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  1. That is the pits! :wub:

    Let's hope the thieves get themselves electrocuted when they try charging one of those electrical devices.


    Do you think that the burglary was carried out by someone who knew of your habits and perhaps knew that you were the proud owner of all those goodies?

    Many times burgalries like this target individuals whose habits and customs are quite well known to the immediate community.


    Anyway, I hope you get back on your feet soon and put that behind you. :wub:

  2. The most unusual FTF prize I was given occured in a very nice cache in Lisbon. The cache in question is "Dress Code [Lisboa]" by SUp3rFM & Cruella (GCTYTF). The Lunchtime Gang, that's me and a partner, bargao_henriques, were the first to tackle this one on a very grey and stormy lunchtime when it literally poured cats and dogs. While were were sheltering from the heavy rain, we saw another two cachers, BTRodrigues and 2Cotas, who had also come for the FTF. :)

    We ended up holed in the same shelter waiting for the storm to subside but the strong winds meant that were were getting wet sideways. Anyway, after the rain subsided, by which time we were completely wet, we eventually found the cache with the help of the owners who had inadvertently made a mistake with the clues and were sending us the wrong way.

    About a week later we had an event cache and the owners, SUp3rFM & Cruella, arrived bearing a blanket for each of us to compensate for the soaking we had had a few days before. :D:D:D

  3. We too have experienced a few "thefts" with regards to geocoins. It seems that these new and colourful coins are particularly sought after by collectors and we have had to resort to "extreme" measures to protect them.

    In fact, the idea stems from Holland, where geocoin theft is aparently high according to visiting geocachers.

    I have resorted to drilling a hole on the side of the geocoin and attaching a tag or passport to the coin. In this way, I hope to make the coin less attractive to collectors but more attactive to cachers who practice in the true spirit of the game.



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