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  1. As you know Portugal is made up of continental Portugal but we also have the Azores and the Madeira archipelagos. In this case the three are considered separate "states".
  2. Eu diria que é mesmo da netrabo netRabo?????
  3. Bem notícias novas indicam agora que as mudanças só estarão implantadas a partir de dia 15 de Dezembro. Entretanto não há EC's novas para ninguém.
  4. E as EC's de férias, já criadas, vão ser reavaliadas ou isto vale apenas para EC's novas? Ainda não te sei responder...
  5. I'm sorry but I don't agree at all. How many caches have you developed that then someone has later said that they were going to develop one just like it in the same place. I'll bet none but with your stats I may be stretching the probability curve a little If you didn't develop it then it would stay undeveloped.
  6. December 9? I'm going to wait but I don't think I'm going to like it.
  7. Vejam lá se não há engano porque eu devia estar, pelas minhas contas, em segundo lugar e não vejo lá o meu nome.
  8. Acho que vão dar cabo das EarthCaches
  9. Because in the end every EarthCache developer has a deep fear that the visit was virtual. Simple! and as I've said before I think that and EC that only requires a photo as proof of being there is a weak EC.
  10. Retirado do site www.earthcache.org "CHANGES TO SUBMITTAL PROCESS We are about to change the way EarthCaches are submitted, reviewed and published. The new system will dramatically speed up the review process and help you to develop your EarthCaches directly in the geocaching.com system. It is a HUGE step forward! The current system will close on on 30 November. We will not be accepting any more submissions through this site. However the submittal guidelines and complete EarthCache listings will still be maintained here. Please continue to develop your EarthCaches in anticipation of the launch of the new system. The new system will commence on 9 December. From that date onwards you will be able to submit EarthCaches directly into the geocaching.com new cache form. A team of reviewers will work wth your submittal. Please note that the standards for EarthCaches will not diminish, especially those relating to permission. Some other rules common to most cache types will come into force, such as the proximity and vacation cache rules. We will make further announcements as the need arises on this site and in the EarthCache forums. Thanks again for you support! The EarthCache Team" Aguardemos para ver o que sai daqui........ Duas das coisas serão a distância entre EC's que vai ser mudada e pelos vistos ir de férias e criar uma EC vai ser proíbido.
  11. So if approval mechanisms have gone to GC.com do we assume that they have a set of new and independent reviewers? ps. I think the vacation rule is ludicrous. Many caches are developed by people on vacation which then opens the eyes of local cachers to other possible caches.
  12. I have deliberately left this topic well enough alone as I have two EC's on that list. One I would tend to agree with but not so much the other. In any case I would like to thank Geoaware and the panel of judges who voted me in. Thanks a lot guys (and yes, they were "all guys"). I would also like to extend my congratulations to all those who made the list but I would really like to congratulate all EC developers for their courage and their commitment to sharing a little corner of the blue planet with everyone who dares to seek. Thank you all. I have to agree with Konnarock kid and Marge's that maybe my geological knowledge is slightly above some others but I have seen; during the review process, some really neat and well constructed EC's that were NOT written up by geologists or anything of the kind. I would say that my advantage stems from the fact that while others see a scenic setting, I immediately x-ray the location as to why it is like that. I guess it comes from training. I am a picture fanatic and nothing makes me more hungry to search out an EC if there's just a little peek of what is to come on site. So yes, I am all for pictures in EC pages. They should not give away the answers but they should prepare the geological/geographical setting, so to speak. I have been toying with an idea now for about 2 years and that is to create an EC that would serve as a tutorial for others to create their own listings. I would obviously be biased by the Portuguese setting and geocaching community but I would like to write one up with a sort of added "post-it" notes on the side with short explanations as to why the text says what it says or the pictures show what they show. Sites are plentiful now all I need is the time.....
  13. Try this on for size: Alchemy 101 - DP/EC32
  14. Hey, I woke up late but my order's in!!!!!! Nice one GSA
  15. I've waited up to 3 weeks for replies in some cases. We should all remember that in July the record for submissions of EC's was broken. I have the data from the Facebook group: Quoting: "Friends, it's official. July 2009 has blown wide the record number for EarthCaches in one month with a whopping 498 submissions received. Our previous record of 342 was set last August. Thank you all for your hard work! Cache on, ......" Imagine having to go through all those. Be patient.
  16. I hope the earthcache.org store will have them in stock. It's been an absolute nightmare to get the EC geocoins. Were it not for the kind heart of konnarock Kid & Marge I would still be taking Alprazolam .
  17. While the length-of-text discussion ensues I would like to remind all that images are important in captivating the reader (and visitor). In many, many cases pages are left devoid of images
  18. ...and it's still not available in the www.earthcache.org store
  19. Rumours will start revolutions. I hope common sense prevails.......on both sides.
  20. Isso levanta umas suspeitas quanto às minhas de Trás-os-Montes. Vou ter que pedir ajuda a um compincha para lá ir verificar. Mas eu não mando tiro de aviso.....
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