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  1. We would like to have some opinions on the theme of the coin. Does anyone else out there also cache on their work breaks?
  2. I'm surprised that the LE's went very quickly and that the GUN edition still has a few to go. I would have thought that the cachers would enjoy the bright colours against a dark background a bit more. It shows how different individual tastes are....
  3. We can't promise any trades at present because the number of coins will be limited to the stated numbers. if sales go crazy we may increase the number by 50 but no more. For those interested in trades, I ask you to please be patient until we have final sales figures, which should be soon.
  4. I have been away and have not really kept up to date with the posts. Thank you all for your comments and interest in this coin.
  5. The Lunchtime Gang Geocoin is finally a reality! Pre sales are taking place through My-Geocoin Minting has been limited to 250 coins (Nickel (RE) -125 pieces; Gun (LE) -75 pieces; Gold (SE) -50 pieces) trackable on Geocaching.com with own icon. Coins will have a soft cloisonné finish which will really make the colours stand out. We hope that you will enjoy this coin as much as we have enjoyed creating it and that you embrace the spirit of lunchtime geocaching. DanielOliveira and Bargao_Henriques The history of the Lunchtime Gang: The Lunchtime Gang was constituted a while ago when two geocachers who work together in the outskirts of Lisbon joined forces and started geocaching in their only free time, i.e. their lunchtimes. The lunchtimers’ reputation grew such that many an FTF was and is claimed by the Lunchtime Gang and every cache approved before 12H30 had its minutes counted. As a result the gang suffered many a teasing by other cachers who themselves started to "create their own gangs". The lunchtime geocaching expeditions gave rise to a strong camaraderie and friendship that will surely outlast all the caches in the world. This geocoin is a celebration of this camaraderie and friendship that the Lunchtime Gang share between them and want to share with friends, acquaintances and the geocaching community.
  6. Just when I was beginning to think that Santa was a myth, out of the blue a beautifull geocoin landed in my lap (so to speak) as a result of the Portuguese branch of the SDC (Santa Distribution Centre). So a BIG thank you to Santa and his little Portuguese elf. The story: 1- Leave the house with 6 caches in mind. 2- The first turns out to be one where you have to know your kaballah alphabet backwards, so on to the next one. 3- A whole lot of religion later at GCZW2H and GCZWBW, we finally get to GCZR4F and JACKPOT!
  7. Since BTRodrigues has been too lazy to add to this forum, I have taken the liberty of transcribing a log he made in one of my caches: LOG DATE: 26/11/2006 I'd ask the readers to keep the following sentences in their minds: "the cache location has been chosen in function of the effort visitors will have to put in to get to point zero", "visitors who love their cars can leave them higher up the mountain and enjoy a 1.2 km trek to point zero", "there are places you could fall from and break your head, arms and legs in several places" and "Your logs will colour the cache page". You should also keep in mind that at this time of the year the sun sets by 5.30 PM and that we love our seven-year old cachemobile. As we were arriving from the last cache, we noticed there were a few loose bits underneath it, so we chose to spare him this adventure, so we left it 1.2Km away from the cache spot. It was about 4.30 PM and we had enough time (and sunlight) to go back and forth. Well, the walk down took a little longer than expected (and we can blame the astonishing panorama and the carefully chosen hiding spot – c’mon, there were at least a dozen suitable places further close to the sea!) and the sun was setting when we got there. Sara stayed a little bit higher (30 m from the cache) as I wandered near ground zero looking for the little creature. I had 10 meter accuracy readings, so it could be hidden anywhere. So I went back up, grabbed the PDA and took a look at the hint. Then headed back, looked a little more, got back to grab the flashlight and stuck my head and hands into very unusual places. By now, it was getting darker and she was giving me “those” looks. I was thinking about logging a DNF when I decided to bug the owner begging for some extra hints. As soon as I heard his voice mumbling “what the hell are you nuts doing there at this time of the day?”, I found the cache. So this one doesn’t count as an helpdesk call. Merely a courtesy phone call. Game over? Naaaah. Just the beginning. It was 5.45 PM. I got back next to Sara, opened the box, exchanged gifts, signed the logbook and got back to the hiding place, putting it back where it was very very carefully. Running back to the car (it was pitch dark and we were both using flashlights) we were talking about how cool the walk was, as it had been easier descending (obviously) and how finding the cache had a positive effect on the stamina and how we hate daylight saving time at winter. The last 200 meters to the car were celebrated with a countdown looking at the GPS distance approaching zero. And then I put my hands in the place where my car keys were supposed to be. Supposed to be. Right. We emptied every pocket and backpack. The keychain was there but there were no keys. dadgum. A few phone calls later asking people to get our spare keys for our house (they were in the car too) and then the spare keys for the car – this would take about 1 and a half hour, Sara decided we should get back down the road trying to see if we could find the keys. The phone battery was also on its last breath and we would also had to explain non-GPS people where the hell the car was parked defining our meeting point. I found the probability of finding them along the path (or worst, near ground zero) with only one flashlight (the other would soon be dead) was close to nothing, but we had nothing to lose. 1.2 km later, no results and I was happily wandering around dangerous cliffs, retracing my steps and looking everywhere. Car keys are significantly smaller than a cache and have the ability to hide well inside bushes. But why would they be there? They could be everywhere, including along the road we had just scattered. By 7.20 PM, I found them lying on the floor. Can’t exactly recall what I did around there so my keys would fall to the ground without me noticing, leaving the snap hook it was on clipped to me. I give up. I just honestly can’t explain how these things happen. The last 10 seconds of phone battery were spent calling my sister telling her to get back because we had found the car keys. We enjoyed the 1.2 km trek so much we did it four times. If we didn’t love the car, it would be easier to leave it there and walk back home. We’d recommend the cache anytime to anyone. We do it so much we were considering re-doing it today if we hadn’t found the keys. There. We hope our log colored the cache page as it should. Just don’t ask us what we traded, because we don’t remember. But I can describe every square inch of the cache hiding place vicinity by heart. Daniel, can you please change the text to: "But there are places you could loose your car keys. Or fall from and break your head, arms and legs in several places, but that’s secondary." Thanks BTR and Sara...this is simply the funniest (if you're sitting on this side) log ever. As a result of this "incident", I will be upgrading the warnings on my future caches. Can Groundspeak supply an icon for the attributes?
  8. Se recordo bem, a cache do Mantunes das nascentes do Sado tinha uma caixa desses tipo espectacular. Para "small" caches estou cada vez mais a ficar adepto dos ovos da Kinder - aqueles grandes que aprecem na páscoa - que à pressão atomosférica vedam muito bem e são suficientemente grandes para albergarem muita cosia lá dentro.
  9. Penso que depende do bom senso de cada um e da forma como a abordagem for feita e da forma como se "apresenta" o possível estranho. Confiar em alguém estranho? fazemos isso todos os dias quando vamos ao supermercado, compramos um bilhete de comboio, vamos ao médico, quando saímos de casa, quando viajamos de carro ou outro meio de transporte. Há-de ter alguma fé na humanidade. Às vezes acertamos em cheio e outras vezes enagamo-nos redondandamente. Faz parte desta vida triste.
  10. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!.......GOTCHA!
  11. Do you have an interesting story about a hunt? Did you DNF and 5 seconds later another cacher found the cache? Did a cache fall on your head? Did you fall on a cache? etc, etc... Why not share an interesting story with us by "throwing a sardine" on this forum?
  12. DP1 - The five sisters was reportedly missing in action from a wildfire in the vicinity. This was back in the summer of 2005. However, the little crafty cache managed to hide in a hole and missed being singed by the heat. Of course, this was verified by Lynx pardinus; a nearby resident and #1 fan of this cache. Thanks Lynx
  13. This is starting off well......as usual Congratulations Hugo...
  14. What is taking so long to create this space for the Portuguese geocachers?
  15. Avoid hints like: "near the big rock". - every rock is a different size to everyone else. Another common one is: 120m from point xxxxx. Of course, the owner has never held a tape measure in his hand and in fact it's 50 m. "Behing the rock on the road" . We have thousands of kilometres of paved roads that are FULL of stones.
  16. Why restict these to US-based addresses? I would love to get a jeep out to Portugal and never mind the sweepstakes.....
  17. I still have 2 unactivated Luxemburg 2006 GOLD edition geocoins. I would like to trade for coins that are related to the subject of geology, i.e. earthquakes, prospecting, trails, remote sensing, etc., that are trackable on geocaching.com. Oh! and they must be unactivated as well. Are there any takers? What are your offers? Please e-mail me through my profile. Thanks, D
  18. I take it as hobby! If it were a sport, I would have to get up very early, train somehow, go to work, come from work, train again, etc., etc. To top it all, I would be fighting to get included as a medal sport in the olympics. Definitely a HOBBY!
  19. Will trade a 2006 GOLD edition Luxembourg geocoin (unactivated) for: 1- an UNACTIVATED 2006 Orion Cache a Falling Star Geocoin or 2- an UNACTIVATED NAVSTAR GeoCoin 2006 Edition or 3- an UNACTIVATED 1st Geocache in Canada Geocoin Any takers?
  20. I have no problem with that but when you hike to a cache and in it you find an old broken bicycle part, then you wanna kill someone or better still, a old, greasy hair clip
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