachment with the correct answers. However, I can normally spot the cheaters a mile away and the response e-mail is always the same: "Correct. Please log your find". Now the purists will be clamouring and up in arms: - "you do not help anyone with that sort of answers". I don't care. After all it's all about the numbers and what counts is another smiley as Sup3r as put it. The cheaters are just after another find not any other knowledge.
  20. As POI's I once had 22000+ points on my 60CSX but that not what we're talking about here. You cannot mark more than 1000 wpts. Anyway. Your comment leads on to another never ending story. Your palm will have a limitation of x characters or x lines or whatever. The other guy's other make PDA will have a different limit and so on and so on. Who do you please?
  21. Unfortunately this is more like shooting yourself in the foot. The reference to check out is: David S. O'Hanley (1996) - "Serpentinites: Records of Tectonic and Petrological History". Oxford University Press but unfortunately we don't have a copy of it and neither does she I'll keep scrounging...
  22. Why should the onus be on the EC developer to create lighter pages when it is really a hardware limitation imposed by the manufacturers of electronic gizmos? Pages are as long as they need to be. If they're too long and have unnecessary information then we have Geoaware filters. One of my pet hates is why Garmin makes top end GPS's that limit the amount of waypoints to 1000? Surely it is simple enough to increase that 10 fold
  23. Let me do some searching. I have a colleague who did her PhD on serpentinites somewhere on a seamound in the Atlantic. I'll contact her and see what comes of it.
  24. Hey guys, pardon my ignorance but I guess I was mistaken as to what dipping is. What is it? I thought you could simply log a coin into and out of a EC but never tried it. Is that what you guys are talking about? Exactly. Right now if you log an EC your trackables do not show up in your inventory list at the moment of submitting a log.
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